Young Thai Girl Dies in the Street with Blood Coming Out of Her Head

Young Thai Girl Dies in the Street with Blood Coming Out of Her Head

I don’t know enough about this video to tell you how the girl died, but at 2:08 a beat up motorcycle is shown in the video, which could mean that it’s the motorcycle that belonged to the victim. Since this is Thailand, a possibility exists that the girl was shot dead – given that she’s bleeding from her head as if she was shot – but then why would the motorcycle look like something big and heavy ran over it?

I tend to think she’s a victim of a traffic accident. She was not wearing a safety helmet – which is not unusual in South East Asia, got hit by a truck and fractured her skull falling onto the concrete. That’s my theory.

It’s also fair to assume that the girl was a prostitute. For one, you’d be hard pressed finding a Thai girl who doesn’t whore herself out for money, but she also looks to be dressed rather invitingly – there’s a good shot of it at around the 3:57 minute mark.

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16 thoughts on “Young Thai Girl Dies in the Street with Blood Coming Out of Her Head

  1. looks like a motor cycle accident, im sure around 5.20 he says ‘well take her back to my place first. i guess she wont be getting paid tonight.

  2. Hookers have a hard job there to wade trough all that garbage to approach the customers. I bet some of them disappeared that way.

  3. That shirltless old guy in the background throughout the vid was priceless ! Is he wearing his bed sheet ? ?Dignity clearly doesn’t translate through to the Thai’s , in every sense the word !

    • I’d wear YOUR bed sheet! Just sayin’! 😉

      Death visits Thailand so much that it’s just another day to them. Personally, I think I could do the Thailand death sheet tie-up like a champ!! :)i

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