Young Motorcyclist Brutally Crushed to Death in Pattaya, Thailand

Young Motorcyclist Brutally Crushed to Death in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya welcomes everyone with a death wish. You walk in on your two feet, walk out in a body bag. Make than a few body bags cause there will be fragments of you all over the place. On a positive side, all those uncollected brain matter chunks will be appreciated by hungry birds so not all of you will go to waste.

This fatal road accident happened on February 11, 2013. Young motorcyclist was found all mangled up on a highway 36 in Pattaya, but nobody seems to have witnessed the crash so nobody really knows what happened. Motorcyclist’s brain fragments were spread over 50 meters and there were footprints in the blood smear. Aside from having her head crushed, the 21 year old female also had both her legs mangled. Judging by her motorcycle, she’d stripped many a foreigner off lots of cash. Most Pattaya hookers don’t have a motorcycle, just a 100cc scooter at best.

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21 thoughts on “Young Motorcyclist Brutally Crushed to Death in Pattaya, Thailand

  1. If I ever go to Thailand, I’m going to walk around in a diguise of hamburger meat and broken up eggshells smeared all over my body, naked, with only a toe tag on. When they think you’re already dead, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Except for maybe ladyboys with a necro fetish, of course…

  2. I walk the sreets safe in filp flop in a humid place it is the way to go no one chasing me with a big knife nor would ant one ride a bike with flip flops they get charged

  3. Mark I guess you are looking at this the right way….I bet the birds absolutely love eating the scattered squished brain. Thanks for the visual of that. 😉

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