Barbarism of Infant Circumcision

Barbarism of Infant Circumcision

Barbarism of Infant Circumcision

If there are any aliens observing the activities of people on Earth, they must be thinking to themselves – humans evolved quite a lot in many areas. Their technology is pretty advanced, medical sciences ditto, they’re even exploring far away parts of the universe, but man… in spite of how far they’ve got as a civilization, there’s this one thing that keeps them completely savage. Those fucks still mutilate their infants’ genitals in the name of some messed up religion or for the sheer sake of financial profit.

And just how do you think it feels for a newborn to be welcomed to planet Earth by being subjected to unspeakable torture of circumcision? He’s only just joined us on here and we’ve already mutilated his genitalia. He’s got a long and challenging path ahead of himself to make it through life, yet the very first thing he got to know was pain. How’s that for a start in life when before anything else, you are greeted with barbarism?

It’s beyond dumbfounding that a civilization that can travel by flying and communicate with one another in real time even when separated by a thousand miles still has not outgrown its primitive barbarism and continues to mutilate penises of infant boys. We should be ashamed of ourselves that male genital mutilation is still so widely practised around the world.

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75 thoughts on “Barbarism of Infant Circumcision”

    1. @GoreMonger
      yeah that is true its not just for religion and all but a foreskin isn’t unhygienic if you actually wash your dick regularly. From everything i have seen to ‘promote’ circumcision hasn’t really given me facts stating that it has a significant difference in your chances of getting those things… every medical report/ show i have seen just states that it is more of a personal thing then having any real benefits …

      1. A 2009 Cochrane meta-analysis of studies done on sexually active men in Africa found that circumcision reduces the infection rate of HIV among heterosexual men by 38?66% over a period of 24 months,[7] and studies have concluded it is cost-effective against HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.[8] Circumcision reduces the incidence of HSV-2 infections by 28%,[9] and is associated with reduced HPV prevalence[a] and a reduced risk of both UTIs and penile cancer

        1. Do you realize that your only facts were from studies done in Africa, a third world country that hygiene and protected sex isn’t vastly available, for these people who were circumcised for the test were most likely provided with products to clean and were taught the right way to do so

        2. Delusional fool. You look at “studies” published and spread around by the Zionists to promote their agendas and you take it for a fact? Jews want dumb fucks like yourself to believe their lies so support for their savagery is wide spread. Thanks to dumb fucks like yourself, they are succeeding. Please die, imbecile.

        3. Goremonger is correct..and it would be nice if men washed their dicks every time they pissed etc..but that dosnt let’s be real..I personally think anteater dicks are gross..but this video is sad..never thought it was that brutal

          1. They aren’t “anteater dicks”, you moron. It’s how they’re supposed to be. We aren’t supposed to strap infants down and cut part of their penises off.

        4. “The Cochrane review concluded: We found insufficient evidence to support an interventional effect of male circumcision on HIV acquisition in heterosexual men. The results from existing observational studies show a strong epidemiological association between male circumcision and prevention of HIV, especially among high-risk groups. However, observational studies are inherently limited by confounding which is unlikely to be fully adjusted for. In the light of forthcoming results from RCTs, the value of IPD analysis of the included studies is doubtful. The results of these trials will need to be carefully considered before circumcision is implemented as a public health intervention for prevention of sexually transmitted HIV.” –

          Next failed pro-circ argument please…

      2. Yea, all proven to be not true! Don’t always believe everything you read on the internet! Lol. If you teach your child how to clean himself, he won’t be a dirty, stinky, smegma-filled dude when he grows up! I couldn’t have done this to my Son! If he hates me for leaving him intact, when he’s older, then he can go have his shit cut! Better than him flipping out and hating me for desensitizing him! People like to throw out there that not being circumcised is ugly, etc but I never went with a dude and flipped a switch when it was time to get down because he wasn’t cut! That’s fucking ridiculous! Cocks, like titties and booties all come in different shapes and sizes. I don’t cock discriminate! 😉

      3. My son is uncut, if I had a doctor doing that to my child, an watching my child in pain, I would break that fucking Dr. jaw and send his fucked up ass right on up to I.C.U. then once his sorry Assistance was all nice and comfy I would continue wit the head trauma. Ass beating

      4. Protection against penile cancer and a reduced risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners.

        But, on the other hand, it does decrease the penis protection that it is there for.
        The reason they do it as newborns is the risk of infection and other problems is significantly reduced. They use a local anesthesia and the child feels nothing but maybe some pulling tension for a second. And as long as the parent is an attentive nurturer, the risk of infection or other issues is minimal.
        It is a personal decision of the parents I think.

    2. Not true, it’s the excuse the brainwashers use to justify their barbaric practice. The foreskin is needed to protect the sensitive part of the prick, the knob! It’s no different to any other part of the body, if you don’t keep it clean it will eventually rot foreskin or no foreskin.

    3. Without getting too technical, the foreskin is there to protect the placid penis from external Irritation.

      Our skin is very resilient to damage from temperature, impacts and abrasions and other everyday problems. That’s why our eyes and tongue can hurt like hell when irritated and the penis gland is much the same.

      In the past, when human beings wore little to no clothing, the foreskin would have protected their prized possessions reasonably well.

      Fast forward to the future and we now wear undergarments and trousers, these protect us in the same way that the foreskin does however that does not mean that we should remove the foreskin because it is no longer necessary.

      If we start thinking that way then why not remove our appendix at birth as well or even our toenails because we now wear shoes.

      I say leave it there, if it needs removed for medical reasons later on in life then so be it however it is idiotic to start removing parts of the body that are causing no problems and inflicting it upon infants who cannot make an informed choice is fucking criminal.

    4. there is nothing hygienic about having a mohel suck the blood of a babies cock with his mouth. many jewish babies die from std’s. it’s called oral suction, and all orthodox jewish babies get sucked off.

      making excuses for mutilating the genitals of baby boys is pathetic. there is no medical reason for doing it. simply wash your fucking cock, you fucking douche bag.

    5. its not to stop std, you cant get a std just from not getting circumcision. it just helps prevent bacteria and gangrene. but for the most part you are right, but if your not a skank like me it doesn’t give you any std’s because im clean and im not circumcision. and if you get circumcision your more likely to have a smaller dick lol, so thank you mom and dad for not letting them do that bc my dick is 9in 🙂

    6. There are an awful lot of people on here justifying this barbarism. If adults like it, fine, but a child does not have the ability to rationally decide. Its a vile violation of a childs body, yet its so ingrained into some societies that its seen as an ok thing to do.

    7. Yeah @Goremonger. I’m amazed the Nazis often determined if someone were Jewish or not by whether or not he’d been circumcised.

      Maybe it wasn’t common among non-Jews in the first half of this century… I don’t know. What I DO know is that in the recovery room, after I’d been born to Christian parents in 1957, the doctor came up to my mom and said, “I went ahead and circumcised him while we were cleaning him up. I hope that’s what you wanted.” To which my mother said it was.

      Must have been pretty common because I was in a locker room in junior high school before I ever saw another penis that wasn’t circumcised, and didn’t know what to make of it. Only maybe one out of 30 boys in that locker room wasn’t circumcised.

      In some religious traditions (Jewish and Muslim, I think), this isn’t done until the time of a Bar Mitzvah, or equivalent, I think. Now THAT oughta really hurt!

      Speaking of which, I couldn’t believe they did that on a baby who appeared to be several months old with no anesthesia. Doing it on a newborn infant is one thing. But a doctor doing that on an older child with no anesthesia is just plain wrong (although that might have been “religious,” as the baby seemed to be dressed in some sort of religious outfit from the waist up.

      Either way, to me that’s child torture without anesthesia. Torturing children should be left up to the schools, not doctors, rabbis, etc. Our schools do a plenty good job of their own! 🙁

  1. WHAT THE FUCK!!! seriously I know about circumcision and all but i didn’t know about that weird metal thing they use to cut a straight line around the dick… but fuck my dick feels soo weird now just thinking about having my foreskin cut off :S THE HORROR

  2. Poor little man : (

    How can anyone hurt thier own baby like this? I understand it is done in some cultures/ countries for religious or hygiene reasons, BUT YOU ARE STILL PHYSICALLY HARMING A NEWBORN BABY and I fail to see how anyone could justify this, religious or not. And if it IS considered important in the culture of the family, then why not leave him to have it done when he is older? All human beings should have the right to choose, it should not be forced upon them at birth.

    What difference would it make if this was done as an adult instead of a newborn baby? Does it really matter, so long as it gets done at some point ( if it is important to that person) . Surely a grown man deciding on this would be more meaningful/ important to his culture, ect, rather than having had it done without his consent or knowledge.

    Regardless of the reasons, I personally don’t think anything justifies hurting a baby like this.

    1. well believe me..
      there’s lots of other BAD BAD BAD SERIOUSLY BAD child abuse in the world..and has nothing good to give the child like circumcision..i am circumcised,i remember it but i dont remember the pain AT ALL..narcotics god damn it..but this guy seems to be a fucked up doctor..he didn’t used drugs..

  3. My mother had it done to me when i was born.I hate her now and haven’t spoke to her for about 14 years.She doesn’t understand that…”It’s my dick, not hers.”You’ll find that there are supposed medical benefits but i don’t think they are advantagous.Mutilation DOES NOT stop STD’s …FACT.Neither does it stop U.T I’S.However it may slow the development of Cervical Cancers.When you consider this ; Feminists must be delighted that male babies are brutalised so that women can FUCK around to their Hearts desire when their Hormones go raging.That’s very little consolation to me.

  4. iv been circumsized…and i dont even remember it. i was chopped about this kids age. i dont see anything wrong with it. even my son has been chopped, although hes crys in the room were unbareable, we gave him a bottle straight after he came out and he slept for a few hours then acted like nothing happend. so basicly the pain would only last a few minutes and then it would be forgotten about. i never knew exactly how it was done so this video is great i reckon!

    1. are mooshka and I the only ones that have been circumcised? I watch a lot of porn like any red-blooded male and while i focus on the boobs and pussy, i can’t help but see most of the guys are circumcised too. There is a new trend starting though – i know a few folks my age range (30s – 40) who are not circumcising their male children. Seems a barbaric thing to do, but i dunno.

      Cutting a girl’s clit off, that’s pretty vile and cruel – the point of that is so she won’t enjoy sex… but there is a cleanliness thing to the foreskin. And guys aren’t known for being the most clean (unless they’re expecting to get laid)

      1. New here. Sorry, have to add my 2 cents…the area under the penis (where that good ol foreskin covers) is extremely sensitive too. Kinda like the clitoral area in a girl, especially near the tip. In a way…its like FGM. You’re disabling a very senstive area (not that it isn’t sensitive when you’re cut, but from what I’ve heard..and done..haha..there is quite a difference in sensitivity). PRO BABY ELEPHANT TRUNK FTW!!!

  5. It seems that a lot of people went full retard around here. I am no fucking jew, neither an african and I got circumcised when I was 4 or 5 yo (I wasnt able to unwrap the tip, so doctors cut it off).
    That foreskin is useless, I am not a CroMagnon, my underwear protects the tip, and thats good for me.
    Stop acting like sheeps

    Bad Nigger and Jews ….Bad news

  6. i dont see how someone could do that to a precious baby. he is pitching a fucking fit and hes tied down to boot. i mean WTF??? there is no way in hell i could do this to my baby. i dont give a good holy hell what anybody says its my baby and i will leave him intact if i want to. they can all go and fuck themselves!!!!

  7. Great analysis of circumcision. I’m 63 and you won’t fucking believe this but I have 2 memories from my very early years. One was removal of my tonsils and the other was being restrained while a piece of my l dick was removed (mutilated). I understand that one might say it’s impossible to remember something at such a young age but if a 6 week old puppy can remember trauma it’s only logical to assume that young humans can also remember trauma. Someone made a comment that it’s done for health reasons – bullshit. It is done for money and silly religious bullshit. Nature gave us body parts for a reason. Granted, I have no fucking idea what that reason is but hey, don’t fuck with nature. Haven’t we learned that much yet! Love your site.

  8. Who the fuck does this to their kid? Luckily I live in Australia where circumsision rates are comparitively lower than the USA but I can’t belive this barbaric act is still practised.. I mean FUCK… they did it thousands of years ago because the hygene back then was horrid now there is no need for it.

  9. Y’know, I bet in a few thousand years the human race will just evolve passed a foreskin… Just like some people don’t even grow wisdom teeth anymore, and lost their fur centuries ago. Lol.
    I actually have an evolution theory about wisdom teeth, but it feels a bit racist to just say it outright… >.>’

  10. That is the most fucked up video I’ve seen on here. It’s personal for me. The sick motherfuckers that do this in the US are the same sick fuckers that do this to little girls in the Middle East.

  11. if men in africa had access to water like first world countries, then such a practice wouldn’t be necessary and would slowly die out. just remember your concept of life/living/standard of living is very different from those people who have much less access to resources and technology, their way of life is … well like any way of life, ‘use what you’ve got. but clearly this video shows a very nice medical area, similar to that of a first world hospital, so the only reason it is still practiced there is 1) stupidity. religion is on teh same boat as stupidity

  12. here’s an idea teach your kid that pain is good destabisation of civilisation is also good and then procide to slice your stomoch open just like you want them to you…. this is where i stop talking or i would speak of how i don’t want them to die and how i want to “congratulate” them for what a “great” job they’v done “well done” may i meet those that support this soon i really wanna meetya

  13. Soooo much misinformation spewing forth about this topic in mainstream media and society at large… This is particularly a problem in the US with physicians being so slow to change their ways; yes, these people are human as well, and are perfectly capable of putting their own bias ahead of proper research and even the well being of the patient.

    Let me put this issue into proper perspective: People debating about circ ALWAYS talk mostly about benefits vs risks, which does nothing but derail the main issue of human rights. There is a common comparison put forth by the anti-circ crowd involving breast cancer, but most people miss the point, so I’ll clarify it. 1 out of 8 women will likely develop breast cancer, and about 40,000 women die of it every year in the United States. Therefore, if we are going to start deciding what natural healthy body parts parents are or are not allowed to have removed based on whether the surgery will ultimately save more lives than it kills, it seems like infant mastectomy should be a hot topic. But we all know why we would have a visceral knee-jerk reaction to somebody proposing such an idea; we currently consider boobs to be an important part of our cultural identity, and nobody should have the right to that identity taken from them. And in the US, we certainly consider a foreskin-less dick to be a part of our cultural identity.

    And if you’re really really concerned about penis health with regard to foreskin, you might want to investigate the penis health of the rest of the industrialized world compared to the US. While you’re at it, ask our doctors why they don’t bother to look into studies that suggest circ might not be the best thing in the universe, and why they are so willing to flat out ignore any information suggesting that the human foreskin may indeed have useful functions.

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