Very Graphic Aftermath of a Road Accident

Very Graphic Aftermath of a Road Accident

These boys are pretty beat up and even though they may have survived, the injuries they sustained were gonna leave them heavily disfigured for the rest of their lives. Pretty heavy and graphic aftermath of a road accident, especially the blood trail after the truck’s wheels. Does anyone recognize the language? Where did it happen? Pakistan, maybe?

The guy by the guardrail doesn’t appear to be moving and may have already bitten the dust, but the fact that the other two are moving and conscious despite large scale injuries is staggering. Human bodies are fragile little temples but tougher in some instances than one could fathom. The video is below. Thanks “Ownage” for sending in the link 😉

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Very Graphic Aftermath of a Road Accident”

  1. I love the fact someone recorded this…I am also so grateful I’m not in this country!
    No one seems to be too bothered about getting them sorted out or getting them medical treatment…lol.
    Thank God I live in the UK.

    1. No shit. I have always said, if I ever have a serious accident I definitely want to be in the UK, US or even Germany. But heaven forbid I wind up in a 3rd world nightmare. They just leave you laying around. And that idiot who keeps giving that guy water. The water will kill him if the bloodloss doesn’t.

    1. Oh and i know that they were probably walking across the street when they got nailed, it was a joke so dont start bashing me in ur replies with your medical explanations on why my comment isnt anatomically correct with the accident that took place. But they have to remember, look left, then right, the left again before crossing he street.

  2. I’m glad I live in Australia. The population is so low that when somebody farts it makes front page news.


    Actually, I’m just kidding – of course. Still, you get what I’m trying to say.

  3. At 8 seconds it looks like the man squatting has his hands on a small motorbike or scooter tire or one of the 3-wheel motorized taxis like they use in Indonesia. Those people drive like nuts there, all over the shoulder, the sidewalk, you name it.

    As for the guy by the guard rail, I thought I saw him move a bit, watch his leg just before they cut away.

    The guy with the bad leg, they may just cut it off if its too much work to bother to save it.

  4. I wonder if they did save his leg, I doubt it but you never know. Poor bloke, just imagine looking at your leg when it’s in that state, completely helpless. Morons just standing around staring instead of doing something? Damn.

  5. It’s India for sure, but the language is not Kannada….it is “Marathi” language and therefore this freaky accident must have happened in somewhere in the state of Maharastra ………Whatever but Emergency services in India are pathetic!!!

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