Two Motorcyclists Die Violently with Amputated Limbs

Flip Flops Betrayed Motorcyclist Dies Next To His Amputated Lower Leg

Two Motorcyclists Die Violently with Amputated Limbs

This accident happened on December 21, 2012 – aka the doomsday that failed. Two guys rode a motorcycle down RN-118, a highway in Ipanguaçu, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil and collided with a truck transporting fuel. The impact was so severe, both motorcyclists were practically dismembered – each got some of his limbs severed. Both victims lived in the community of Arapuá in Ipanguaçu.

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15 thoughts on “Two Motorcyclists Die Violently with Amputated Limbs”

  1. I would give an arm and a leg not to be in their place.

    I don’t know if that joke is stupid or too smart but I decided to go with it. Well I guess for them the Doomsday scenario was true. They were probably speeding away from an erupting volcano while fireballs were falling from the sky. And as to avoid falling in the ground cracking under their motorcycle they swerved and collided with the truck. Nothing else really explains it so I am pretty sure that’s what happened.

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