Traffic Accident on Ilha de Itaparica Results in Triple Fatality

Traffic Accident on Ilha de Itaparica Results in Triple Fatality

Three people died in fatal accident which occurred on Ilha de Itaparica, an island off the coast of Bahia in Brazil.

The accident occurred at 12:40 pm on October 14, 2013 on the BA-001 highway. One passenger suffered nasty skull destruction.

55 thoughts on “Traffic Accident on Ilha de Itaparica Results in Triple Fatality”

      1. Just so you know, Brazil is f*cked. People here drive like assholes without the slightest regard for themselves or anybody else. The cars here are substandard tin boxes and you would be hard pressed to find 100m of asphalt without a major pothole. Can’t wait to sell my substandard piece of shit so I can leave this dump.

  1. Skull fucked by lady asphalt, the kinky bastard. Should have worn protection, she is a cruel mistress. If only someone had captured the crash as it happened on a high speed HD camera, we could watch it backwards and see his brains and skull re-assemble. Like the melty terminator. I’m guessing this guy is not one of those. Scoop up what’s left of his brain and give it to Mr. Lector, he makes a doozie of a brain stir-fry

  2. At least it was over for them in a head splitting second, possibly the best way to go out, napping in the backseat for eternity. .If Mr. Mark does make Brasil his new home he could install those HD cameras all about & Hwy BR-001 & other places, watching Brazil Live. The flip flops would be everywhere

  3. seriously, if this ever happens to me I want to be prepared. That’s why I am going to tell my family, friends, and probably enemies too (enemies more likely to comply) to try to get to accident scene, record my dead ass ,and have it sent to

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