Truck Causes Two Indian School Girls Massive Head Trauma

Truck Causes Two Indian School Girls Massive Head Trauma

On 16 December 2013, dump truck driver Sunil Yadav was speeding along a city road in Adajan, India. A hapless scooter, carrying two school girls got in his way and he drove over the top of them.

The result was instant death for Nishtha Patel, 18 and Kshama Mehta, 17. The scooter was damaged too. Interfering locals covered the smushed heads prior to the pictures being taken.

As a citizen of a country with numerous Indian drivers, mainly of taxis, I can confirm they are a menace. Indicators are optional, there is never more than one hand on the steering wheel, and the brake and accelerator are often being depressed at the same time. Successful navigation from origin to destination seems more a matter of chance and the skill of other motorists in avoiding them.

And then there is the odour. Indians are the most unpleasant smelling of all humans. As a result, of the races inhabiting the Eurasian landmass, Indian women are the least likely I would have sex with. Sorry Nishtha and Kshama, you just aren’t my type.

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  1. Oh boy, the close up of the brain reminds me of the brains I had my hands on today at work. I was weighting brains all day today, stupid shoulder needs to heal and let me get back to what I’m good at.

    So sorry about these girls, they could of had bright futures. At least they were going to school and not selling their bodies. Hope the truck driver gets punished.

    1. Hi harleyQ! How you doing? Could you tell for example that after autopsy in the case such this would they put those brains back into the skulls of the victims OR would they throw them to the waste? I really can’t imagine how come that you would wanna have occupation like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Depends, some families want the bodies intact, others don’t care. So depends on the families wishes and that’s the morticians job to put the organs back in properly and make them look decent. If they declined to have the organs back in the body, we send them off to medical research labs or schools.

  2. I’m honestly more shocked that somebody took the time to cover their crushed heads than I am at the severity of the accident itself. What a rare occurrence compared to what I’ve seen in most of the pictures on here.

        1. I had an Indian girlfriend once and it is true that they smell differently, without the mask of perfume of course, and that is because of their diet.

          Just like when we have a big drinking night and we wake up with a bad hangover and have a shower, we will still find people coming up to us and telling us that we smell of booze even though we had a shower and that is because the booze whilst still in the body escapes through the pores and sweat glands and that is why we sober up quicker because we piss, sweat and shit it all out.

          The Indian diet is one of spice, they eat a lot of spicy foods and strong smelling curry and this of cause has to go through the same process as above in order to cleanse the body and that is why they smell differently to the rest of us.

          Vegetarians also smell different due to diet, so do people that are on a lot of medication, if we put personal hygiene routines aside you will find that we all, without deodorant or perfume, smell differently and some more stronger smelling than others, it’s a bit like eating pussy actually, they don’t all smell like roses and not just because some women are cleaner than others but because of biological factors.

          Indian and Pakistani people just can’t fucking drive though and I have no analysis for that one, it’s just a fact of life.

          1. Having worked with them, I fully agree @empty about your statement on their body odour, as much as it sounds like a cliche, their diet influences their smell, same as everyone. As regards their driving, it seems to almost be a case of kill or be killed. Unless you are ruthless in your decision making and seeing a gap and going for it, you will be swallowed up by the hustle of their road etiquette, or in this case, squashed.

          2. Not just diet but normal flora as well. We all have microorganisms living on our skin and types of organisms vary from region to region. Our skin pH as well as sweat and oil secretions influence the balance of our flora. They in turn produce waste products which produce odour. So our smell is impacted by a range of factors, none of which can’t be overcome with daily bathing and effective deodorant.

          3. Uuugh..i jusT puked in my mouth a little….if I’m bout to eat that shit that bitch better have just scrubbed and shaved that muffin..or I’m not touching it…… =/

        2. The don’t smell because they are unclean, it is caused by their diet and the only people that think it’s a stereotype are people that have not been close enough to an Indian person to smell them. I bought a house from an Indian couple. Was I stereotyping when I had to rip out all the carpet in the house cause the whole fucking interior smelled like curry?

  3. Kids on a motorized bike and reckless truck driver equates to this. I’m glad I don’t live in a country where the odds of being in a road accident are so high. If those girls had seen this site, it may have given them reason to be more cautious and realise how vulnerable you are on a bike. If I have kids, they won’t be driving anything with less than 4 wheels.

  4. am i the only one who really misses these good galleries? yeah, videos are nice. but good photo sets are wonderful for close observation.
    i am however slightly peeved at the knobhead who showed some decency and covered their heads. jerk.

  5. First and foremost great pics. The brain and skull on road especially good.

    Sad to see the moron comments about Indians, smell or body odour though.

    My 39 years on this planet tells me no one can claim to be stink free and Every fucking colour has stinking individuals.

  6. Indians are indeed the most unpleasant smelling people around. A friend of mine was living with an Indian in the same appartment and he was shocked to find out the dude was wiping his ass with his fucking hands and then washed the shit off in the bathroom sink! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Indians being one of the original races in the world are a disgusting breed of homo sapiens, their traditions and customs are bizarre, they use cow piss as a blessing, they use manure for simple home remedies and they worship even shit itself!
    There is even in occult tradition that some of the shaman as many call em’ can transform into a disgusting form of a cow…..
    A homo sapien not unlike any other, beware, take heed for they are truly a manifestation of pure evil!!!

  8. dead bodies everywhere! just like the Korn song, haha, “his shadow smarter” that cracked me up! and here I thought it would be cheaper to go to school there, but not when I have to end up on my favorite site as a brainless splatter…

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    i’m a kid in candy store when i go into tiny ethnic grocery store.. pile up all kinds of cheapo soaps shampoos and creams plus jars of pickled god fucking knows what…locked like baby lamb tongue in garlic lemon. and i luved greek lamb intestines stuffed miont rice lemon and cilantro..
    FUCKING DELICIOUS with oozo and water on ice to go with my big fat lebanese hookah puffout

      1. haha.. i’d invite YOU too!! i like your fucking posts
        … i gonna break your “avi heart” stuff it in shisha filled of ozoo, smoke a drink the pipe with ya and touch ourselves as we watch Little people big world to the BLASTIN sounds of Slayer as we commerate the most famous midget of all… the Baby Jesus

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