Robber Stabs Shopkeeper After Throwing Hot Pepper Powder in His Face

Robber Stabs Shopkeeper After Throwing Hot Pepper Powder in His Face

On April 17, 2017, in Mujaffarpur, Bihar, India, a masked robber entered a business and threw hot pepper powder in the shopkeeper’s face. However the powder did not incapacitate the middle age shopkeeper, who fought back, so the robber began to stab him with a knife.

According to the info I got, the shopkeeper was stabbed to death, but the video ends before any such conclusion could be drawn. Some of the stab wounds could have been serious and may have eventually resulted in the victim’s death, so said claim is plausible.

Here’s the CCTV footage of the attack. Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Nah, only money, in my opinion.
      Religious spirituality is intrinsically a personal and purely private endeavor. No one else need be involved. It doesn’t matter that people have used it otherwise, it doesn’t change the intrinsic fact that anyone can be religious in their own homes, between 4 walls.
      The insatiable quest of money beyond reasonable bounds, on the other hand, ineluctably harms others. Cupidity intrinsically leads to unfair hoarding of wealth.

      And yes, cupidity and the idolatry of money is indeed the disease that has brought about most of the ills across history. Chattel-slavery, feudal societies, monarchies, capitalist plutonomies… What do they all have in common?

      1. i lie way beyond the normal spectrums of this realm. i see the patterns and the lies and the fabrications and the way the human mind is under constant control and moulded easily to act on emotion, 95 percent of humans live like puppets on a string, they live someone elses reality, the one superimposed on them by their own brainwashing.

    1. I get the feeling thief was a regular client perhaps even has worked there before…
      He knew old man was gonna be alone, when they were wrestling in the ground he reaches over to the desk to grab the round piece of blunt metal, the silver shiny solid ball…
      He knew that specific item was there available to deliver the blows…
      Notice how he even knows where the lights switch is located…
      Last but not least thief had to kill old man otherwise old man would have identified him with police and thought of leaving no witnesses. …
      Obviously he forgot about the CCTV tape. .

  1. Poor old chap If I owned a shop over there Ide property have a 12 gauge or 45 within reach. Doesn’t even take much to defend yourself CS gas is fucking horrific I once in my stupid drunk years had a fight with a police officer and got a face full of spray trust me I never did that again.

    1. Legion , i feel you mate when we were kids my mates dad , a doorman … back when doormen were naughty , had a can of that shit and when we’d all had a few dared each other to take a spray .
      Muggins here stepped up first , it was like sticking my head out of a car window doing 90 , only hot.
      Then theres a scratch you cant itch , only hot , then agony , only hot , fuck doing that again

      1. Not just the intense burning mate it forces your eyes shut they swell up like ping-pong balls. I couldn’t hardly breath. I was basically on top of the officer on the floor he sprayed it at point blank it even went up nose. My face the next day was blistered but honestly I felt sorry for the police man I deserved it. But indead you just can’t describe what it’s like unless you had sprayed Its just horrible.

        1. When I was a business manager(very small place), I always had a fully loaded 9mm on me at all times. Went to the shooting range weekly to practice ‘quick draw’ double taps to be safe. While I was strapped, I always felt safer. Fuck those thieves! Hit big companies or like Norman Bates said hit a bank and don’t be pussy!

          1. Yeah you can never say when you need to use it but I bet you felt alot safer. 9mm is perfect for self defense low recoil and the Ammo is quite cheap compared to 45. In the the UK we have very strong gun laws but people do own need a license and the police need to give you permission to own one your medical records need to be inshape basically is it not mental or a depressive. But if it’s all ship shape you can own pistol’s hunting rifles shotguns.We have one of the lowest gun crime figures in world though I respect the United states they really need to stop selling guns to every nutter out there. Theres allways the normal gun owner and that’s fine shooting at a range is really enjoyable.But sadly theres allways that chap that guns down a class of children. We had the same stuff in the 90s but laws changed and it’s all good now.

  2. With the amount of pepper indians usually eat, a fuckin pepper spray would be useless….. i have an indian friend who would put so much chilly in his food, so much that he probably used it in more in a single meal than i had had for the whole life. he was a nice guy though…. this is fuckin druggie robber who cant afford a gun.

    1. Indians are not a race and it’s proven fact that vegetarians live longer than your average meat eater, have greater resistance to cancer, more stamina and are just overall healthier. And this is coming from a non-vegitarian Indian.

      BTW, where did you get this idea that all Indians are vegetarians? I don’t think any appropriate census on this sort of thing has been done but a large number of Indians do eat chicken and fish.

      Oh and westerns should be the last people to talk about being “weak”. You people faint at the sight of blood. You wouldn’t last a day in India.

    2. What’s with these curry comments all the time? The only people obsessed with curry are westerns as it’s one of the most popular dishes in UK and this is why you bring it up all the time. Trust me, it’s nowhere near as popular in India as you may think. I have never eaten curry and I have lived in India all my life. It’s not that popular here, at least not in the part where I’m from.

      1. I’m from England and we do have a deep respect for Indian cuisine.
        I happen to be vegetarian too, so it makes my diet more interesting to try new dishes. Indian recipes are so very clever in their use of spices and herbs to make basic everyday foods taste wonderful.
        I am very grateful to India’s influence on the food I eat. Anyone who turns their nose up at a curry is simply stupid and missing out on some of the best food in the world. πŸ™‚

        1. It may be popular over there in the West but it’s true, I had never heard of curry in my life before I came across these curry jokes/memes on the internet. Maybe I did but I had never given it so much though. I was like wtf is all this curry stuff and had to look up what it was.

  3. Disgusting piece of shit, cocksucker. To kill somebody for any amount of money, is just plain screwed-up. How can someone live with that guilt, and sleep well at night, i will never understand. Pure EVIL, i guess? πŸ™

      1. @ Hindustank: That’s it. I’ve read enough of your whiny comments. Pussy. India is the toilet of the world. Accept it and make the best of it. All countries have pros n cons but some countries and cultures are better than others. I don’t care that you shit in the streets. Cultural relativism is bullshit. The west is the best.

  4. I wonder of what use the powder was .The effect of red chilli powder wasn’t blinding at all to the middle aged shopkeeper as it might have been laced up
    with the red brick powder .
    Most things in ASIA as we know come adulterated .
    The robber had tried throwing in an element of surprise but in vain as we see the shopkeeper fighting back .
    These kinda worms who try robbing a man’s of his hard earned money or possessions deserve twenty bullets to their skulls and twenty up their arse .

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