Dead Mexican Prostitute

Dead Mexican Prostitute

This allegedly underaged Mexican prostitute was found dead in a motel room in Victoria, Mexico. The official police report says that she died of alcohol and drug overdose but some speculate that it’s just a coverup for a more heinous crime.

The prostitute was found in a motel room laying naked on a bed, her body bearing signs of physical abuse, including beatings to the face and other parts of body. A roll-on deodorant was found inserted in her anus while the bedsheet she was laying on was stained with blood. A box of unused condoms was found on the floor.

Must pay off living in Mexico. If you feel like boning an underage kid, just do it, then kill her and bribe the police to not meddle with the case too much. Life will go on in good ole Mexico like she’s never existed.

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23 thoughts on “Dead Mexican Prostitute”

  1. YEA, VIVA MEXICO BIG JOHNSON, it would be nice if this site had narco execution videos. Then ya will see what’s really happening in my good old mexico. That pussy looks like she really got it (with a truck)

  2. Strange positioning of the body in pics 2-3. Like her body is pointing one direction and her face the other.
    Broken neck?

    I bet she didn’t make much money at her profession. Just by looking at her and the room… “No Mucho Dinero.”

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