Woman Has Her Legs Crushed, Survives to Experience Agony

Woman Has Her Legs Crushed, Survives to Experience Agony

Brazilian woman had her legs crushed as unidentified vehicle ran over her legs in Codó, a municipality in Maranhão, Brazil. Both woman’s legs were severely crushed but woman remained alive and conscious to soak in her agony. One leg appears to have been amputated, the other one surely will be.

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135 thoughts on “Woman Has Her Legs Crushed, Survives to Experience Agony

  1. Oh man that poor woman..i know that’s gotta suck being concrete paste laying there watching people walking around kicking your amputated leg while walking thru your once whole body should be not giving one Smh at dude who kicked her leg on his stroll though her paste has to suck..hope she made it to the hospital in time..

  2. Poor woman! Why didn’t someone cover up her formerly attached appendage? When you’re lying there in shock and agony, the last thing you should have to see is your amputated limb.

        • Good point..most people in those situations don’t think tho hun..nowadays they just want to take pic out a vids of this kinda stuff..or just walk right on through like nothings going on.. =/

          • Nobody thought of making a tourniquite (sp) out of belt, she easily could have died from blood loss.

    • he or anyone standing there should definitely have at least placed a jacket or coat over her shoulders to hopefully lessen symptoms of shock. oh, and just how many people absolutely had to walk straight through there rather than walk around or god forbid stop and maybe say a little prayer or simply feel badly for her? worst in all these scene of the accident videos is the ignorance the majority of people demonstrate in regard to essential first aid, human dignity and compassion.

  3. Oh Man….talk about brutal! I couldnt imagine trying to move my legs and having them sealed like crazy glue on the pavement.

    Shit man…get out the spatula!

  4. Despite the ambulance sounds at the end of the video, I rate this as a 100% non-survivable injury; fat embolism from crushed lower limbs and ventilatory perfusion doesn’t mix.

    She appeared to stop any ventilatory movement, towards the end of the video.

    Doctor Nasty

      • @It was me

        Thank you for your comments.

        I take no pleasure in watching the suffering of others unless they **cking deserve it e.g. narcos, rapists, murders or any such combination.

        As Darth Vader said, in disguise::

        THINK! Find the safest place to cross, then stop.
        STOP! Stand on the pavement near the kerb.
        USE YOUR EYES AND EARS! Look all around for traffic, and listen.
        WAIT UNTIL IT’S SAFE TO CROSS! If traffic is coming, let it pass.
        LOOK AND LISTEN! When it’s safe, walk straight across the road.
        ARRIVE ALIVE! Keep looking and listening


  5. The driver has been identified.
    His surname is Da Silva, and the car is a Fiat Uno.
    The name of the crushed-legs lady is Da Silva, and was wearing flip flops (not shown in the video).

    • Going by evidence gathered in the multitude of videos on here, you just described more than half of the road accidents from Da Silvaland. It’s elementary, my dear Watson!

    • No way! Not only because they are speaking spanish, but if a FIAT Uno hits someone, the car would be crushed on the pavement instead of the pedestrian.

  6. I dont think this is Brazil. They’re speaking Spanish, not Portuguese. Plus, there isnt an abundance of flip-flops, and the ever so popular Brazilian death cheer team isnt around.

  7. The Spanish Lady…..Austronaught…..A Woman Barely Alive…..Gentleman, We Can Rebuild Her…..We Have The Technology…..We Have The Capability To Make The Worlds First Bionic Woman…..The Spanish Lady Will Be That Woman…..Better Than She Was Before…..Better…..Stronger…..Faster…..The Six Million Dollar Woman!!!

  8. Try walking a mile in her shoes.
    Apparently she won’t need them anymore.

    Any last wishes? That guy comforting her was her saint, jokes aside. ¡Qué Diós te acompañe!

  9. Fucking shit! Brutal scene right there! I think I’d be begging whoever was there to just kill me! I couldn’t imagine recovering from that or even wanting to! It was comforting to see someone standing there with her though like mentioned somewhere above, but still! Nice colors in the video though..

  10. You know that your search engine is not very accurate when you stumble upon a page which shows a video of a woman with crushed legs instead a video of a milf with crossed legs.
    I have to update my engine.

  11. Well its one way to lose some weight.
    Love it how the guy gives her a pat on her head like he saying ” Dont you worry girl, you wil be walking in no time ” .

  12. Hey, brothers of Best Gore.
    Please, allow me to enlighten you with a little piece of information.

    This accident did not occur in Brazil, but in Chiapas, southeast of Mexico, in Tuxtla Gutiérrez (the capital city).

    The road you see there is located right in front of the Procuraduría (a law dispatchment center). Let me tell you how this happened.

    This woman, mother of one, was crossing the street along with her daughter, who is blind. When they were crossing, a truck with no brakes came down the main avenue; straight to them.

    The mother did the best she could; she grab her child and throw her toward the sidewalk behind her, but she was not able to move in time. The truck ran her over causing what you see here in the video.

    The woman was able enough to survive to see her blind daughter alive; minutes later, she died.

    The truck driver tried to help and he also did his best; he had to choose between crashing against a great number of cars and people on the right side of the road, or head to the left and run over two innocent people and, therefore, controlling the truck and be able to stop it a few meters later.. So, he made his choice.

    This is actually an old incident, back to five or six years ago. The driver was held captive charged but later released, as it was not his fault.

    Chiapas, México; not Brazil.
    Truck driver, no brakes.
    Mother saving blind daughter.
    Very sad story.

    Greetings from Chiapas, brothers. Have a wonderful day.

    • This happens ALL the time in México. Trucks not properly maintained (much less suitable for the roads) circulate w/o consequence to the owner. Drivers are always the one’s charged for the owner’s negligence.
      Trucks? I meant trucks, buses, cabs, cars, motorcycles… people. It’s always fun to drive the Carretera Federal, where overloaded trucks constantly block traffic at a speed of 10 mph.

      • You’ve got that right. Many drivers are complete idiots, but many others are efficient and reponsible people who just happen to be behind the steer of a damaged, old and malfunctioning truck; plus, many times the drivers do not have the resources to cover the expenses of repairing or giving mantenaince and this would be utlimately the owner’s responsibility (as the driver is barely the owner).

        Anyway… the information on the video should be corrected. It still says it happened on Brazil.

  13. I was in Cancun 2006, and took a bus into the city. I saw a guy with no legs on a skateboard pushing himself with his arms. It was fucking rad. They could date. However, holding hands while rolling… not so promising.

    • There are a lot of people in México that use skateboards or wheelchairs due to amputation from accidents, illness, or infection; birth defects or improper ob/gyn care; lepracy; etc. Those dying from injuries are very seldom saved after admittance into general hospitals though, they are usually filed in to process pre- and post- mortem. Private care, as it is in the States, is inaccessible to the average José. I remember being dropped from a gurney by paramedics after being attacked (head smashed on rock wall downtown) by 7 losers. They did their best to kill/let me die, but it was cheap!

  14. Geez I love how they just watch her and do nothing.
    First rule of First Aid stop the bleeding.
    I would think someone would have at least wrapped something around them.
    Whoever these people are, they are worthless as shit.

  15. I would not want to survive after something that catastrophic. Losing your ability to be mobile means you lack free will, and that is not a life worth living, people.

  16. I bet the blind daughter is fucked in the head for life from that. Imagine the panic she feels everytime she is outside and hears heavy traffic close by, or a truck horn and can’t tell if something is about to take her out. If that was me the anxiety alone would slowly kill me. When life is hard as fuck, I come to this site and i’m reminded that my troubles are trivial in comparison to the endless list of people who got dealt the really fucked up deaths we see here.

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