Ohio Thief Steals Car Then Runs Over Owner While Fleeing

Ohio Thief Steals Car Then Runs Over Owner While Fleeing

In Toledo, Ohio, a thief stole a man’s car and then ran him over while fleeing. The incident was caught on a CCTV camera of the gas station where the owner of the vehicle stopped to pick up a few things from the convenience store.

I’m guessing the driver left the keys in the ignition thinking he’s just making a quick run into the store and back, but that was enough for the opportunistic thief to steal his car and drive over the owner who ran out to stop the carjacking.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “Ohio Thief Steals Car Then Runs Over Owner While Fleeing”

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      1. Exactly! How fucking STUPID can someone be to run into a gas station leaving your keys in your car? He probably had the car running as well. I guess taking 10 seconds to turn off your car and take your key with you is too difficult to do.

        1. No joke! I don’t care what type of area I’m in rich or poor black or white I’m not going to leave my car unlocked with keys in it running while I go into store for anything. Heck maybe he even left his wallet and his money in his car. Then risk your life trying to stop dude wasn’t very smart either. This poor dude definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer or brightest star in the sky

  1. Dude, you brought this all on yourself, just leaving your car like that with the engine running, and what the fuck did he think he was going to accomplish by confronting the guy? If someone is ballsy enough to steal your car, there’s a good chance he might also be carrying a weapon, and even if he isn’t, he sure as hell isn’t going to try and settle things amicably.

    The hilarious thing is that I’m sure the first idea that ran through that girl’s mind when she popped out was, “Oh shit, let me take his wallet!” but then she remembered that there were cameras and prudently decided to just go back inside.

    “Well, shit, he might have some money. We already committed murder, we might as well rob his ass!” (Brenda Meeks, Scary Movie)

    1. Im pretty sure if you saw someone in your car you would act as well. The other day a very similar incident occured with me except i didnt leave my car running. But when i came out of a friends house i noticed someone was in my truck going through my shit. At first i was wondering if it was actually my car… but once i was sure it was i ran up to him and beat the shit out of him got my shit back (besides an almost empty bottle of cologne) left him laying there n drove off. The problem is that this guy shouldve jumped through his window and went balls to the wall apeshit on this black shit. Instead he just kind of stood outside his own door and window trying to be barrier rather than a pyscho motherfucker intent on destroying this piece of shit for getting in his car.

      1. Of course not, the person in the wrong here is the thief, but the victim made the situation worse. He could have simply just grabbed a phone, provided the police with the details of his vehicle, and there would be a 70 to 80 percent chance that his car could be recovered. If anything, that police report would also allow him to get some money from his insurance in case his car was completely totaled.

        Instead, now he has several crushed bones and organs to worry about, as well as a stolen car. So yes, he does bear some responsibility for making a bad situation worse. Is like trying to douse a fire with gasoline.

        “You’ve already made a fool of yourself once. There’s no need to compound the error.” (Peter Vincent, Fright Night 1985)

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  2. This is why I’m happy to be the proud owner of a shit box. No one will look at my car let alone even think of taking it. Even if someone did decide to steal it for a joy ride chances are they would never be able to get it started…even with the key.

  3. Zero sympathy for the white guy. His fuckfard dumbass left his keys in the ignition, presumably in the hood. His fucktard dumbass ran out to take on a full size car after it started to take off.

    As for the black guy, hey fair game is fair game. There’s always gonna be thieves and criminals, can’t hate the player, gotta hate the game.

    1. Until that fucking POS crackheads tweaking, and climbing into one of your windows at night. Then that game, will have you tied to a chair in your living room, crying for your Mommy. Presumably he only wants your money and not some spooning, either way that game will have you cross eyed and crying for your mommy all night! I hope its for your money, and not your ass hole. BTW, it’s Don’t hate the player, hate the game!

  4. Nice to see how concerned that bitch at the end was.. He survived anyway in case anyone was wondering. “I tried to open the door. I couldn’t get it open. So I reached in and tried to grab the keys out of the ignition and that’s when he took off in reverse,” said the victim Bradley Hunkapiller. The victim says the car thief ran over his chest, leg and arm. He says “luckily I only suffered a few bruises and a broken ankle. “

      1. He Shoulda just watched his shitty ass car drive off then hit the button and blow it up like it was a trap… then collect the $1800 it’s worth!!!

        And by another peice of shit car and repeat…eventually he will come out and still have a car but it’s gonna take along time

  5. What a fucking idiot, how the hell does he think he’ll get away with this? Just stealing the car would have been the best option but now he’ll face life for attempted murder as well. There is no fucking way they won’t find this car and the person that did it after the owner literally looked in his face.

    1. Actually there is a great chance they wont find the guy…and even if they do that camera is too blurry to count as any real evidence for a conviction. If they catch and charge him a half ass lawyer can get him off no problem as long as he doesnt say anything, keeps his mouth shut and lets his lawyer completely represent him.

  6. It’s the car owners fault. If you live in a city infested with niggers you must take your precautions.

    Leaving the keys in the car triggered the niggers natural instincts of stealing. Now, this irresponsible behavior put him in the hospital and will put the nigger behind bars and “We” the taxpayers will pay for it. Gotta be more responsible people!

  7. I am going to ask a question. Why do we have to lock our doors and turn our cars off and pull the keys?
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  8. Dude was stupid for leaving his keys in the car, but of course the nigger pos showed typical chimp behavior. There’s only one way to stop this shit; more law abiding citizens need to conceal carry. If that state had castle laws like most, the owner of the car could have shot that ape and that would have been that. No wasted tax money if the monkey was caught (he probably had a record as long as your arm). It’s been proven; the more people who legally carry, the more crime drops in your city. Me personally, I carry a concealed Taurus tactical 9mm. It’s small enough to be easily concealed, yet pumps out 9mm full jacketed hollowpoints as fast as I can pull the trigger with very little recoil. An armed civilian is a safe civilian period.

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