Young Driver Crashes Car Killing Passengers, He Survives

Young Driver Crashes Car Killing Passengers, He Survives

Young man was driving a car with his mother and sister as passengers and crashed destroying the windshield and part of the engine area but that’s not quite what’s on his mind right now. He survived the crash with just a scratch on his head and as he was trapped inside, he watched his mother and sister die covered in blood because of his driving. I’d blame it on having a steering wheel on the right. What kind of driving conditions are those if you are forced to change gears with your left hand and drive on the left too. I’d totally sue my government if I was forced to drive on the left.

This kids is gonna have some pretty serious nightmare for the rest of his life. The playback of the moments before the crash as his mom was telling him something but didn’t get to finish the sentence and them bang! And she was gone while he watched her motionless body bleed without response. I guess suicide watch would be in order.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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16 thoughts on “Young Driver Crashes Car Killing Passengers, He Survives”

  1. Holy shit!!! He has to live with that that the rest of his life! That’s brutal!!!! I wonder what it felt like watching his mother and sister die in front of his eyes because of his shitty driving skills……..

  2. “I?d blame it on having a steering wheel on the right. ”
    what a fucking stupid thing to say!! i’d suggest there were probably other reasons why the crash happened other than what side the steering wheel was on!
    let’s not forget that ALL transport originally “drove” on the left, originating in medieval times- so that your stronger right arm (sword arm) would be free to engage opponents – it’s a relatively recent change to drive on the right

  3. Nightmares, in deed….

    He can touch his mother & sister.. that’s how close there where before they died……. Damn,, That must fuck his head up “Just a little” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well I have see some thing like that be from a few years ago…
    And that was a (Golden moment)

    Oh well “Live and learn, or die trying” ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Thanks for having me on this site. I’ve enjoyed the preview ride and have learned a lot. I’m enjoying the fact that eyeball’s can withstand brutal forces and trauma in regards to the head. looking forward to much more of Best

  5. why would there be a problem driving on the left and shifting with the left? generally people are right handed, i would think it makes more sense to have your strongest hand to steer with more of the time.
    Then again, where i am from there are less straight roads so we gotta steer more often. + over 90% of motors are manual drive and no one has an issue shifting gears.

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