Young Girl Gets Her Leg Stripped off Flesh Down to the Bone in Guatemala

Young Girl Gets Her Leg Stripped off Flesh Down to the Bone in Guatemala

Young Girl Gets Her Leg Stripped off Flesh Down to the Bone in Guatemala

15 year old girl named Selena Cojom was hit by a Transmetro bus near the intersection of 18th Street and 7th Avenue in Zone 1, Guatemala City. The impact stripped flesh clean off her right leg, leaving nothing but exposed bare bone. Doctors from Hospital General San Juan de Dios responded to the emergency quickly but there was nothing anyone could to do save her leg from amputation – which is not surprising seeing the extent of damage and the amount of blood loss.

The spokesman for the Municipality of Guatemala City – Carlos Sandoval said the driver of the bus is cooperating with authorities who are trying to determine why this grisly accident happened. Pedestrians are known to cut in front of public buses in the busy downtown area of the capital city without looking.

Brutal. She’s only 15 year old:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Young Girl Gets Her Leg Stripped off Flesh Down to the Bone in Guatemala”

        1. He would have never been exposed whilst alive because he knew too many secrets, he knew all the big players, the very rich and influential paedophiles, the police had many reports of his crimes and plenty of evidence but always dropped the case because of pressure from above.

          Sadly there are some that are clearly above the law, namely, those who make the laws.

  1. She may want to stop dieting, her legs looking a little on the thin side.

    Jokes aside damn its amazing some of the injury’s people can endure and survive. Presuming she lived here it looked like it. Poor girl at least she may not have a good recollection of the accident and not remember much of it one can only hope. Just brutal

    1. My face and chest looked like that after my accident. My face was ripped off with my skull exposed, and my Chest was ripped open. Hell if I know exactly how it happened either. The cops said 999 times out of 1000 I would have died in the type of accident (ejected forty feet after car flipped on highway).

      I wanna put the pics up soon, just waiting for the lawsuit to settle (its been over two years, finally should be over in a few weeks, fucking shisters at the insurance company have been dragging their feet).

    1. And if it was one of your kids in this situation you wouldn’t be speaking those words, you’d be calling for drivers to slowdown and watch for the teenagers.

      Then you might say your kids will be bought up with more road sense. This maybe true but all it takes is for a teenager to turn for a split second to wave goodbye to a mate and bam struck by a car, bus or truck. Or maybe a driver came out of nowhere, lost control of the car for some reason and tore up on a footpath.

      Point is you could do everything right and just be involved in a freak accident. This could be such an accident

      No one should suffer like this.. well some people but definitely not school students or teens.

      1. You do not understand my logic. I live near a high-school. I have no wife or kids. These little bastards have no regard for anyone on the road. Just today I was getting gas and some little bitch crossed the four way intersection diagonally. Skipping all of the cross walks and nearly getting hit by two trucks. She was texting the whole time.

        If I had kids who crossed the roads like this, I would attempt to get them to stop before they hurt themselves. If of course they don’t listen. It’s only a matter of time before one of them gets hurt or killed. I would not blame the driver. Since they most likely didn’t see or expect anyone jumping out infront of their car while they are traveling with the right of way at 100km/h.

  2. shes pretty calm to say that her leg was just flayed…man something like that happened about a month ago down the street from my house…a little negroid boy ran out into the street and was hit by…wait for it…..a white doctor…I personally think his mom put him up to running out and getting hit….also I heard about a guy that was crossing a fucking HIGHWAY(2 lanes in both directions 70+mph) he was crossing to get to….fucking walmart…well he died, im pretty sure he didn’t feel anything…and one more a very young girl around 6 or 7 was also running across the highway(why she was even by herself is beyond me) she was hit by 2 cars back to back going about 75-80 mph(according to the police report) she died too

      1. @hock- Thanks kind Sir with that sexy, late Crocodile Hunter accent!!! You just don’t know what that does to me! “Crikey”- I fucking love it!!! 😉 I put that right up there with that sexy Canadian “Eh” that steals my heart!

        You my friend, made my day! 🙂

        1. @J3Z- not sure if you saw my other comment on a different post, but I said- I’m damn proud to call you my Wifee! You look GORGEOUS in your avatar! Love it!

          Me- naughty?! Haha- ALL the time! I always need a good spanking!! 😉 Today is no different… And you know what they say- “Never trust a big butt and a smile! Poison!”

          1. I did not see that. Bring a tear to me eye. Joking aside I love that you said that! You are one dope ass chic, I.would totally chill with you. (Maybe even our kiddies as well) Ha!
            Maybe one day…like when you and Broke get married I will drive over there for the ceremony. Yay! I’m so dang excited for the both of you.

          2. @J3Z- Ditto girl!! I don’t have many girlie friends. I don’t fit that catty persona and usually have more drama than anythingelse. Your cool peeps and I thought that since day 1! <3 We'll eventually chill! I know it!! 🙂

  3. Cutting in front of buses is not a good trait for any peoples but get a tourniquet on her! I was beginning to wonder, if when the medics finally got there, they would just stand and stare also.

  4. Poor little thing oh well as long as everything else works she’ll be fine in life without 1 leg even though she’ll be called hop-a-long or peg-leg she’ll be just fine lucky it didn’t go any higher otherwise her kebab might of suffered

  5. damn o ly 15 I almost had mu leg amputated when I was 20 luckily they were able to save it with a rod screws and pins but it came with flaws at least i move normally lol prosthetic leg for you kid

  6. my question is, what the fuck was she doing walking in a trasnmetro lane? they have special lanes that keep other vehicles from getting into them, so what was a pedestrian doing there? I guess she was being stupid and tried to show how big her cojones were…

  7. It took 4-50 seconds before someone decides to put a Tourniquet on, and that was emergency services. Forget dressing the leg on the street, just get her in the ambulance and to hospital quick time. Just saying.

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