Two People Die as Car Loses Control and Slams into Building in Kissimmee, Florida

Two People Die as Car Loses Control and Slams into Building in Kissimmee, Florida

On Thursday June 1, 2017, a car with five people in it lost control and slammed into a building in Kissimmee, Florida. Two teens have been confirmed dead, and three are in hospital. Two of the three are out of danger, but one remains in critical condition.

The fatalities have been identified as 17 year old Sebastian Suarez-Palacio and 16 year old Melanie Peguero. They were both in the back of the car when it slammed into a shopping center off Vine Street. The two were students at Gateway High School.

Props to Best Gore member @BlackHeartWhitePride for the video:

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  2. 24hrs ago I had the thought….
    Every single year and I mean every single year around this same time of the year I always hear on newspapers or the news, about a fatal car accident of some recent high school graduates and it’s always the same shit, four to five passengers in a mid size sedan, all of them around 18yrs of age and 70% of times if not more alcohol is involved and 99% of times no seatbelt wearing whatsoever and more than 75% of times it also it’s the only vehicle involved in accident
    (The one with the teens)
    And yesterday I was thinking shit, I’m almost certain that it won’t be long before I hear this year’s fatal accident of fresh graduates.
    The only thing that it usually happens somewhere near where I live or is where I hear it happened. And this happened in Florida. Same bull shit different location.

  3. Dude recording sounds Cuban and he’s saying that he saw it all and that they flipped something like five times.
    He’s saying that all of four passengers got killed.

    It looks to me as if some of the bystanders are either relatives or are known to the victims.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if the place of accident was the neighborhood where the youngsters lived.

    1. Hahahaha @der-kopfsammler
      Two of ’em have kissed their arses goodbye while one of ’em is battling hard to stay alive and the other two just about are gonna stay on being lucky enough to narrate their sorry arse tale back in Brazil from where they originally came from
      Bad omen is right after their meaty arses and they were schooling at Gateway to hell .

  4. The car is to blame… not them… because humans shouldn’t take responsibility for their own actions…

    I’d blame God… but everyone “knows” God isn’t real… because if he was… he would’ve saved them or something like that… 🙄

  5. So the title of video tells me that it happened in Florida, but for some reason (dont understand why) i only heard Spanish speaking persons talking on video. Is there by chance a “Florida” in south America or some other spanish speaking country ???

  6. Ahh, those crazy teens. You give them a car, a little booze, some weed, maybe a little coke, ok some heroin, some quaaludes and a couple of water bottles and then you expect them to come back alive? Actually, that’s a good way to get them out of the nest.

  7. Not surprised what so ever. Everyone drives like Assholes over here!!! I know exactly where this happened. And on a VERY busy street that leads into Disney, they are lucky they didn’t hit and kill anyone else. Stupid young fucks, think they’re invincible. This proves otherwise…

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