Train Surfer Killed, Potential Fulfilled

Train Surfer Killed, Potential Fulfilled

Train Surfer Killed, Potential Fulfilled

This video had all the attributes of a perfect candidate for the “This Had Great Potential” placement, but sudden and unexpected turn it takes toward the end puts it into a whole new league.

A young thrill seeker was surfing a local train in Mumbai, India by intentionally riding outside off structure gauge on the side of the train. He appeared to be quite skilled at it and was putting on quite a show for both passengers inside and random spectators outside.

The train surfer successfully dodged several affixed structures, such as power posts, traffic lights and tunnel walls but then… something smacked him in the head. It is hard to tell from the video if he eventually failed to dodge something stationary or if someone threw something at him, but given the speed the train had, I can’t see a possibility of him having survived the impact.

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153 thoughts on “Train Surfer Killed, Potential Fulfilled”

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  1. Dumb dog Millionaire

    The story of a Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums, learning to surf trains for local adoration and a few extra Rupees who then goes on to become a figure of fun for millions around the world when his head makes first contact with a metal structure at high speed.

    It’s an heart warming story and manages to possess both action and comedy elements whilst remaining true to it’s self, a real tear jerk drama. I wouldn’t be surprised in years to come if the term Indian head massage takes on a all new meaning.

    I give this movie six out of ten mainly because it was not recorded in high definition and did not have the usual high quality surround sound, but if you can get past that initial barrier you will find a most enjoyable movie.

      1. Thanks dre, My humour tends to be a bit odd and as such isn’t understood by many and I suppose that’s a good thing because humour is much like any other cognitive process in that it is entirely subjective and thank fuck for that because the world would be in an even bigger mess if everybody accepted everything without ever thinking for themselves, without searching for their own truth, without establishing their own likes and dislikes.

        That sadly is one of the problems of modern society in that we are not allowed to think differently, to question the accepted otherwise we are punished and it is for this reason why our societies are so fragmented and why our politicians, bank owners and corporations get away with abusing and destroying us.

        Anyhow, I have turned another comment into a rant and therefore feel a bit ashamed for my one track mind and so I apologise to those who might be getting tired of my long winded speeches.

        Oh, and in case anyone might have been wondering, my comment was a parody on the movie Slumdog millionaire.

        1. Nah, you have a gift for words and I think you put it to good use on here. If someone gets something out of it then you have made them think and consider which is a good thing.

  2. Train surfing with one flip flop…. Badass! Looked like a pretty hard hit but I’d not assume he died. That’d fuck your day up for sure, but I think he could have survived.

  3. Oh I’d bet 50 he’s a goner, if he survived the hit he didn’t survive being run over which to me looked likely. Just a guess but the train could have been going around 70 clicks / hr but just guessing. Seemed more than fast enough for his brain to smash into the side of his skull and maybe crack his skull. Any other opinions?

  4. he was struck with a pole or something, go slow mow then you will see something next to the tracks. And haha, next time try real waves in the ocean dumbass!!

  5. A real train surfer would tether himself to the train with a leash!

    Looking through the interweb though, it’s rather funny and a true Darwin situation. There’s a video of someone bragging about being the worlds best train surfer, which is generally done on the roof of the train, in Melbourne and yup, dead right after. There are people talking about in Brazil that a bunch of train surfer are being electrocuted and being cooked down to the size of a “ham” once they find them up there because some of those trains run on extremely high currents. That’s a video I want to see actually as I couldn’t find any photos or anything.

  6. What kind of shit is this..this is the shit mogili does for shits and giggles man..are you laughing now and their fucking games..or thrills..let’s ghostride the fucking train..dumb twat..nice smack noise this niger made tho when he got it tho…i love how the stupid naturally eradicate themselves…..=/

  7. Whoops upside your head!

    Now we know how all of those “ding ding ding” sounds are made near trains! I’ve always wondered about that!

    Once again BG proves to be the single greatest fountain of information that we mere mortals access!

  8. If wearing red Vietnamese hooker pants out in public or to work seemed like a good option, I’d be looking for fun ways to kill myself as well. Those were more, no one’s gonna see me since I’ll be home all day pants.

  9. …hehehe,he was not ‘skilled’ as he thought he was…well,this air brain kid deserves it anyway…I wish other morons do the same thing and end like this numbskull….

  10. I could tell that something was going to happen about 3/4 of the way through the video; he must have got tired or something because he was not ‘doging’ so well and had a few very near misses. He finally got what he deserved for his stupididy. Wonder if he gets to doge the gates of heaven?

  11. Train surfing, never heard of it, never will try it. Seems fun too watch, that loud smack at the end… reminds me of elementary school when my mom would slap the shit out of me for cussing

  12. His name is sayed mohsin 14 yrs old they reckon his hand hit a pole and he fell he died instantly… he was on his way to buy his sister a wedding present :-(

  13. It’s funny, he waited till they were driving through what looked like a rubbish dump to get hit and fall out. Food for the locals now, anyone fancy getting an Indian delivered?

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