Woman Smeared on the Road by Truck Becomes a Spectacle

Woman Smeared on the Road by Truck Becomes a Spectacle

Woman Smeared on the Road by Truck Becomes a Spectacle

Is that the top of her head on the road at the beginning of the blood smear or some other ULO (Unidentified Laying Object)? Trucks definitely have the ability to turn a Fleshy Virus (thanks @Stench for this awesome name – I think it was you who first forged the term, right?) into a smear in an matter of seconds.

This woman was a mother. That’s all that was told about her. How old she was wasn’t clarified and neither was how many children she had as a mother. But since the video is from Indonesia, we can assume she’d spawned at least a couple dozen of them little Muslims. They don’t fuck around in Indonesia. I mean they do fuck around – how otherwise would they multiply at such a high rate?

The accident took place on the R.E. Martadinata road in Tasikmalaya city, West Java, Indonesia on Thursday February 9, 2012. The woman’s name was Lilis, she was from the Pagerageung District in Tasikmalaya. Got to love how quickly her mangled body became a spectacle and everyone flocked around to take a picture with their cell phone.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. haha. fleshy virus indeed.
    another stench classic is “i’m picking up what your layin’ down”
    gorian’s are fucking intellect’s man.
    Now if only Desastre got back on bestgore.
    are you ok desastre? 🙁

    1. I can not take credit for something that isn’t mine…..
      “Pickin’ up….layin’ down” was said to me by a friend of Mine…R. Sharky.
      Also he same GREAT MAN who bestowed to me many other cool shit, such as…..

      “What’s THE MOST important thing that You know?”

      “What You DON’T know”

      “What’s the SECOND most important thing that You know?”

      “If You DO know somebody who knows, ask them for guidance”

      Those words have helped me over the years.

      Now, SHIT-RIVET is a bit of a different storey.

      Now, for the new people here, a Shit Rivet is when You REALLLLLY need to take a dump and the impatient thing is coming out regardless if there is a toilet around.
      The Turd is coming out in an obnoxious manor and is becoming smashed on the inside of your undies/shorts/pants causing the end to become smashed….like the head of a rivet.


      So, anybody that you run across that is TRULY SUCKY throughout your day, THAT PERSON, is, in fact.
      A shit-rivet.

    1. I appreciate that but please note that Best Gore is not a wigger website. I fixed spelling on your comments so far, but if you continue spelling “u” instead of “you” and similar wiggery, I’ll give the gnomes a command to eat up all your comments. We are a community of adults and as such, maturity in the way you type is expected. It’s your choice.

      1. Sir, you are a guardian of the Queen’s English.

        I’m sure if you cracked down on the yanks that insist on mutilating the language by spelling ‘colour’ as ‘color’ you would get a knighthood.

    2. desatre is that you?
      BTW. i’m joking, i’m only doing this “creepy internet guy” thing for satire relief, in fact, i have a beautiful g.f, her name is sandra. we’ve been together since high school, i want to marry her, but my mother doesn’t approve of nigger grand children. neither do I. good day to you sir/mam.

    1. We have a healthy community here because we don’t let immaturity get in the way. You’ll feel much better about it too if your comments don’t look like a retard wrote them. It’s not that big of a deal. As long as you’re over 18 and mentally mature enough to have normal conversation with other members, you’ll be OK. Other than that, welcome to BG. I hope you do enjoy your stay 😉

          1. It’s not that, it’s just, what’s called, being “lazy in language”

            How fucking hard is it to write
            “now THAT made me piss my pants!!”
            “my stomach HURTS after reading that from BUSTIN’ A GUT LAUGHIN’!”

            Personality comes through clearly, and typing words is what we do here, as to typing nhjjhnsdhjskdfh and trying to make it make sence.

          2. i’m still working on that i absolutely fucking hate typing something and then lol just appears naturally but one day i’ll get rid of it one day or at least learn to re read everything i type

  2. being completely honest, i have been a visitor here for more than a year, and i signed up now as i just turned 18 last week. Followed that rule. Wouldnt want my fate to be like that other kid’s. Sorry though.

          1. isn’t teletext still a thing? im sure i can get it on my t.v but then i still have one of those little grey boxes with a built in video the right quality t.v for faces of death i suppose

      1. Oh no…life was good before all these technologies…oh so good…we use to have these devices called beepers…in the 80s if you had one it was assumed you were either a doctor or a drug dealer but come the 90s every kid in school had one…they were supercool and then came the text to pagers where you called some number and tell them what you wanted them to send via text to the person’s pager…So you can say “I fucking hate you” and the operator had to type it…

        Ohhh and the best part of the pager was having to run to a pay phone and call the person back…oh that was so awesome

        Then came the internet and America Online…oh the good old days…it took like 15 minutes to download a pic of a naked woman…you clicked and waited…I was never able to wait for the picture to completely download before blowing my load…as soon as I saw a nip it was go time…I couldn’t help it, the anticipation was too great…watching a video was not an option

        Now I have to watch 100 free porn clips to even get in the mood…abundance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  3. Why the hell are there so many people vs. truck accidents? And I’m not referring to people on bicycles and motorcycles. Are people in these counties so retarded that they try to outrun big trucks (and trains), or are just too stupid not to see them in the first place?

    1. probably she’s on ipod like the woman that got hit by a train while listening to that piece of shit gadget. Lot’s of people nowadays are like retards crossing the street with shit loud music popped into their ears and not minding the freaking road

  4. what i dont understand about videos like this is….over here in ireland if there is a bad crash or accident the scene is cordoned off straight away….you cant even get close enough to get any photos…why dont they do that in these countries?

    1. Same as Australia, @Razor, if there’s an accident, they’ll make you detour (sometimes km’s out of your way) so no-one has to glimpse reality. If that is impossible they have huge screens/tents to work behind, giving medical treatment/cleaning up brains etc! Well they must be (cleaning up gore, you NEVER see a trace of it). Except glass, you know theres been an accident cos of auto glass on road.

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