Truck Moved Off Motorcyclist Crushed from Pelvis Down

Truck Moved Off Motorcyclist Crushed from Pelvis Down

Video from Indonesia shows a motorcyclist partially crushed by a truck. His bottom half, from pelvis down was caught under the truck’s wheels and smeared on the road while the truck was braking. His upper half, including most if not all vital organs is vastly untouched, which keeps the motorcyclist alive, trapped by his bottom half being crushed under the wheels.

In the panic to free the half crushed man from under the wheels, the truck driver reversed but even though that’s what common sense would have you do, I’m sure it only brought the half crushed man closer to death and threw him into more agony. The sight of al that pancaked flesh getting unstuck is rather disturbing.

Unless this poor fellow had all heaven’s angels looking after him and received uber prompt medical attention, I don’t think he could have made it. Even if no vital organs were directly crushed, trauma to his lower body was just too epic to give him a chance.

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    1. i think its just me. How cum more than half of all the thumbnail i click on sends me to the article, but where there suppose to b a video to press play, theres a black big blank space? is it over time, and they take the video down from the web page, cuz its too gory?

    1. I tend to think it may also be a upload and conversion problem. I remember some of my older phones would take decent video, if you watched it on your own phone or off your own computer, but the conversion process to let others to be able to view it with a common video code, would turn it to shit.
      I have had problems lately with my video being flipped upside down when watched on another device such as my DVR.
      I would even try to convert the same video again, but purposely upside down, and it would still show on the DVR upside down.

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  2. I’m not a doctor for the living, but I’m most certain this man will die. Massive blood loss, the truck tire was saving his life by closing off the arteries, blocking the blood loss. Move the tire and now he can bleed freely and die.

  3. Ooooo…. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must have felt for him when everything first shattered and got smashed. Also, I wonder if he was in any pain while the truck was on him or after the truck moved and revealed the damage. I imagine that the pressure and weight from the truck being on top of him would have been so heavy that it would have numbed the pain of what happened but then again, you never know…

    Being fully conscious and living through something kie this isn’t very lucky at all. Of by some miracle he did hpen to survive, I’m sure he would wish he would have died instead. I know I would!

    1. @LilMissSunshinexo, he probably would not have been in that much pain while the truck was on him because the wheel was stemming blood flow and cutting circulation. However once the wheel moved, all hell would have been let loose and he would have died of shock if nothing else.

      1. Thanks boo! That’s what I was thinking, in regards to his pain while the truck was still on top of him, but I wasn’t sure as I’ve never seen an accident quite like this! Crazy shit. What a sight that would be to look down and see your lower body squashed like a damn bug!

  4. Wow, talk about being crushed.. I wonder what it felt like when that huge damn truck just crushed him to oblivion, and didn’t even have the courtesy to finish him off.. oh the nightmare.

    Well, seems like this is my first comment on BG! I have been lurking around for almost 3 years now I think, and decided that it might as well be time to go ahead and join for real!

    I have been a bit unsure about joining since I felt that I might not fit in with the rest of the crowd. When I first came upon BG I thought that all the people in here were gorejunkies with strong and fucked up personalities. People that sacrificed goats to the devil, and had severed heads in their refrigerator. Haha exaggeration aside I felt like I was a too ‘chill’, calm (friendly) and ‘ordinary’ person to have the privilage to join.

    But as time passed, I realized that BG is not about that.. It’s about facing reality and see the truth as it really is, without any censorship. To see what humans are capable of and learn from witnessing the harsh and fucked up world and reality that we live in. It was curiosity that brought me here, and the rush of watching reality gore knowing that It’s not fake. In the beggining I also felt a small kick of pushing my limits and see what I could handle to watch.

    The first video that introduced me to BG was a beheading of a (I think Russian) soldier. I’m pretty sure It’s still up here. I remember that I felt really weird for a couple of days after watching it, and it utterly disgusted me the moment I watched it. But some days later I was back and was curious to see what else I could find.. and some time after I was hooked.

    I’m not a sadistic or violent person, and I wouldnt hurt a fly, but I would lie if I didnt say that BG is entertaining as well. It’s totally the best reality site in existance and after following the comments and had my eyes and mind opened towards what this site is really about.. I feel sort of ashamed of the prejudices I had when I first got here. Even though some things that people are writing on here is totally fucked up.. (I hope most of it is written with a comical touch to it) haha, I feel like people here are very intelligent, friendly and sees everyone as a part of a family.

    With that, I decided that I might as well join and hope that I can be a part of this lovely family that I have watched from the sideline for such a long time now.

    (The recent posts about donating money to BG was also a big factor in deciding to finally become a member).

    Im sorry for my crappy English and rambling, but it feels great to finally be a member!

    1. Welcome @AllTheGore,,,
      You’ll fit in nicely from what I just read….
      You pretty much have a complete understanding of what a mentally stable individual thinks and feels upon viewing this type of material. In fact you may be the most sane personality to comment….lol

    2. Welcome doll. I really love what you wrote here! I , too, was a lerker before deciding to join and I am so happy that I did. I come on this site more than really other and I’ve learned so much about the world we live in , the humans we live with and even myself. Not only is the content and videos here awesome but it’s great that we can all discuss what we see here and share our opinions, knowledge, beliefs etc. and do so without fear of being judged or persecuted. It’s nice to be apart of a community surrounded by people with like-mindsets and who share the same interests and thought mentality (on gore and seeking truth that is). Personally, I am a 20 yr old girly girl, model for Clinique cosmetics & Tony&Gi, family gal and most people I know and share my life with would look at me as if I were crazy if I talked about this sorta stuff so it’s really nice to be apart of something where there are people who understand you as well as you understanding them.
      I hope you enjoy your stay and I’m sure we’ll be seek g lots more of you as commenting on here and being apart of the conversations is extremely addicting. Au Revoir 🙂

      1. Thank you guys and gals!

        @killthefilth Haha! I’m not sure how I should take that! It’s not that exciting to be completely sane either haha.

        @LilMissSunshine I do agree on everything you said! I hope that I can bring at least something to the table.

  5. What I find most shocking here is there is someone kneeling next to him trying to help/comfort the poor fucker. A rare sight in posts like these. They shouldn’t have moved anything though, call an ambulance and maybe get a phone and call a amber of his family or someone, let him have a few last words with them if he’s able for it. That’s what I’d try to do for him. What a poxy way to go. Under the wheel of some smelly truck on some shitty road. No thanks.

  6. Even with prompt medical attention he’s a goner. No way he would survive this once the truck is off. Speaking of the truck, wouldn’t it have been better to reverse the truck? Looks as if in reverse the only thing it would have rolled over would have been the already detached leg? Going forward like it did finished off his pelvis for sure.

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