Truck Driver Deliberately Rams a Motorcyclist to the Ground in Singapore

Truck Driver Deliberately Rams a Motorcyclist to the Ground in Singapore

So it looks like Best Gore has been banned in Singapore seemingly for tarnishing the country’s squeaky clean image:

Hey Mark,

this is gorylla, Rem the gal who sent you the Ferrari accident link (from Singapore). Guess what? They banned BEST GORE!!! I can’t access it from any of the 3 telecom service providers here. Just want to say I miss you and the website!!!!

My boyfriend is saying I caused the ban because I sent you something that may have portrayed a bad image of my country. Anyway, keep the gore going! Fleshy viruses should not live in delusion. Facts are facts and life is harsh and brutal at times. All the best.

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. Gun snackbarism is illegal so incidence of gun violence is virtually none and with it, murder rate is one of the lowest in the world. This however changes nothing on the fact that majority of Singaporeans are of Chinese descent and as such, are inherently incapable of driving. When you have a whole whack of DWA offenders packed into one place, deadly traffic accidents are going to occur and no amount of censorship will change that.

The thing about Singapore that has recently become evident – it’s a country of Zionist brown-nosers. For that reason alone the ban comes as no surprise. Great job, Singapore. So you blocked people who live on your island from accessing the website that shows what really is going on in the world. What a win. But what you’ve also gained is at least one person who will never support your economy again. Not by visiting, not by doing business. And that one person will show millions of people each month what hides behind the friendly face of the Singaporean government. You can silence me, but you can’t silence the truth. And right about now, the truth is out. And that’s just the beginning.

As for the video – it’s as if a brother of this bus driver from Bristol did it. The driver of a truck tailgated a motorcyclist for a while and after a while, drove to his side and swerved the truck deliberately into him, ramming him to the ground. It was all caught on dashcam by a vehicle immediately behind the truck. If you wish to strip yourself of suspense build up, skip to the 2:12 minute mark. Nice ragdoll action there.

Props to Best Gore member kennasai for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I assume that Mark would have video editing software, windows movie makers is standard on most computers with windows…. I am sure you could safely suggest that he leaves the full length videos in because someone might want to watch the events before and anyone who doesn’t want to watch it can just skip it and its not like Mark leaves us in the blue about when the action happens

  1. There have been many times I’ve wanted to do that to motorcyclists that think they own the road. Whether it was on purpose or not at least the driver stopped on this video, I figured he’d just keep on going.

  2. After intentionally running into the motorcyclist they were nice enough to pull over. They probably wanted to be sure the guy was dead. Thought the motorcyclist got hurt i think he will live, the driver seeing that will probably get back in their vehicle and try to finish him off i figure. Crazy gook’s…

  3. The only reason Singapore is “one of the safest country in the world” is because their laws are so fucking retarted and down right oppressive the punishment there for everything and anything seems to be the death sentence, I mean you can’t even chew gum in that mother fucker cause its illegal with laws like that its no wonder everyone’s to afraid to even pass gas which I’m almost sure is illegal to but what else could you expect from gun free countrys that take all the power from their people and then repress the shit out of them basically a dictatorship with a smile…want proof? Look at what they did to Best Gore they banned it.

  4. Singapore, bad? No way. I lived there, as an American citizen, for some time and loved it. Clean ground, clean air, beautiful city, friendly people, great food. I’ll take Singapore over the U.S. piece of crap any day.

  5. don’t believe what gorylla said, best gore isn’t banned in singapore and never was. i’m from singapore and i can access it just fine. which primitive area was she surfing from? if she had been surfing from a public library or at work/school then the site may have been restricted by her school/company. i’ve always been able to surf best gore and i’ve been here everyday for the past two years. singapore may not have been a fully democratic country but to ban a site like best gore? come on, you think the govt is so free? please go do your homework and i suggest you ask at least 10-20 friends to see if they’re able to come here, else don’t speak so confidently.

  6. and also to mark – so you believe just what ONE PERSON said without verifying the facts? sorry to hear you won’t be visiting singapore, in another words, you’ll be boycotting us. i suggest you check your stats to see if NO ONE from singapore had been able to visit your site before jumping onto conclusions. else, for all you know, that gorylla person may just be a singapore-hater. can never know, afterall, more than 1/2 of the population consists of foreigners from china, bangladesh, philippines etc. for all you know, she may be one of them.

    1. I stand corrected. Thank you for the update. I’m glad to hear that the site is not banned because Singapore has always been in top 3 of my most favorite countries in the world. I retract my statement and highly recommend Singapore to everyone who has not visited the country as the finest place for travel.

      1. Hey Mark that guy above is bullshitting. For 2 weeks now i was trying to access your site and was unable to do so. Tried on both ISP Starhub & M1. I thought your site was down… Now im on proxies. and… The Zionist thing you said is true all of it.

  7. It might have not been deliberate. Why would he pull over? Say the guy died. Then it would be murder. Why would you stop? I bet you he was eating and on the phone with the music up. And not paying attention to see if he passed the guy up. Like he was trying to go around him.

  8. Yeah it seems awfully strange that the driver of the truck stopped & ran back to the guy, if he had done it on purpose. Either he did it by accident, or if it was on purpose, he might’ve thought the motorcyclist would swerve out of the way, or that he could give him a tap & he’d be shaken but alright. The thing is, a little tap can be extremely detrimental to someone on 2 wheels. Also, if it was intentional, why would he do it in heavy traffic when there are hundreds of potential witnesses?

    I’m just curious – why do so many non-police drivers these days have dashboard cameras running constantly? Like in Japan, I noticed a lot of people have rear cameras mounted, pointing out the back. What for?

  9. Singapore is fucking beautiful and one of the most strict countries I have ever visited. They take their road laws to the next level. Civilians will call the police on you if you are doing something that they don’t like. But i’ve never seen it go this far. SG is one the safest countries in the world but there is a large underground that a lot of people aren’t aware of. If you look closely you can see it, i’ve seen parts of it for myself.

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