Truck Comes to Stop on Woman

Truck Came to Screeching Halt on Top of This Poor Woman

Truck Comes to Stop on Woman

I don’t have any background story but it looks like your typical case of DWA. Truck driver ran a woman over and brought the truck to a stop just as the wheel was on her. The woman looks tight and slender with long hair and all – there’s never enough of such women in the world. Pity…

Not sure what the deal with those blue thingies the victim is wearing on her hands is. Also – not sure if she was still alive trying to hold her head above the road when the photo above was taken, or whether the wheel crushed her in such a manner so it stretched the skin on her back and kept her head up even though she was already dead.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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52 thoughts on “Truck Comes to Stop on Woman”

  1. hmm…she does indeed look to be dead in the first pic, i suppose its possible that the truck wheel broke her back in such a way that it pushed her up like that. cause the smear behind that tire suggests this woman did not live very long after getting hit

        1. You can load the mag with 215gr linotype monsters……….the recoil is reduced but by allah’s beard it will do the job,800fps good depth of penetration without over-penetration,the shock value is retained entirely in the body….is nice to see……a work of art 🙂

  2. I think it’s her hair that has her head up like that. I too have very long hair and am always getting it caught on something (not that I’ve experience getting it caught to this degree) but, if the tire ran over her hair it would pull her head back such as in this picture.

  3. If you examine the photos closely it appears the truck braked hard while the body was caught beneath wheel- there is a broad swath of blood behind (?) the tire. That could accout for the massive tissue damage.

  4. Omg was this Photo done Deliberately Like there recording here Fatality A bit like the YouTube vids of Iraq on YouTube if that so that’s Fucked up. “Or” Did the driver realize that he actually hit somebody and thought of Maneuvering the truck not knowing that he was actually stopping right on Her. And if that’s the case then hes a Fucktard that Got his licence from a Wheat – Bic Box Damn i don’t know much but all all i know is there are some Whacked Beings out there alright. Damb Poor Thing.

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