Train Keeps Moving After Cutting Woman in Half

Train Keeps Moving After Cutting Woman in Half

I got no backinfo about this video, but it looks like it could be India again.

The video shows a woman who was cut in half by a train, and the train keeps moving forward, heading toward its destination without paying much heed to the life it had presumably ended.

While many people survive, at least initially, being cut in half, it would appear that this woman has no spark of life left in her after making up with the train. Trains just don’t make suitable intimate partners – that must be the take away?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Train Keeps Moving After Cutting Woman in Half”

    1. Hindi – महिला
      Urdu – عورت
      Punjabi – ਮਾਦਾ
      Bengali – মহিলা
      Gujarati – સ્ત્રી
      Malayalam – സ്ത്രീ
      Kannada – ಸ್ತ್ರೀ
      Tamil – பெண்
      Telgu – మహిళ
      (many more but I could only find these in google translate)
      Don’t ask why. I just have a lot of time in my hand.
      And it’s 4:55 am. Off to sleep. @darkflare, Will see you soon on the next Indian video! (But only if this blood thirsty train doesn’t get me first)

      1. Yeah I wonder which one of those cavemen thought he was the luckiest man on earth? I can see that MoFo carrying that bottom half prize. Daddy’s getting laid for the remainder of this week.

      1. It is called offering a shower and demanding they take it by doing it yourself as well. Problem solved.

        Is it true that Hindu religious and customary law unlike Islam does not allow a man to get rid of his wife for adultery? I heard the perp of adultery must be forgiven by wronged partner at least first couple times. Yes ,i know Bangladesh is not Hindu or India.


    1. Nah natural selection has to happen. Let the ones that have no common sense do what they do best, give us entertainment. They could have video lessons that way we can actually see the start of their end.

  1. Why stop the train anyway? She’s already dead and split in half, so no reason to hurry to get her carcass of the rails. No need to delay the train for that. The vultures will make sure that no piece of her meat is left behind.

  2. Hey this is going to work out well. There will be times when the husband just wants to talk and feel her tits, he can pull out the head and torso that he keeps hanging in the closet and just have a nice chat while feeling her breasts.
    There will be time when he just wants to fuck her in the cunt or ass, he can then pull out the lower half from under his bed and fuck her all night, no need for K-Gel or spit. Maybe one night they can all get together and do A ménage à trois. Good times for everyone. Again, no K-gel or spit.

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