Two Motorcyclists Brutally Ragdolled by Speeding BMW in Ahmedebad, India

Two Motorcyclists Brutally Ragdolled by Speeding BMW in Ahmedebad, India

One motorcyclist was killed and a second put in critical condition after being completely wiped out by a speeding black BMW in Ahmedebad, India. Motorcycle driver Rahul Patel was the survivor, his passenger Shivam Dave was not so lucky and died in the back of an ambulance. It happened on February 24, 2013.

The BMW dragged the men another 200m down the road in similar style and brutality to this recent video from Manchester. Like the Manchester incident, the driver fled the scene but unlike in Manchester, the driver fled on foot after crashing his car into a tree. The whole thing was witnessed by two friends of the victims following behind on a second motorcycle.

The man behind the wheel got out and apologised in English before leaving, letting the witnesses get a good look at him. Police have arrested the BMW’s owner, a doctor’s son called Vismay Shah, after he turned himself in to police two days later. The doctor initially claimed a man he employs was driving, but that defence will have to get past the witnesses.

Some are saying the motorcyclists were partly to blame for turning into the car’s path and while that may be true, I think the main blame lies with the BMW because nobody could expect him to be coming at such high speed and look far enough up the road accordingly.

The impact was captured by CCTV overlooking the junction from a neighbouring shopping centre. You can clearly see how close the men’s friends were on the second moped.

Raw video of the accident filmed by the CCTV camera:

Another video with highlights of speeding BMW and replays:

TV report on the incident:

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    1. no, the news report video says both died, which is what I would expect considering the damage to the vehicle

      the entire front of the bimmer is almost totalled

      fucking wimpy looking indian driving a 7 series, shit, little prick’s so lucky to have a rich dad

      the police should also charge the father for conspiracy to cover up the crime, for trying to mislead the police that their driver was behind the wheel

      the families of the 2 should hook up with good lawyers, so they not only put the rich guy behind bars, but also receive a large settlement from the father, as well

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