Woman Crushed Under Wheels of Truck in Indonesia

Woman Crushed Under Wheels of Truck in Indonesia

Woman Crushed Under Wheels of Truck in Indonesia

Woman was run over by a truck, her body crushed under its wheels. The accident happened on a street called Jalan R.E. Martadinata in Kota Tasikmalaya, West Jawa, Indonesia.

In the beginning of the video you can see a man covering the bloody smear the woman was turned into with saw dust. Woman’s body was also partially covered with newspaper, which is a small diversion from banana leaves. Having had her torso crushed at least killed her much faster than this guy who only had his lower body crushed.

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  1. Fucking a man…why the fuck do these people just walk through that shit with flip flops….ugh..might as well just walk on through barefoot…id really like to know what Yolo means out there..I caught it in there language again…lolz…thank goodness no Allah fuckbaring this time..I’m waaaaay too hungover to hear that shit right now…

  2. Due to Indonesia’s high rate of pedestrian vs. truck fatalities, all street travelers not in enclosed vehicles will be required to roll around in heavy-duty gerbil balls. While this will not by any means really help much, maybe the impact will bounce persons involved away, and at least keep the mess somewhat contained in it’s own kind of Tupperware for easy clean-up. Indonesia only has so many free roaming newspapers and random trash around for quick covering.

    1. Holy crap! I didn’t even watch the video first and I got the newspaper covering right! Flip flops are to Brazil, as beheadings are to Mexico, as police brutality is to America, as tourist “suicides” are to Thailand, as bombings are to the Middle East, as truck-crushed newspaper covered bodies are to Indonesia, etc.

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