Drugs Sale Theft Attempt Goes Bad

Drugs Sale Theft Attempt Goes Bad

This is one of those times when I’ll need you to tell me what the heck is going on cause I have no clue.

It looks to me like some kind of possible backwoods drugs sale transaction? A guy arrives at the spot in a car and has a cam set up in the cabin to film him. He’s on the phone, apparently telling the other guy which vehicle he’s in so he can find him and the two can close the deal.

The other guy, apparently the dealer, comes to him with a baggie of unknown content and hands it to him through the open window. The driver refuses to hand the money until he’s verified the content of the baggie. After that it gets all chaotic and confusing.

It appears to me (but I may be wrong, hence I need you to tell me what really is going on) as though the driver makes an attempt to take off with the baggie without paying. He puts the vehicle in gear and appears to try to drive away. Unwilling to part with his stash without getting paid, the dealer clings to the door via the open window, as the driver panics and appears to run into a tree or some other object.

The driver then seems to have a hard time opening the door because the child lock is engaged, and once he does open it, the camera gets grabbed, the picture gets extra chaotic and from this moment on everything gets even more unclear and even less sense making.

So who knows what this is all about? Did I get any of it right or am I way off base here? If I’m somewhat right, then why was the guy filming himself apparently trying to steal from a drug dealer? Who would want this kind of evidence in existence? I mean he could get t-boned by a semi on the way from there and end up in hospital eating through a straw for 2 months. The cops would be investigating the accident, notice the camera in the vehicle, and seize it to see if there is anything on it to clarify what happened. Help me out with this one, guys.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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79 thoughts on “Drugs Sale Theft Attempt Goes Bad”

  1. It’s a training video… On why not to deal with a black man dealer…. Whole video is whack, starting with the wigger not knowing what he’s looking at.. to the bad reverse over body to get away..

    IDK seems like another day in the jungles of an inner city

      1. Fuk! What do you mean the Black guy is lucky he didn’t get killed? I think it would have been a great video if the “nigger” had been shot point blank and killed in a drug deal. Shit! The video is a case of coitus interruptus.

    1. Sleep with baboons and you get Ebola. Stupid ass is going to do 10 years easily for that stunt. What was he thinking? What? A chimp won’t hang on for the money? The only thing dude did right was look over after the crash and say “WTF dude” effectively blaming the monkey.

  2. If you look close you can see someones reflection holding the phone to a screen or something. Like someone recorded it off of someones computer, or when on some videos you can see someone recording replay evidence from CTV footage.

    Would like some more info on this

    1. There is another guy in the passenger seat recording. From the look of this it seems the driver drove over an elevated concrete part of a sidewalk and decided to bail on foot instead. This had to have been planned even though it all went to hell.

      1. That fucking white boy surely wasn’t the brightest mind that he thought he was.
        Something leads me to believe that the dopenigger and the buyer know each other or have done transactions in the past at least one or two x’s.
        Or how did white boy got his #.
        The dealer held on to the steering wheel for life there was no way drug thief would had been able to steer the steering wheel with all the mayate’s weight.
        The white boy should have pressed on the brakes almost as soon as he took off.
        I can imagine these two little fuckers running from the scene all fucking scared that the bigbadnigger it’s going to get them now.
        They were so scared that they left the car behind with out thinking twice or without quickly checking what was causing them getting stuck, they just got stuck and bye bye, Adios Amigos!!! Run for your lives….
        And child locks are never on the two front doors, only on the rear doors.
        That was another mistake from whitie, it appears that he had tweaked on the inside door handle and forgot to put it back leaving the metal rods door mechanisms exposed that’s why he was having a hard time opening that door.
        He had to either pull/push the rod that opens/closes the door but not before he pull/push the one rod that locks/unlocks the door cause we can bet that his door was locked.
        That’s why he didn’t opened the door right away.
        This white boy would had pulled a move like that to the pushers in my neighborhood I would say with more than 80% certainty that he would’ve gotten shot on the spot.

    1. We used to do that often back in the day wanna get high? but no money?. First: you need more than one person in the car.Two: someone who knows what the hell they are looking at. Three : absolutely no video evidence of both crimes.!!!!

  3. This video is really really old, at least 5 years. The story is that the white guy tried to steal 40$ worth of marijuana from the black dude and as he was trying to get away the dealer took control of the steering wheel and crashed the car into a tree, you can see his hand reaching for the steering wheel close to the crash.
    As to why they filmed it, they probably just wanted to make a video showing how they rip off a dealer and it went horribly wrong, because in the end the dealer lost maybe 20$, prime cost, worth of weed and they ended up having to fix their damaged car.

  4. Yup, you are 100 with this video Mark. The only part needed to complete your analysis is that this idiot wanted to film it to show off to his friends. Dude wasn’t thinking far enough ahead to understand that the video could be used for unintended purposes. Total dumbass both of them.

  5. That white boy is gonna have a big sore bottom tomorrow after being tag-teamed by some horny black drug gang members. And a prolapsed anus to explain to his GP. And a massive five-pint plug of coagulated darkie-semen up his lower intestine to explain away to the team of doctors. I think they have some kind of pneumatically-powered, enema-pumps to deal with these kind of situations. Apparently in these circumstances those massive spunk-wads set solid like footballs made of Gelatine and they are impossible to shift by natural and traditional methods like shitting.

  6. Fuck this fuckwit! Do any of you know how many white teens are getting murdered doing drug deals with blacks? A LOT. They are soft stupid easy targets. Two teen boys made to strip naked robbed and shot execution style in 2016. The perp had the gall to say ‘hands up don’t shoot black lives matter’ during his sentencing the piece of shit. Just this last month a 15 year old girl was bludgeoned to death with a hammer by one of ‘the fellas’ who she met to get some pot to sell. Case after case after case of young dumb whites getting robbed, shot, killed by black drug dealing thugs. This fuckwit ruins his car trying to rob some black dude of a bag of weed. Buy your pot from white people and don’t rip people off that’s a dumb fuck move.

  7. Almost filmed his own death. There was plenty of time to put a couple of rounds in his dumb ass suburban kraker head. Got damn lucky dude got scared off. What was he spazing about at the end. No time to survey the damage. Take off fast and don’t look back fool.

  8. Low level dealer ,If he was someone up in the Drug food chain, this would be a video of a murder and accident of a white punk looser, Now the dealer is a dead man for loosing drug sale and money,Is what I was hoping it would have been. Double murder. Brazil would have done it that way.

  9. I’m pretty sure there was 2 morons in the car 1 filming and driver. Cause I watched it many times laughing at the way dealer was giving driver the “OH YOU FUCK UP NOW!!!” Stare. I think there was 2 because after crash you hear someone yell drive then when running I think passenger says something like you got stuck. Don’t know why they filmed it for? It is incriminating evidence of committing a crime so can’t show it to cops and don’t think your insurance company will pay for car after watching the video. Last don’t think parents will be any less pissed off that you wrecked their car when you show them this video. Mom, dad I only wrecked because this crazy man was hanging from my window trying to give me a bag of some weird looking substance in it. I swear I didn’t call it fire while I was looking at it. It would make perfect training video of how to not RIP off your dope man or if you do make sure to have a driver that can make it out of the parking lot without crashing and getting stuck. The dealer must have been injured or he took off running after crash because the dumb ass driver took a minute to figure out his parents door lock. It’s been a while since I saw this video and it still as funny as 1st time I saw it I think I saw it 1st on Tosh.0 so maybe go watch it there he might have told more of story as he was cracking jokes about them.

  10. I guess the guy in the car was trying to make a visual tutorial on how to obtain drugs on the street from a half-fishy individual meeting up to deliver stuff but ended up in the fan with the shit.

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