This Had Great Potential – Part XI

Woman Narrowly Avoids Getting Blindsided

Woman Narrowly Avoids Getting Blindsided

This was one incredibly close call. If the car hit the woman, she wouldn’t have even known what hit her.

It was definitely the driver’s fault. Fucker was passing the car with the dashcam at a speed unsafe for icy road conditions, got into a skid and was unable to control the vehicle. The only way to stop was to hit something.

You can tell the woman’s heart rate went from normal to astronomical in a split of a second. She was like… What the… But it was not her time to go yet. One of the narrowest avoidances of getting blindsided ever. Incredible potential, but not this time.

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25 thoughts on “This Had Great Potential – Part XI”

  1. I just had to lol because she looks more “stuck than chuck”! At least she could have yelled out TIMBER! That’s some final destination shit right there! Maybe Mr. Grim avoided her for now, but I’m pretty sure he’s got his eye on her for later!

  2. If you watch, she takes two or three steps backwards after the car almost hit her. Then when the camera gets in focus you can see she is barely 2-3 feet behind the tire tracks, and that was after she took 2-3 steps back.

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