Young Couple Dies Ripped to Pieces Crashing Motorcycle Into a Pickup

Young Couple Dies Ripped to Pieces Crashing Motorcycle Into a Pickup

This sucks so bad – the dude was probably looking forward to ramming his dick down that 15 year old throat but got ripped to pieces before he could empty the content of his nuts into her. Bummer! That fucks your day right up. But on the positive side – he died with a collection of some really hot flip flops around his head.

The accident happened on Sunday afternoon March 3, 2013 on the BR-423 highway in Águas Belas, Pernambuco (that’s where Caruaru is), Brazil. Young couple, including a 15 year old girl rode on a Honda motorcycle and crashed head on with an oncoming Fiat Strada pickup.

Girl was a Da Silva and most likely wore flip flops for the ride. Her whole name was Micaelly Ferreira da Silva. Her partner was only identified by his first name of Adriano from the city of Iati. The latter was ripped to pieces with an arm and a leg severed, but unlike other Brazilian traffic accident victims, got to keep his underwear on. The girl took heavy beating too. The force of an impact must have been vicious considering that it was the motorcycle that flipped the truck on the roof.

The occupants of the Strada survived with non life threatening injuries and were taken to Don Moura Hospital.

First a video of the accident with dramatic audio track:

And a gallery of photos:

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    1. Ugh, that’s my biggest gripe while driving. Or at least one of, along with Asian drivers and old people. The worst is I-95 in the summer. The idiots speed through traffic going 100 MPH and go in between cars with no warning. Why they think its a super duper idea is beyond me, I guess it’s just natural selection.

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