83 Year Old Woman Beaten and Robbed by Young Thief in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

83 Year Old Woman Beaten and Robbed by Young Thief in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an 83 year old woman was violently assaulted and robbed by a 20 year old man. According to police, the robber punched the woman in the head at least 18 times, before stealing R$1,000 which she had just pulled out of an ATM. The robber also reportedly attempted to strangle the victim.

The incident happened inside a condo in Zona Sul do Rio on Tuesday August 15, 2017. The woman lives in that condominium. The assailant was identified by the police as Danilo de Oliveira Roxo.

What an absolute sack of shit that guy is. If you’re 20 year old and assault someone who’s over 80, you really deserve the traditional Brazilian head massage. Fucking coward wouldn’t dare pick on someone his own size and age, so he picks on senile old people.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “83 Year Old Woman Beaten and Robbed by Young Thief in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

  1. Wow…. he must be hard up for cash kinda looked like he was trying to rip out her gold teeth in one hand and slip a hand up her pants with the other!!!

    He really wanted that asss, mother fucking bitch I can’t wait for DNA to catch him then send him to a Brazilian prison for some jello-arm justice!!!

    Punk ass bitch to do that

    1. Are you feeling better today about that guy mean jerk who posted how he wanted to stick a dagger up your ass then pull your guts out and make you eat them! What a jerk Lucy

      I had your back and you handled it well… your such a strong woman!! So glad your here Lucy

      But I must say it might be your username that brings that kind of attention… they gotta be haters or woman beaters

      But did you choose your name for that kind of attention Really Really? Cuz not everyone knows it’s your name by the cats you own Lucy and poosy

    2. Looseypussy : Yeah, I saw the old lady disss the guy
      and she slipped back … then he went to her aid . If this guy is caught and sent to prison, I hope he gets a chance to explain to the inmates how he was railroaded by the law.
      From what I saw, He, “Dinn dooo nuffin,”

      1. He is a piece of horse shit. We will be witnessing his Death when he lands in that beautiful prison system. When I see someone being beheaded or tortured I usually feel bad for them even though I still must watch it. Wouldn’t it be great to see the before video of what they did. Then the after video. Him having his arms jellified and an old persons cane shoved up his ass!! Along w 400 moth balls !!

  2. Sorry for the multiple posts but I can’t get this fool out of my head he needs so much Brazilian justice… also in the back ground I could still here that guy who got his hands spanked screaming aye aye aye he must have down the hall still screaming!!!!!

    What a total peice is mierda!!!

      1. My xx year old neighbour was ripped off a guy offering to trim the branches overhanging the back of her property for free.

        After she accepted, he chopped off a couple of twigs and said that the work was really difficult and he would have to charge her $500.

        Unfortunately, she would not report the incident to the police, so I have to make my own arrangements.

        I really hate low-lifes, child molesters, thieves and other, assorted, scum.

  3. As you stated brother, that Sac-O-Shit, degenerate goofball, better get good at Cock Slurping real quick, as his Time, and Arsesole inside, will be well spent, having every orifice of his sad self being constantly, and completely filled with toilet shit, then lotsa, lotsa, Man-Cum to wash it down, will surely follow, until his Arsehole becomes a manhole. And once he’s too lose for even the biggest Da-Silva,,, then, and only then will they finish him off with a Piano Cord, head twist-off. That Fucker!!!

  4. The thing about being old is that you slow down and your reaction time isn’t what it used to be…otherwise a swift kick to the balls would have dropped him to his knees and a swing of the purse would have knocked him out cold.

  5. Needless to say….. to wish that guy…..
    getting a shot of his own medicine….by the time he is
    2 taboos in one aggression.
    no moral compass what so ever…..
    Matter of time before he’ll be on BG.
    Won’t last much…….!!!
    He could still have fucked her though……..that would have been a scene……. but I guess the spider webs
    And dust….. radically changed his sick fucked mind….
    Summary execution is a must for that kind of subhuman

  6. He entered the room with several POWER PUNCHES!!!

    Not classy against a granny. Hopefully he ends soon here, where we can see how his mouth is used as a Male Toilet by Jose and Jamal!!

    She should have used SYNTHOL!!! So she can CRUSH these guys E-Z!

  7. I hope the old dear fealt very little or no pain maybe even blacked out quick to not remember that bastard, I wish her well to recuperate fast but as for that sick n twisted puny boy I pray he gets tortured agonisingly until death. He deserves to suffer, fingers crossed we see him in another video in the not too distant future

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