Vehicular Attack in Charlottesville, Virginia – Car Plows Into Group of Protesters

Vehicular Attack in Charlottesville, Virginia - Car Plows Into Group of Protesters

In what some mainstream press refers to as a terrorist attack, a car plowed into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one person and wounding several others. The driver of the vehicle was arrested, however as of this post, his identity or motives have not been released.

The incident happened on Saturday August 12, 2017. On that day, white nationalists were scheduled to hold a peaceful rally in Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park, but the rally was met with counter-protests by Soros friendly antifa fags and other left leaning degenerates.

Reportedly, the plowed through crowd consisted of retards who tend to own Apple products, have Facebook accounts and use Google – aka triple liberal fails, so even though the driver’s identity has not yet been confirmed, Zio reporters already know he was a Neo Nazi. Is it common for New Nazis to drive muscle cars with tinted windows?

The Divide and Conquer is strong with this one. George Soros is known to bus in Anti-fa fags to start violence and get legally planned rallies with a permit shut down. Stay woke, my friends.

Guy filming and talking smack should have been the one to get hit.


The attacker was identified as James Alex Fields Jr. of Maumee, Ohio​. He is the owner of the grey 2010 Dodge Challenger​ that plowed into the crowd at the Unite the Right​ rally.

James Alex Fields Jr. is listed as an Active Duty Service Member in the most homosexual institution in the world.

The fatality was identified as 32 year old Heather Heyer​. Her death is being investigated as a homicide. James Alex Fields Jr. was charged with one count of second degree murder​, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit and run attended failure to stop with injury.


James Fields has one photo online with his mother Samantha Lea Bloom, who’s a Jew. Which means Charlottesville attack was carried out by a Jew who killed a white woman. Color me surprised!

Different angle video of the same vehicular attack (props to Best Gore member @bleepblorp):

Drone footage of the attack:

Here’s also a YouTube video on the viral Charlottseville attack witness Brennan Gilmore, who is a CIA asset. The NYT, State Department, and others Zionist assets are now hard at work wiping web information on him. There were literally dozens of eye witnesses to the attack, but CNN, Fox News and other Zio outlets chose to air CIA asset Brennan Gilmore:

Gallery of a few pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Kudos to the site owner. One very informed and bright human being!!

            I totally stand with his opinion. Facebook using faggot with Apple products and colored hairs! Antifa fag scum!!!

            And CNN and Co. Are bringing fake news again!

            Time for WW3 so we can start from Zero! No more selfies and consuming. Just pure survival of the fittest with men as leaders.

            Women do what they do the best. Cook, obey and serving men and act as women.

            Women nowadays are all degenerated thanks to sitcoms like Sex and the city or the new Ghostbuster movie with 4 butch dyke lesbos!

            Fuck that shit!

            You liberals and political correct fart inhalers , cucks manginas, whitenights , and feminists will pay. Harharharhar!

          1. @illegalsmile55 yea a junk man would of been the safe bet…Sanford and Son could of been a good characters. Talkin bout eatin’ fried catfish and chitlins,and watermelons…and Ol Uncle Jesse and Fred Sanford could always be getting drunk together on moonshine arguing about the civil war,and their hatred of each other’s race. Lol…man the would been even better.

        1. Nice @n1ne 🙂 I also owned A Charger in the mid Eighties, it was an “Orange 1968 Dodge Charger with a black Vinyl Interior, & Top” It came with a 383 Magnum c/w 12 Bolt Posi-Traction, and a Hearst Pistol-Grip, Shift kit. The front Hideaway lights when closed made this Car look Super Mean, man! She was my Baby 🙂 I Still Love Mopar Power.

    1. Lol Lucy it was totally random.

      I don’t know why Mark doesn’t like the narrative of the filmer.
      I like the urgent, macho American accent. I wish I had it.
      I don’t think he’s a douchebag at all.

      “Oh my gaad. Oh my gaad. Oh my gaad. people badly hurt. Somewern might be dead. Caal ern ambulance. Holey shit. Somebody might be dead. Caal the paramedics”.

        1. Northeastern accent (New Jersey) would sound way different. “Lets go live on the scene with our own Salvador Scarlucci. Sal, wuddaya know?”
          “So here’s how I sar it. Some stunad drives his caw into a group of people. Wuddid these motherless cocksuckers expect when they stand in the fockin’ street, huh? Back to you Vinnie.”

      1. that’s not macho US accent, it is douchebag US accent and the addition of word “folks” to commentary lends air of arrogance. I really dislike him, he’s way too Johnny on the spot, doesn’t play well with incessant chants of oh my god. total tool

      2. @mrspock
        yeah – in second video, i particularly like the woman in the pink bandana who ran two yards and screamed “fuckers”, then looked left at right shouting “fuck…fuck..fuck” then took a phone picture in the opposite direction.
        I feel that she added hugely…. not only to the video, but to the “cause”, to the fight for freedom, and to the safety, prosperity and progression of all of our lives in general.
        SHE should get a bronze statue.
        The way she did nothing, is a wonderful model for non-compliance

        “Yeah..WHOOO!..goooo the right to protest..WHOOO-HOO!…fuck…fuckers…whoo!…outrage, outrage, outrage!….fuck you fucking…fuckers…fuck!”

      1. Talk about mooselims, with this growth rate of theirs, what do you think will happen eventually ? Will mooselims take over the world ? What are we supposed to do ? Just thinkin’ sbout it sends chills down my spine ._.

        1. Chill @trigormortis, our overlords will find a different enemy to scare us with soon enough.
          Remember all that “those commie bastards are gonna take’n over the WORLD!!”? all just T-shirt memes nowadays.
          the same with happen with the “towelled terror!”
          People get bored – our masters know that. A new “monster” will appear… to justify all those bombs (after all, they are not gonna tell us the military only exist to protect the elite from us…are they?)

  1. The so called “left” fail time and time again to understand that the harder you try to pull people to the left the more they will pull to the right and vice versa.

    The vast majority of people prefer the middle ground to any actual extreme but the left just will not allow them such freedom preferring instead to force others into their line of thinking any way they can and then they wonder why the right seems to be gaining in number and influence. Absolute twats. Then again, I don’t actually believe that these modern “liberals”, if you can call them that, are in fact practitioners of liberalism at all.

    Liberalism is a political philosophy in which the primary focus is placed upon securing the freedom of the individual by limiting the power of the government. Today’s “liberals” however are all about stripping rights away from some groups whilst giving preferential treatment to others and they bestow more and more power onto the government by requesting more and more laws and punishments for the dissenters of those laws as well which in my opinion goes against the freedom of the individual principle.

    Today’s liberals also have a one-sided tolerance for intolerance(so long as that intolerance comes from their own side) as well as being fascist at the very same time as being anti-fascist(so long as their own side are the dictators) and they are also hard-line conservative(not flexible in their viewpoints) despite being anti-conservative etc.

    They also want better pay and conditions for the lowest paid workers despite wholeheartedly supporting unlimited migration which pushes down pay and conditions and they also want more affordable housing despite supporting market forces, including unlimited migration, which pushes up housing costs so on and so forth.

    Basically modern liberals are the anti-mainstream, pro-individual party that strictly adheres to a mainstream mentality whilst condemning and crushing any and all divergent opinion. It doesn’t make sense but then again it doesn’t actually have to make sense because it is part of a “yoof” movement that falls into the category of being cool, trendy and hip and is therefore embodied by an intellectually and psychologically woebegone generation who are acting, for all purposes and intent, as rebels without a cause.

    This brings me to my next point, If they are not liberals what are they?.

    To understand the answer to the above it is imperative that we attempt to understand the “Hipster“.

    Hipsters are pretentious, effete and sickeningly trendy by default. They are the very definition of modern gentrification and devote themselves to the process of renovating what they view to be “deteriorated” segments of society into ones that better match their own lofty set of ideals, ideals that mostly always stem from an ego driven need to be the centre of attention rather than from any actual considered, intelligent thought.

    Unlike the beatnik, Hippie and punk subcultures etc before them hipsters have no such originality which is why they borrow from all others around them and appear so mish-mash, I.e short hair, long beards and smartly dressed etc. It really is just a repertoire of meaninglessness from which the hipster can construct an identity in the manner of a collage. An identity programme for the dull and lazy by the dull and lazy.

    Naturally then this tends to lead to the jamming together of parts that were never meant to go together and all for the sake of witless “self expression“. Hipster cafes selling donut burgers(burgers wedged between two donuts) is a good example of this sort of fuckwitted behaviour.

    It is hardly surprising to know then that most hipsters come from middle class backgrounds because unlike the working classes and the rich the middle classes possess the least amount of social character(identity) by default because their default position within society is the middle ground and as such are neither here or there socially speaking.

    To answer the question then, If they are not liberals what are they?.

    The answer to the above is that they are liberal type Hipsters. “Libsters” for short, and have hijacked liberalism as a way of jockeying for social, political position so as to further their aim of renovating society into one that better matches their own fuckwitted ideals and much like how the Hipster loves to wedge burgers between donuts and expects you to lap it all up with a great big shit-eating grin on your face the Libster expects you to support and protect gays and women’s rights whilst at the very same time supporting and promoting Islam and the amalgamation of Islam into white western civilisation despite both being quite contradictory in nature.

    They also like to increase educational standards by dumbing down, to teach history by constantly rewriting it from the libster perspective and to bridge the rich/poor gap by making the working classes even poorer so on and so forth. It’s all very schizophrenic.

    Coincidently, and even less surprising I might add, is the fact that most libsters also come from middle class backgrounds as well and for much the same reasons. The middle classes are therefore like confused and deranged ostriches in that not knowing which hole in the ground to insert their heads at any given moment they choose instead to insert their heads up their own ass and then wonder why everything around them looks and smells like shit.

    Like I said though, they have no real socio-political philosophy or any other actual foundation on which they stand. Just meaningless identity driven politics which is why they don’t like to be challenged and do everything in their power to prevent themselves from being challenged(safe spaces, barring opposing viewpoints etc) and why they appear to lose their shit and act like upset toddlers whenever they do get challenged sufficiently because as far as they are concerned you are not just challenging their viewpoints you are challenging their very existence itself because their childish, piecemeal “identity” is their sole existence.

    To conclude,

    That there exists many long standing liberals that no longer fit within it’s borders, and are even considered to be rightwing by some of today’s “liberals“, is proof enough that the movement has changed completely and utterly over the recent years. It has changed so much in fact that it doesn’t resemble liberalism at all anymore hence my assertion that modern liberals are not actually liberals at all but are in fact “libsters” and should therefore be treated as such.

    It is about time then that the real liberals stand up and reclaim their lost ground and join the rest of us in condemning and destroying these pretending, preening peacocks hell-bent on their own madness by cooperating with each other once more to bring about a workable middle ground once again.

      1. When he is not high on drugs he is a clever guy. You may think that I don’t like him because he is a briton, but you would be wrong. I don’t hate anybody, not even the jews.

        1. Uli, you do not have to hate anyone. However, they absolutist hate you. I am sure you know this.
          Islam hates you, Jews dislike you, blacks dislike you, all of them. Now these groups are capturing the minds of our young people and they are clever about it. There is no “we the people” which is sad, but it is true. Now it is us, and them. Are you old enough to remember saying the pledge of elegance every morning in school? Can you remember the last time someone said a christian prayer allowed in public? I could go on and on.
          The most written about spoken about person in history is The Lord Jesus Christ. Number 2 is Adolf Hitler. Hitler and his beliefs is a scary fact my friend. Yes, believe me, Hitler hated everyone. A true Antichrist and the most evil of all men ever.

    1. @empty-soul After a long time? No offense bud, but your post is like a squirt or an ejaculation after almost a year or more – never ending, never stopping with a long moan added. Gosh, man, who do you think is going to read that post?

        1. @illegalsmile55 & 9×9 I also read all of @empty-soul ‘s comment. I always enjoy reading his stuff because i find it entertaining, intelligently written, and incredibly informative. Like a good book, when i start reading it, i cannot stop reading it until i read it all. I like that he speaks from the heart, and i always get a good chuckle at his whit, and writing style. He is truly a great writer, and i have learned lots reading his comments throughout his many years with us.

        1. How do you figure @kittykat2015 ? You must be kidding right, lol. His stuff is awesome, and i find quite entertaining, to say the least. With our many years on here i find that the ones that usually have negative shit to say about his comments, are just plain jealous that they will never be able to write as good as he does. I’m sure that if my brother @Empty was not so humble, he would agree with me on this one, as this is probably the Hundredth time, if not more, that people have said shit like this. I cannot write worth a shit, or even put a decent sentence together, cause of my lack of education, but i’ll be dammed if i cut down someone who can.

          1. Hey, @thedre, KittyKat is the uneducated one here, not you. This cunt probably can’t even understand half of @empty-soul‘s comment.
            You are allowed to dislike it but you can’t say it’s uninteresting, because it can be interesting for some people. Plus, any intelligent being would recognize that it is well written.

            Here, @kittykat2015, to quote you, “If you can’t get your point across in a few sentences, then you have no point.” I think I’ve proven my point in only a few sentences, you’re a piece of shit.

          1. Listen to me you despicable Vegetarian-Jew-Cunt, why don’t you just leave here as nobody has the patience, or time, to deal with your childish bullshit. And nobody cares what Jew Say about your Smelly Discharge factory, you call a Kunt because of multiple partners you regularly whore around with. I know that it must have been awful growing-up as your Rabbi’s & Daddy’s little cock sucker/sex toy slut, but your Mom did it too as a 10 year old Kosher-Cunt, ripping off everybody by selling cheap little Chinese knock-offs, trinkets, and two-headed dildo’s to children on that street, instead of using that same street corner to ply her trade, that fat, & smelly ass of hers pumpakin.

          2. Let me guess you Smelly-Kat, you support the JEW-CAUSE, and support your ugly Aunt Killary, cause you are both Akenazi-Inbred with incredibly Rancid smelling Kunts. And how do we “ALL” know that you are a long Snout ed Jew-Kunt ya smelly-Kitty, cause your stink carries for miles, and miles from Dumpster-Diving all day in China-Town.

          3. @kittykat2015
            Leslie chow say “herherher!… it funny cos dey aw fwrom diffwent country!”

            well done snowflake… nice contribution
            Off to your 140 character site now then, eh? to get your “point across”?

        2. @KittyKat2015.
          1)Why do people that share your views lash out with insults rather than an intelligent argument against that which you disagree? 2)It’s not just you. 3)It’s every last liberal minded simp that has ever spoken out against any conservative notion.
          4)Additionally, I bet the doctoral thesis that you submitted containing only a few sentences was a very convincing and informative piece of writing. 5)Straight to the point, right?
          5 sentences (6 counting this one) so I’m sorry if I lost you after 2.

    2. liberals complain about ‘college rape’ but never so much as march for all the males getting raped in prison, all the kids that get raped in CPS, but some drunk bimbo and all of a sudden they want to change the world. fucking betacucks..
      and yeah letting random un-identifiable people into your country is one of their platforms, along with marginalizing hard work by low skilled people. You’re supposed to argue for 15$ and get a middle ground, now that they have their 15$ the money is inflated and virtually everyone is going through a crunch in which only these white liberal fag’s will survive because they live with their parents until their 30’s.

    3. Great analysis.
      I just heard about this from my first sergeant today. This type of incident does not surprise me. It is an indication of the trajectory our country is on right now. There is a struggle of identity in this country between those who wish to preserve it and those who wish to erase it. It is similar to the 1960’s, isn’t it?

      The question I have been asking myself for months is does the fact that a Confederate statue stands, a park is named after a Confederate general, a road is named after a Confederate soldier or a state uses a Confederate symbol in their state flag mean that the Confederacy is being glorified?

      The answer, of course, is NO, but many people are so ignorant and afraid of being accused of being racist that they will support erasing the history of this country. It frustrates me that American history is not properly taught in schools which leads to masses of ignorant people who usually outnumber those who have a more informed position.

      This is the basis of the argument. It is the basis of the organization of the rally in the first place!

      If you look around, it is happening all over the country. Statues being removed, monuments deconstructed, calls for renaming of parks and roads, calls to remove Confederate symbols from flags, changes in school curriculum to teach kids that anyone who supported the Confederacy was a racist and that the Republican party supported slavery because they were all racist white men.

      The Civil War is a part of American history. It is a part of our identity. It must be allowed to exist so people can learn about it and learn from it. Develop some intellect and critical thought regarding American history instead of trying to erase it. Political correctness is killing us.

      This will continue and we will see more of this. Watch for the reactions.

      “Its Trump’s fault for inciting violence!”
      “Republicans are racist!”
      “White people are racist!”
      “This is right-wing terrorism!”

      Left-wingers are going to keep pushing freedom-loving Americans and they are not going to be able to handle what happens when they push too far.

      The forces of violent revolution are trying to overwhelm this country. This is what political correctness, identity politics, class warfare and socialism bring to a country. The “nationalist” movement is a worldwide reaction and resistance to the attempt by globalists to subvert and assassinate the history and identity of country.

      I could go on, there is much to say about this.

      1. It’s all crazy. Where I live, it’s not a county, but Jefferson Davis Parish. They’ve removed the Confederate statues in New Orleans. But names. What are they gonna do? Are they going to rename some parishes here that are named after confederate generals too? Streets? Everything is too politically correct nowadays. What’s happened in the past, is the past. We could all work for a better future but no. There are many that are still quick to blame whitey. Not the white peoples fault that most blacks prefer to live the way most see fit. Being ghetto assed thugs and queens spitting out many kids relying on the government to pay their way. Instead of trying to better the situation that they are in. Not whiteys fault that they still are in “chains”. They hold the key to their future, to make a better life for themselves. But…they just choose not to. I guess it’s too much work for them.

        Sorry for rambling on….

    4. Holy Crap – Empty Soul – your comment is actually a very intellectual intelligent dissection and analysis of the complex interplay of political currents with an insightful conclusion and summary. Exactly what Best Gore doesn’t need!

    5. Empty soul Well said! But if I may, introduce a new point to your essay, and by point I mean, THE actual point or reason for all of this division, that being, a certain Jewish lilt, that you neglected to mention, I’m sure that, that was just an oversight on your part, I’m sure. Your essay was the metaphorical equivalent of dropping a thousand bombs on Germany and not only did everyone of them miss the intended target, but you probably still think that the Germans were the bad guys, am I right? But if “we” the good guys, (i.e. those that had Jewish banksters pulling the strings of our puppet politicians) were in fact the good guys, then how do you account for the current state of things, I mean its not looking too good for old whitey is it? But “Libsters” and the “middle class” being responsible for all this division and chaos is laughable at best. People like you like to take everyone on a long, pointless but rather scenic journey on a predictable route back to square fucking one.

    6. Just opened BG again after the drunken rant I posted last night and found the mixed reception it received quite amusing.

      For those who enjoyed it, thanks guys. For those who it upset dearly……….sorry……I guess?, lol.


      I never said that Libsters and the middle class are responsible for all the division and chaos, I merely debated why they choose to espouse liberalism(or their take on it anyway). That you found my argument lacking was entirely down to you looking for more meaning in it than was originally intended.

      Given the reception to my comment anyhow, If I had indeed covered every topic you proposed it would have sent everyone into a coma, lol.

      To briefly touch upon your main point though, I personally believe that all this identity politics nonsense and uncontrolled immigration is being used to fracture white western society in order to weaken and subvert it and the people responsible for this are indeed rich Jews.

      Anyhow, I have been on this website for years so my views on these things are hardly unknown in case you were wondering whether I am trying to hoodwink you.

    7. @empty soul
      That was a very enlightening essay. Very interesting, thanks.
      So basically the modern liberal hipsters are not liberals at all, just persons from unaffected middle class backgrounds with a mishmash of values and ideals which contradict each other, but are still had because of the feel-good value. In affect they are like right wingers only with different and self centred ideals. The real liberals would have consistent values at least.
      Well I have leant something then. I am central in my views, btw.

      1. @mrspock

        The easiest way to look at it is this, modern liberals are not using liberalism as a political philosophy but rather as a cultural philosophy instead and in doing so have drifted far from what could actually be considered liberalism at all meaning that in the end they are only liberals in name, not in deed.

        The closest approximation to what they actually are then, culturally speaking, is the Hipster because of the inconsistent values they both share and the fact that the majority of their members stem from the same social circles.

        Real liberals would indeed have consistent values for the most part because it is a clearly defined political philosophy therefore anyone claiming to be a liberal but exhibiting Hipster type behaviour can only really be considered a Libster(as in liberal Hipster).

        Supporting hard-line Islam whilst supporting the rights of gays and women for example is not a consistent value compatible with liberalism because increasing the rights of the first group automatically undermines the rights of the other. Similarly, one cannot be in favour of both better pay and conditions for the worker and unlimited migration because of the same cross over effect.

        Libsters therefore pick and choose who and what to champion based upon what is currently trendy rather than from any actual consistent set of values which is why they appear so mishmash.

        To conclude, most modern liberals are just Hipsters in disguise(Libsters) so you are basically right then in that Libsters are in it for the feel-good factor more than anything else.

        Personally speaking I fall into leftwing or rightwing depending upon the subject at hand. Anyone who is entirely leftwing or rightwing at all times regardless of the subject is in my opinion not of sound mind.

        1. Empty soul No offence mate, BUT wake up and smell the fucking bagel’s for fucks sake. I’m sick and tired of hearing about, its this type vs that type or, fuck it! lets cross a hipster and a liberal, and we get armies of ANTIFA and SJWs and “Libsters”. I mean, come on? They’re just heavily indoctrinated and well funded “useful idiots”.

          Not just “Rich jews” either, I say “ALL”. Chaos chases Jews like Jews chase the almighty shekel and woe-betide anyone that gets in their way. But by all means, keep hitting the snooze button my friend.

      1. A police helicopter that was reportedly monitoring the protests and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has crashed in a wooded area. Footage shows smoke rising from the scene.
        Two people died in the crash, Virginia State Police confirmed, adding that police are investigating the incident. No injuries on the ground have been reported. not sure if it’s related…

          1. Agreed brother. But what could have made this an ultra-exceptional Day, was if George Soros was run over also, having both legs, and arms completely destroyed, and having him end-up a tree stump in the process.

          2. Look for murder charges to be filed in the deaths of the State Police officers against any rally participants that are identied as pro-history preservation. Evidently some historians are labeled as “White Supremacist”.

  2. neo-nazi’s and republicans are some dumb hick mother fuckers
    but seeing trump get elected and all the “liberal” tears that followed was priceless
    the only nationalism that should be allowed in this country is AMERICAN nationalism
    I hate seeing this puerto rican pride shit or white nationalism bullcrap, conquering a country and then wanting to leave it cuz your people are full of shit is not american nationalism.

    1. American nationalism is White nationalism…

      The population of this country was 85-90% White up until the mid to late 20th century…

      We made this country and this country will desolve without us…

      1. Not neccesarily. Texas to California has an American culture of its own. For example Tejanos are hispanic families that have resided in what is now America but always was Texas for generations before whites. They fought for Texas Independence against Mexico along with whites.

          1. Spaniards (people from Spain) aren’t Hispanic… they’re European…

            The term Hispanic only refers to a LINK to Spain… not Spain itself…

          2. Ok. So if they are transplanted Europeans with Hispanic last names like Martinez and Garcia, Lopez consider them white? Because the other Transplanted Europeans still have their names like Smith and Johnson. And if you look at the list of most common last names you will notice that in Southwest USA some of those most common are Martinez and Garcia. Those are names that have been there since the Spanish conquistadors but im pretty sure they identify as Hispanic as they probably have maintained a Spanish speaking heritage.

        1. Texas was discovered and settled in 1520s or 1530s by Spanish. Jamestown was first English settlement in 1607/08….Mostly because of the shifting power in Europe between England and Spain because of the Protestant movement and Queen Elizabeth suceeding from the Catholic Church. But yes i guess this has gone far enough.

  3. All you can hear is, “Fuck this” “Holy Shit” “oh my God!” “Oh shit” “oh my God” “oh shit” “oh my God” “oh shit”………….! SHUT THE FUCK UP PANSY PIECE OF PANTIES…!!!

    1. @mayopackets Do you also notice the nonstop verbal retardation of “oh my God” “oh my God” “oh my God” in this pathetic video? Reminds me of the ugly, plastic bitches in one of the most retarded show called “DHW” Desperate House Wives……! Who’d always cry and fan their ugly faces with their long, wrinkly, branchy, and ugly hands, while nonstop utterance of “oh my God”!

  4. Cuz says, peaceful and prosperous people died with Reagan and pope john paul II. Millienials and fags are in season, this is the first shot. To all the warriors of the new world, the darkness is here. -951-

      1. The pope that quit. Wonder if he lost it? I never did care for that pope. He had an evil look to him. I agree about Pope John Paul II. Special because my grandmother (RIP) hardly missed his speeches on tv. Spent some quality time with her. She basically raised me. Miss her very much. I remember when he was doing a tour here in the states, she wanted to go see him. I offered to pay for our trip but she declined. I should have done it anyway but I learned shortly after that she was sick. She kept it from me, everyone. I’m just glad that I was there for her at the end. Held her hand until her last breath in the hospital.

  5. Battle of the sheeple. Yet another 33 code in the vid. Mark, did you taper the vid length? Hehe. Interesting side note: 11th-16th August 1965, Watts Race Riots in Los Angeles. Watch this space!

  6. Very, very bad! He should’ve used the biggest truck he could find. Only one dead leftist so far. Could’ve been way more than that! Only a dead leftist is a good leftist! Fuck all neoliberal transgender vegan pro diversity cunts! They should all rott in hell forever!

          1. Go wash your ass. lol. Skanky smelling cunt is gross man, i can almost smell her Permanent Yeast Infection smelling Super-Size-Snatch from here.

  7. I’m a vegetarian liberal!! Yay me.

    I’m against any violence when it targets anyone based on their skin color. I don’t want blacks killing whites because they’re white and vice versa.

    Can’t stand ANY sort of hate group. So maybe I’m a minority here but at least I don’t have sex with worms, like Aloo8 does.

    1. I’m more middle of the road and lean left on some things but I did vote Trump as a direct response to an overly-liberal society. I think neo-Nazis can say whatever they want to say and people that disagree can say back whatever they want to say. But people don’t communicate; they just fight. I think Black Lives Matters is a hate group too and often start the violence they protest. Everything is so counterproductive. We’re all deadlocked. Unless, you’re in Jamaica. You might be dreadlocked. I threw in that joke to lighten mood. 🙂

      1. I believe in the death penalty. I believe in the right to bear arms.

        I don’t believe someone should be killed or treated badly because they’re black, white, Hispanic, Chinese or whatever.

        I believe in helping someone who deserves the help. That being said, too many lazy assholes take advantage of the welfare system in America.

        Let the gays marry.

        What I can’t stand is any one race thinking they’re superior or someone who blames liberals for everything.

        Closed minded people are the dangerous ones.

        1. So… basically you like seeing the US overrun by Mongoloid hordes to make you feel that you’re not a racist…

          Listen cupcake… the anti White agenda thinks the same way about your princess ass as they do all Whites…

          Dumb asses like you need to wake up because you’re being replaced and you’re too blind to see it… Sad…

          1. Do I have to repeat my personal solution regarding the mongoloid/ zombies? Kannedkittens wants to hear it…. “I’m a badass”….
            Combat weapons and ammo are at their cheapest prices right now…. don’t scrimp on the ammo.

        2. That Kit-Kat-Slurping-Cunt is a useless Jew-Whore, i am positive. Her fake, and close mindedness shows way past her long nose. Jews like herself live off the Holohoax, and the many donations, as they deceive to receive, to survive, just like the Panhandling Neanderthal they always were back in the day. And this is as equal, if not worse than cheating the welfare system, as most governments are run by these same Ashkenazi Khazarian-Jew-Mongloids like herself. I bet you that one sniff of her Kosher-Cunt can clear a village, and even make the surrounding Monkeys quite irritated, and severely depressed, some even hanging from trees,,, by their necks, that is!

      2. @plaster. Dreadlocked. Nice.
        It’s hard to find a group that is more racist and hate filled than today’s NAACP and the ACLU.
        The arguing between the different sides will never stop just as changing minds of the other side will never happen. All the fighting is fruitless but it is human nature. It’s an effective recruiting tool as well.
        The groups that I mentioned above and their Congressional enablers in Washington are out every day actively finding ways to destroy their own country for the sole purpose of hindering our President. That makes no goddam sense. Your vote for Trump was the right vote and the reason that gave for that vote was spot on. It’s time to put the left in check and the majority of the voters felt the same as you.
        I’d also like to remind all the self hating U.S. citizens that the U.S./Mexico border works both ways. You’re free to go.

        1. Dan, except Mexico doesn’t tolerate that border-jumping shit, lol. It’s crazy. Mexico doesn’t take kindly to those without a passport and will indeed put your ass in jail. But when we do it, we’re the big mean US.
          The ACLU is tricky because they will definitely represent anyone, including a self-proclaimed proud Nazi, if their rights have been stomped on. You don’t hear about many cases like that but the ACLU has represented very non-left people. My opinion on them is blurry, I guess.

        1. No @loosythepoosy not in her case, as Kit-Kat is very much alive but being a worm herself she uses her Kunt as a pouch just like A Kangaroo Does to house all of her wormy Spawns. But the only difference between the two is that A Kangaroo’s Pouch is not Kosher, therefore it is always Clean, Dry, Cozy, Fresh smelling, and completely Yeast-Infection-Free. Perfect conditions for little Joey’s to grow-up strong, and healthy. Instead of drowning in a mixture of Canesten, and smelly Fungus infected Discharge Soup, like Kit-Kat’s struggling race mixed White, and Red Baby Worms Residing in that Slop have to deal with, besides being chased by aggravated, and livid Monkey’s constantly trying to go Apeshit on that Squirming Smelly Family.

  8. It’s OK. The ones that got clipped were George Soros’s faggy paid liberals. Fuck’em!
    The HOMO that was commenting should take the baseball out of his ass! Pickle-Kissing, Ass-Pirate!

      1. ++ He’s not a narcissist. He’s a COCKSUCKING, CUMLICKING, FUDGEPACKING Hillary supporter that needs a beating! I have to calm down. My blood pressure is rising. I think, I’ll have another shot of V.O.! LOL
        (Enjoy the rest of the weekend)

  9. This is why you don’t block the fucking road. Car vs guy car wins every time. You block me and cause a delay I will run your ass over in a heartbeat regardless of the protest issues. Just causing me to be delayed is reason enough to kill your ass

  10. The only ones getting blamed by the powers that be are the white nationalists. Whether you agree with their beliefs or not, I bet a load of money that the liberal crowd started the violence. Obviously, the car is a bigger deal than fist fights and pepper spray but I’m almost certain as to which side brought violence into the event first. It’s always the liberals. I don’t get it. They are so for free speech until it’s not their free speech and that’s fine but protest with words not actions. They always start shit or set something on fire or whatever it takes to shut a rally/convention/speaker down.

    1. Yeah, same on the tv here. Making a big deal out of the right wearing helmets and shields and holding a baton. It was their protest and they knew the would get surrounded by Soro’s boys. I also seen that there was some armed groups there, presumably right-wing, and I ain’t heard no reports of gunfire. And who knows who the nut was in the car? Was he just a nut, or a paid nut?

    2. Free speech to a liberal is their own speech… not anyone else’s…

      Of course the White nationalists are going to get blamed… because the (((media))) said so…

      The only tragedy is what happened to the car…

        1. yes indeed disco.
          id like to invent a soul trapper with a usb port and nail that kike and steal his soul and invent a jew soul torture app. on android,plug it in and torment him for eternity.
          then id hand it on to children,and they can do the same.
          and so on.
          im a normal person by the way.
          trust me.

    3. The whole goddamn thing was without a doubt started by the liberals. It was the leftists who made a stink about a statue of a U.S. historical figure and war veteran. Why make trouble where there is no trouble? The rest is well documented on MSM as some kind of nazi gathering or whatever they’re calling it.

  11. George Soros needs to have to have 30 Cheesy Senior Citizen Foreskins, shoved in that Fat Fucking Mouth of his. Then @Brokeback needs to slam that Fat Multi-Colored Horse Cock of his, down that Hungarian-Jew-Cunt’s throat, and Fuck Him Full Throttle til he Farts Horse Cum. Time to shove the colors of LGBT, & Multiculturalism down this Fuckers Cock Slurping Windpipe for a change. Then Parade THAT FAT PIG down our City Streets, instead of tight underwear “ONLY” wearing (Fags On A Float) Pumping each others Assholes to The Sound Of Music, while our young Pre-School Kids watch in complete horror, and confused like a Fat Kid On A Salad.

    1. @thedre
      Wow lol. You Americans have very strong opinions and feelings about your politics.

      I don’t really care about Politics so much as a result of apathy.

      Your 5.58pm just socks it in right there.

      As a psychopath, I find gore interesting. But I find the angry, vitriolic, testosterone drenched, hate-spewing, Jew-baiting, commie-hating, anti-left postings most amusing and I don’t even know why.
      I read them in my head with a cynical “Dirty Harry ‘Make my day’ ” accent.
      Thanks all, men and women of BG. You are the best.

  12. Pay very close attention to the rhetoric from President Trump. He said there is bigotry on “BOTH SIDES” and they will “STUDY” how this happened. (Holy shit, my president just eluded to the possibility that not all evil in the world stems from my White ass. I feel like I just ran an ultra-marathon and chugged a nice cold glass of Coca-Cola. AHHHHH!!!)

    To all the non-Americans on BestGore, it’s virtually impossible to hold a conversation with the Left/Left-Center without them convulsing and spewing out vile, hate-filled remarks towards you. They want opposition to be silenced (or worse) because they truly believe the root cause of all the problems in the USA are a result of White settlers arriving hundreds of years ago. They “think” with their emotions, which is controlled by Facebook and Google news feeds through their iPhones (side note: most iPhone users think Steve Jobs invented the smartphone… lmfao).

    Those on the Left who CAN think rationally (they’re out there), still have trouble parsing all the bias information fed to them through the news. Thus, Drudge Report/Breitbart were created from this vacuum.

    It’s very, very bad and will get worse before it gets better. That said, when Trump says he’s going to “study” this, I’m somewhat hopeful he means he will do something to expose how the population is being manipulated against their best interest.

    1. Then let it all come crashing down! The evil is that they make happiness and success something elusive. Its only something you can have for a year at a time at most. Thats why theres a new car model every year. Theres new trends and phones popping up every month. The Real Housewives give you an idea of what happiness and success is supposed to be. And the people chew it all up without knowing it was poison until they feel the pain in their stomach and are already addicted to it. What rough beast its hour come at last slouches towards Bethlehem to be born………..

  13. Good… I’m glad a shitlib faggot got killed…

    I should of showed up at this rally with my tractor… I would’ve painted the streets with antifa…

    I hope the antifa faggot died slow…

  14. One person got killed?
    All this fuzz for just one fucking person?
    Call me when a large group of protesters have been blown up by some radical white nationalist.
    Don’t waste my time with just one dead.
    I stopped eating vulva for this? I thought this was a violent protest.

    1. It was cool seeing the people feeling and chanting all indestructably…and then (STAR WARS MUSIC ENTRANCE OF DARTH VADER) a bunch of screaming and 2 limp bodies flopping over a roof. (PUTS ON DARK GLASSES) Sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck!!

  15. Soooooo, what’s Facebook and Apple products have anything to do with anything? I bet 80% of your readers have one or both of those things so are we all liberal faggots? Douchebag. I love this site but once in a while you throw up some fucking moronic, homophobic rant-type comments. I don’t mind you pushing your beliefs on your readers…I agree with most of them, but sometimes you sound crazy

  16. Come the fuck on! Only one person are fucking shitting me?!? I would have done much better with both the Fucktard liberals and the sheep minded right-wingers.

    Now remember kids, everyone deserves to die, no matter their skin, politics, or religion. Have fun!

    1. first comes the money then comes the power and then we make a change to the way society is run by the elites. I don’t know, maybe. but why do you care, I don’t care what is going on your 5th world country, anyway …I think antifa is a third world problems, so America is what it is but it has third world problems too sonbitch ha ha

  17. They should’ve taken down that faggot talking in the video how the hell do this stupid protesters want to change history by taking down the confederate statues that’s United States history fuck antifa fuck lgbt

  18. I don’t condone this sort of behavior; running a vehicle into a crowd is something a jihadist would do. With that being said, Mr. Musclecar should have gone back for seconds when those dumbasses started chasing him. He already sunk to their level, he might as well have gone the extra mile.

    1. Hey! 69…! A suggestion for you 69er. Change your pic!!! You know why??? The handgun you are holding is called a revolver and in the same hand, you are holding a pistol mag. That mag doesn’t fit in a re-vol-ver…! This kind of showoff won’t work here, son. Does it make sense??? Now, please…!

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