Woman Finds Husband and Child Crushed to Death by Truck in Philippines

Woman Finds Husband and Child Crushed to Death by Truck in Philippines

On January 14, 2016, on C3 Road in Navotas City, Metro Manila, the Philippines, a man and his child were crushed to death by a semi truck while riding a motorcycle. The photos and video show mother of the child and wife of the man grieving over their mangled corpses with utter disbelief.

The woman appears uninjured. She was either meeting them there, or was the only one who escaped the accident unharmed. The other two had their skulls pancaked and emptied of brain matter. Brutal.

Props to Best Gore members @dlanyer and @riga-morticia for the pics and video:

Gallery of pics:

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    1. This is a good slide show.
      Don’t normally like slide shows.
      There was some great gore in this one.
      With a great video of the wife.
      As she sits there and screams in agony.
      Traffic accidents are always brutal.
      That picture where she’s holding here child.
      Now that is a pretty gruesome image.

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          He reminds me of that other national treasure and highly entertaining fellow, Bruce Campbell; except Bruce became self aware of the fact that he can?t act in the early 90’s whereas the penny never dropped for Nic Cage.

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            But I have to (only slightly) disagree about “The Chin”. I’m not ready to say or admit he can’t act, and like thinking it’s more that he’s an amazing actor, BUT is only amazing when acting as one certain character. I don’t know if you’ve checked it out, but the new(ish) show Ash VS Evil Dead is pretty damn good in my opinion. And nostalgia aside, I belive he’s actually “acting” very well in his role, and is acting as Ash better than he ever has before.
            Could be me being sentimental though, who knows :/

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          Either way, any decent ones you’d recommend from the last six months or so?

          1. Its not like that, i dont know many actor’s names, so if you say some random actor name, i wont know who he is, unless you mentioned the character he played, THEN ill know who he is. Also, movies tend to be so dull and end in the same way this days… I perfer movies that doesnt end with happy endings, or with that stupid mandatory kiss scene that plagues nearly all movies today… πŸ˜• As for recent movies, i dont know, i dont watch or follow movies all that often, and the ones ive watched on the past 6 months all sucked.

          2. @Der, oh ok that actually makes perfect sense to me. Especially with most movies the past few years. Though The Hateful 8 was awesome. Saw it twice so far and it’s rare that I’ll watch a movie more than once within a few years.

          3. @MikeyGraves
            That movie still hasnt released in my country, so its fairly recent, but i’ll take that one into consideration. As for my recomendation of “recentish” movies, i trully enjoyed Black Death (from 2010), although the plot is really simple to understand and …well, i dont really want to spoil anything from it. πŸ˜›

          4. Was The Hateful Eight really that good @Mikey? A dude from my hometown was in that movie and now he thinks he’s a big celebrity and shit. He wears clean clothes and talks all fancy now.. so lame.

          5. My love! Yep, I watched it twice at home (its also almost 3 hours long!) but would still go see it again in that panorama vision or whatever it is at some theaters. I’m a huge Tarantino fan and it’s definitely my 3rd favorite after Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs!
            Walter Goggins totally steals the movie. I swear his character is like an old-timey version of a cross between his characters in The Shield & Justified.

          6. Walt Goggins is such an underrated actor. I love him. I didn’t think he could get any better than Shane on The Shield.. but he was even better in Justified. Now i gotta watch that movie then!

  1. There are large numbers of Philipinos where I live. They are not especially compassionate or helpful (unless they want something from you). What makes this sad scene worse is the lack of concern on the part of bystanders. Someone could have attempted to assist this woman. There weren’t even police or an ambulance on scene.

    1. I’m torn on this one, one side I feel as you do but the other side want to argue knowing the dangers of such a young child on a motorbike and with the number of those types of accidents there I want to say she should have expected it…..

    2. Me too. I usually like making jokes about gore, but this is too sad. Oh well, it’s reality, and seeing reality is what this site is all about. Love your family while they’re still around. You never know when there’s going to be some freak accident, and the worst things always seem to happen at the best of times.

        1. I have a new pic to store in my head for those times I’m pissed at my kids, or think my life sucks/is hard/ blah blah. Any shit that makes me feel the least bit sorry for myself or not appreciate what good things I have….I will remember this poor lady. The pain in her face is palpable.

    1. I know the feeling but once they reach their teens it mostly comes down to peer pressure and hopefully the things you’ve taught him early on. My son is 18 now and I still worry about him because of this fucked up world we live in.

        1. We are like best friends. He’s off to college now in a different city but I still talk to him almost every day. He’s open with me about everything… Party life, girls etc. etc. He gets good grades and stays out of trouble. He’s also a real ladies man…takes after his dad.

          1. Mine is only 4 but hopefully I can raise him right and he will be like yours and be open with me. Ive still got a good bit of time to work on it though before he’s 18 πŸ™‚

            And I believe one thing all dads worry about with their sons nowadays is “please don’t grow up to be gay” lol

          2. A father’s love for his son is unconditional… but ya, I was happy when I met his first girlfriend.
            Four years old huh…the best years are still ahead of you.

  2. I know what it feels like to have the mindset of possibly losing your child as my daughter fought cancer. She survived and we only relive those awful days through pictures and memories. But if this happened to me where I lost my child…I would tell everyone to grab their cameras and start rolling because my head would be under the next truck.

        1. I dunno @Broke…I’m looking forward to the dementia and the fog…Probably cut back on the weed because I’ll already feel like I’m fucked up…and that will probably cause me to live longer…fuck !!!….does it ever end ?

        2. Hell of a week for losing famous people from our past. I loved Grizzly Adams. It was part of the reason I became a Biologist.
          All this death is making me feel old. When I heard Bowie was only 69 when he passed, it seems far too close for comfort.

  3. Very very raw and really sad to be honest.
    I’m no noob on this type of content but I still utterly cannot understand the gawkers and those who would just walk/drive by the woman in that situation.

    Some FV instinctively respond to another’s cries of pain or anguish. I used to think it was All FV but clearly it’s just some.

  4. Hey, I’ve been ghosting on this site for three years now and today I felt like being a part of this site so I created an account. I’ve seen it all, and I like it all, and now I want to literally be a part of it all. So here I am, bring on the gore. <3

  5. Good grief. Not as in her grief was good, but rather that the situation in which she found herself was quite shocking !

    Btw. @Mikey.
    Check out the film … The Drop, if you haven’t already. Decent flick I thought.

  6. Stupid Filipinos, they’re so brainless!
    It takes brains to figure out that it’s not a good idea to put a child on a motorcycle without their flip-flops.

    That’s just so careless and brainless. Remember, always put flip-flops on your kid before you strap him/her on a motorcycle. It could be the difference between life and death.

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