Woman Falls Onto Subway Tracks and Under Oncoming Train in Prague

Woman Falls Onto Subway Tracks and Under Oncoming Train in Prague

Woman Falls Onto Subway Tracks and Under Oncoming Train in Prague

Young woman waiting for a subway train in Prague, Czech Republic reportedly fell asleep while standing on the platform and fell onto subway tracks and under an oncoming train. When it became clear she was about to topple over, a commuter tried to grab at her to prevent her from falling but was too late. Miraculously, the woman survived.

Lucky pair of labia fell in the space between rails and thanks to her small frame, fit in there neatly without being hit by the undercarriage. She got out of there without a scratch and insisted that she was not drunk, only tired. Must have been one hell of a night. Lots of good caning videos come out of Czech Republic – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. People who live in cities with public transportation like this take their personal safety for granted while they’re around it. My podunk of a city doesn’t have subways. When I visited Chicago for the first time, I noticed how casual the people up there were on the train platform. Too casual. Fuckin’ off with each other like they were at an amusement park, or something.

    I couldn’t forget the fact of where I was, or what was around me. I constantly thought about what the tracks and trains could do to a human body. I felt like such a hick. That is one aspect of feeling like that that is not such a bad thing. Personal safety. Yehaw.

    1. @FD, I’ve always been naturally wary of my surroundings but BG has definitely heightened this sense. from just walking to taking the train or driving, I am always in tune with what’s happening around me. personal responsibility.

        1. When I hear the unmistakable flipity flopiting noise created by flip flops, I get the fuck out of wherever I am. And when I feel I am at a safe enough distance, I pull out my phone so I can record the carnage, sideways.

  2. haha love marks description of women – pair of labia ! thats all most women have to offer though these days ,there gash . they dont hold much substance anymore in other areas due to this feminine bullshit phase theyre going through. in fact i think feminism is slowly destroying the world ,without care and affection from a mother one grows up to be uncaring and unsympathetic towards others . a dangerous mix. thankyou feminism.

          1. you insist on being like men though ,why do you feel so insecure in your own feminine identitys that you need to emulate men all the time ? no matter what men do women feel the need to imitate ,oh and i love when they ‘say we can multitask’ ! thats just great dear ,thats just so great . # roll of hay bounces along in the whistling wind

          2. @skull,
            actually, if you take the time to read our comments you’ll see we don’t want to act like men at all. We don’t like it when women just act like men. We know who we are and we love being women.

  3. Yikes! Close call eh? I agree with those who said that people are far too casual around these trains. I had posted before about a train I was on that killed people.
    My grandpa owns a RR company, freight, not passenger. The first and only time I rode along with my gramps and his crew, we hit an elderly woman who had try to cross the tracks, even though the arms were down, do to the oncoming train. I don’t feel bad for these dopes’, that think they can squeeze through the arms so they don’t have to wait a few minutes for a damn train!! Not only did we slam into get car and push it for hundreds of feet, the car ended up launching up into the air and landing, only to become inflamed, must have been bc of the gas? So by the time we could stop the train, the police shortly arrived and medics. The bodies were charred! And there was practically NOTHING left to that Gremlin they were driving. Yes, a Gremlin!! So moral of the story, don’t play around with fast approaching, thousands of tons of steel!! You’ll lose! I am trying to get the crime scene photos! They are protected by the RR ethics committee. If she has been willing to wait 2-3 minutes, they’d all still be here!

    After all of that, her family sued my grandfather and LOST!

  4. did not read all the comments but this really REALLY looks like a suicide attempt. she shuffles right up to the very edge of the edge of the edge of the edge, then drops in. tired my ass. tired of living. now she has to start all over.

  5. she fell asleep ? what bullshit …. looked like attempted suicide to me … too much of a coincidence … just as the trains coming she happens to fall onto the tracks ? yeah right …. she’ll try it again someday and hopefully succeed …. stupid ass bitch 🙁

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