Traffic Accident Victim with Spilled Guts Alive and Fully Conscious

Traffic Accident Victim with Spilled Guts Alive and Fully Conscious

Brazil – where else? After crashing his motorcycle, this man landed with massive gash across his abdominal cavity. His guts spilled on the dirt exposing liver and other internal organs. Still, the man is alive and fully conscious. He’s kind of moving his head about, almost looking as if he was gonna scoop those intestines up, stuff them inside his belly and walk away to have a pint with his buddies.

And of course, you can’t have an accident in Brazil without someone sticking a camera in your face while doing fuck all to comfort you during the shittiest moment of your life. The fact that both the witness and the victim are incredibly calm and not fazed by this in the least tells you how common images like that are to people in Brazil. The country proves us every single day that the title of the “Gore Capital of the World” is safely in its hands.

Toward the end of the video, when the victim sees all his guts laying in the grass, he tells the cameraman: “Kill me now!“. The cameraman’s response: “No! God will help you!

It doesn’t look like any major artery was ruptured by the accident and all organs appear reasonably intact. He may actually have a chance of survival if promp and adequate medical care was provided. Serious infection from all that dirt would certainly be of major concern, but infections can be pretty effectively taken care with modern medicine. Whether he lived would most certainly depend on whether necessary help came in time. They have pretty sick doctors in Brazil:

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63 thoughts on “Traffic Accident Victim with Spilled Guts Alive and Fully Conscious

  1. Can’t imagine seeing my own guts lying in the dirt like that… Still a nice way to lose some weight.
    But with all the practice doctors in Brazil have they must be masters at putting people together by now, hell If I get split in half I will demand for a Brazilian doctor, those fuckers sure know what to do

  2. I saw this video on YNC yesterday. When I saw/heard the guy with the catastrophic head injury moaning on and on, it reminded me of my uncle who died from an overdose way back in the early 90s. His liver and kidneys shut down and as he lay dying, he made the exact same sounds. I can handle 99.997% of most things in this life but when it comes to the memory of my own dying family members, I find I have trouble dealing at times. Sorry, I apologize for my momentary lapse into compassion, I blame the drugs for that.
    Anyway, back on track… these friggin’ Da Silvas, what kind of lowlife scum don’t at least perform a mercy killing for fleshy viruses who are at death’s door? Oh right, Da Silvas.

  3. lol he’s not going to get promtp medical attention, all the witnesses cant film and call the emergency serevices at the same time.

  4. Christ on a bike! If that had happened in a human country they’d have had the poor fucker trussed up and carted off to hospital before the retards with the camera phones showed up…oh well with this attitude these cretins will die out through lack of consideration…long live the day.

  5. Look on the bright side, if he survives he has an excuse to back out of anything asked of him all he has to say is “I don’t have the guts to do that”

  6. this would have been perfect for that “bloody bear attack” bear..perfect..still alive.already sliced open..graciously spread forth for its eating pleasure..but its fucking dead too. ha

  7. hahahaha
    God will help you
    Maybe god will help him by putting him out of that misery

    Just give him a blunt, He’ll laugh about it.

    I would just hold my breathe until I passed out.

    That’s all.

  8. At least he didn’t get cut in half like some of the unfortunate people who have motorcycle accidents, then again this is a pretty gruesome consequence in and of itself. I wonder if the number of dead people in Brazil can ever catch up to those that are reproducing like crazy?

  9. If that was my friend I would give them my shirt to make a tourniquette around his torso…of course if the accident victim was a stranger I would give them my shirt but they would have to tuck their own insides and wrap the tournequette themselves and hang tight until the ambulance comes.

  10. Yeah, a little more to the right…no your right. Hmmm…that reminds me, Joe will you order some take out? No, you go ahead and get it. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back. Yeah, I’m gonna be a while. The guy on the ground? What about him? Nah, I don’t think he can stomach anything right now. What’s that you say? What about emergency personnel? Shoot bro, you’ll be back with the food before they get here. Take your time, Joe. Thanks.

  11. Wouldn’t it be awesome to let a hungry pitbull at those guts? I would laugh and laugh watching a big hungry dog pulling at his guts, whipping its head back and forth like a hungry shark, tearing off gobbets and wolfing them down while he screamed.

    • ok, i’ll say it. No- it would not. Morbid curiousity, and the nature of man, i feel, is what brings most people here. But not to, at least me, to have that wanton of participating …no way. Only to protect my life. and done. no fucking around. uh- uh :(

  12. The people do just laugh, take photos, all like a day in the life. I doupt he survived, went in2 shock most likely. A guy my husband knew got shot in the leg & died from pure shock. I am personaly amazed how long these fuckers stay alive, unreal. And they stick around with the smells !

  13. wow, thats his stomach and small intestines, and the dark red are clots, contusions- hematomas. & the muscle wall of the torso is spliced. Poor man, i would do him if there & had proper rifle.

  14. C’mon man! Just touch it…touch the guts man! Dude, you gotta feel this! C’mon before I pass out from blood loss….Dude, you got this on camera right? Cool…c’mon man touch the guts. lol

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