Young Girl Dies in Car Accident

Young Girl Dies in Car Accident

Looks like Brazil again. Not sure but that’s where they have bonus drivers who have no business driving and if in a country like that they allow a woman to drive, the catastrophe is imminent. Perhaps this young girl should have stayed in the kitchen. Pots and plates are easier to handle than wheels of a car.

Pictures are a bit inconclusive so it’s hard to make out what exactly happened there. Maybe she ran into a tree, maybe into a parked car – no picture offers good perspective. Or maybe she didn’t drive, just hitched a ride with someone for a BJ or something??? Fuck it’s been a long day today :S

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Young Girl Dies in Car Accident”

  1. Its interesting that a guy blames women drivers. The 2 wrecks I was in, not driving, were caused by males. 100%. The last one we were at a full stop, the guy behind us rear ended us because he was goofing off with his passengers. It cost him $13,000 for the injuries he caused, I enjoyed suing the miserable fuck.
    On my commute, some asshole thought it was funny to cut me off, coming close enough to my front bumper to dent it. He was doing well over 100 mph. I asked my passenger to fasten her seat belt. Then I ran the motherfucker off the road. The look on his face was priceless. It wasn’t just surprise. It was to the core fear. Good. She and I were laughing the whole time, too. And as I commute I dodge more stupid drivers than I can count. 90% of them are males speeding in cars they don’t have the skill to handle. I’ve been driving for 35 years without a wreck while I was driving. My insurance rates are so low they impress the California Highway Patrol.
    Stupid drivers come in both sexes.

    1. Exactly. Documentation also proves that 75% of all accidents are caused by men, and 90% of drunk driving cases also caused by men. But for some reason they like to pretend that they are perfect. I don’t understand why they are so against women and gender exclusive when a good chunk of their members are female. You would think we were in an xbox forum rather than sitting here looking at gore.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s two different girls. It looks as if the one in the blue shirt is being taken out of the front seat. Also, the girl in the back has lighter pants on and I don’t see why they would have taken her sweater off while pulling her out of the car.

  3. SUV in which young girl was killed is a 1991-1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, a 4-door 2WD model. Could also be a 1991-1994 GMC Jimmy. Note blue and white two-tone paint, indicative of some sort of police or security vehicle? In the one picture, the emergency vehicle is a Chevrolet Express van. Like the other member said, the police tape is not in Portuguese. They use American vehicles as emergency vehicles in Mexico, so this probably is in Mexico. Also, picture with girl hanging OUT of vehicle and police van in background appears to be of a different accident/vehicle.

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