Young Woman Ripped in Half and Head Almost Torn Off

Young Woman Ripped in Half and Head Almost Torn Off

Young woman with nice breasts and pencil eraser nipples was ripped in half and almost entirely decapitated by having her head torn off when her boyfriend crashed a motorcycle she was riding on as a passenger. Her boyfriend died too – there’s a stream of blood flowing down the road from his face, but he’s nowhere near as torn up as the girl.

They must have been flying incredibly fast on the motorcycle cause their safety helmets are completely shattered. The motorcycle itself doesn’t look all that bad, though. The smear on the road is epic. The cameraman passed up on an opportunity to shove the lens up the girl’s snatch. Fucking amateur. All he gives us are the tits. They’re nice, though.

Props to Best Gore member @drccoco for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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63 thoughts on “Young Woman Ripped in Half and Head Almost Torn Off”

    1. I’m thinking that was road rash from being pinned under a sliding object. Looks like it would’ve been flat if her chin had been pinned against her chest… Just a thought since I wondered the same myself and watched it a couple times more..

  1. i sometimes wonder why i come to this website after all these years of viewing gore. it is for these WTF moments. like WTF how people end up becoming a featured post on best gore. i must say at times i feel mentally ill viewing this stuff as i know no one else IRL who holds the fascination i have with gore. i am not a serial killer but the shit here is most disturbing.

        1. I’m with ya there @hung, i find it easier to make light of it in a joking manner, though at the same time the brutality and destruction fascinates me therefore i continue to seek another tragic story. The proverbial train wreck

  2. Brazil? Or Phillipines? One of the two. I really really want to buy the new Ducati Monster 796 I just seen at a car show in Bangkok… It’s us a sexy beast… However in doing so I would most certainly seal my fate, Ending up like these poor bastards above… So instead I think I’ll keep working my way toward an early 2000’s Skyline GTR.

  3. all I can say is speeding on a 2 wheeled vehicle is a death sentence just waiting to happen (then again just living is a death sentence in progress anyway)

    on a side note
    i’m hoping I can make some money with this service so I can upload the video i made. but until then I need to get my guilds website up and running -.- anyway as soon as its up i’ll probably start looking for site/forum helpers to keep it running. but thats my scheduled until january/febuary….

    1. down there it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to impersonate a paramedic or such as they are the only ones who ever touch the bodies abd given the :45 minute response time i think you could be safely away by the time any authority got there, free to indulge in all of your nefarious pleasures, but be sure to take lots of pictures!

  4. I noticed that there is a new way of filming like seen in this clip.
    Like it was shot with a steadycam? and zoomed in? or some kind of panning?
    It’s a different kind of image.
    It’s been seen in several ‘road accidents’ clips
    is this coincedense? same cameraman/crew??

  5. A vehicle accident is one of the worst ways to die. Not so much as in it’s painful or that you suffer, but that it’s really meaningless and is completely avoidable.
    Had they taken a different route, or left 5 minutes earlier/later, or had it been raining that day…anything really. And they would both still be alive (probably). And that goes for anyone who has ever been killed in a vehicle accident.

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