Documentary About Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt

Documentary About Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt

This documentary about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt is presented by one of the most deranged groups of Zionist puppets among the mainstream media tools – The British Broadcasting Corporation. As such, the rhetoric and bias are self evident.

The introduction to the video is done by the chief of all tools. He has no idea what Egypt is like but he says his compliant li(n)es anyway. Not knowing that Egypt is the torture capital of the world is one thing, but saying that Egyptians risked their lives to get rid of a tyrant only shows how deranged BBC hosts are. What a fucking tool.

What’s not surprising is that the host is surprised by the high rate of female genital mutilation in Egypt. As he correctly says – at 90%, Egypt has the highest rate of FGM in the world and it’s only gonna get worse now that the Muslim Brotherhood was put into power after that set up called the Arab Spring.

Toward the end of the documentary, Stephen O’Brian, British International Development Minister says that Female Genital Mutilation is a critical issue which deserves international attention but leaves the need for international attention limited to Female Genital Mutilation. How is it that men are so discriminated against in this regard? How is genital mutilation not treated equally and only female genital mutilation is seen as something evil, but not male one?

BTW, have you noticed how females who had their genitals mutilated sound the same as males who had theirs butchered? It’s as though they felt the need to justify their mutilation by also condemning their children to the same fate and look for excuses to make themselves feel good about it – acting as if having mutilated genitalia was an enhancement.

What’s hands down the most appalling is that it’s not “genital mutilation” that’s perceived as evil, but only “female genital mutilation”. Feminism, aka movement by single mothers used to masquerade what major failure in life they’ve become sure fucked the world up. Nothing is bad unless it affects women and even then, only the part that affects women is bad.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Documentary About Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt”

    1. Yeah, Why destroy the natural beauty of the female … than again, why have genital mutilation of of the male genital aka circumcision.
      I rather have a finger chopped off than lose the Intact-ness of my penis. Of course I don’t agree with FGM, but why should we criticise FGM when we perfectly practice MGM.

  1. More reasons to disagree with religion. this is so absurd, you can obviously see how those holy books are based on sex and written by men. The guy she interviews on the street was against it not because it’s unhealthy but just because its against his favorite religion for a vagina to be seen! haha oh well.

      1. It doesn’t fit on my mind how can such a precious genitals can be offensive. I think they see it more like something possessive and demanding:
        Man wants virgins, men don’t want another men to to look at his wife, men is superior than woman, men has more rights than woman. Either way it’s all about for the pleasure of men for them to proclaim territory and be the first to triumph. Kind of like the first man on the moon but this time man used a flag not a penis.

  2. Each day the site is more like Discovery Channel (I like that).

    On a side note: has anyone realized that the furiously-masturbating 100% free webcam girl has been recorded by a retard with an IPhone? They don’t even respect the porn!

  3. Meh. Why so much outrage for this, yet barely none for the mutilation of the male (AKA: Circumcision)

    I’m not circumcised, and I was teased about it as a young kid, heck even as I grew into adulthood, I had some weird comments from Women, too.

    I’d never do that to a female, man. Big lips, small lips.. I don’t care.. But these women always gotta make fun of Sergeant Zachary and his shyness, never understanding why he hides under a hoody.

    1. Any of those comments are born of ignorance. I myself had absorbed a negative stigma about intact men because that was what I was taught. I knew nothing else. I think the inherent fear of the unknown factored into that attitude, somewhat.

      Then, as I grew and learned more about the world and got a little life experience, my perceptions did a total 180. So, on behalf of miseducated women everywhere, I beg “forgive them, they know not what they do”.

      Fortunately, it seems your self-esteem was not affected and you didn’t internalize any of that garbage.
      Keep on keepin on!

  4. The BBC is the most corrupt station on the UK and the ONLY reason we have to payva fucking TV Licence is because of them…..they don’t advertise so we have to pay well over ?100 per year.
    I don’t personally pay it because I dont support paedophiles rings.
    They covered up the children’s entertainer Jimmy Saville beingba child molester for years!
    Their all fucking at it.

  5. You can’t compare a female circumcision to a male circumcision. Look at the illustration D) in the top pic, the surgical kit used in this extreme procedure consists of a razor blade, a bar of soap and some needle and thread. The clitoris and all of the labia minora and majora are sliced of with a razor blade. The raw flesh is then sewn together leaving just a small whole for mentstruation. The little girls are left on thier own afterwards with thier legs tied together. I cannot imagine how painful it must be, the clitoris is full of nerve endings and these ‘operations’ are perfomed in villages by travelling old hags with no anaesthetic. They then have to put up with a lifetime of pain, often the vaginal opening is too small for intercourse and men have been known to use razor blades to increase thier size so that they can penetrate thier wives. Imagine what childbirth must be like giving birth to a baby through a tiny opening.

    1. Absolutely appalling when the fat midwife aka demon pig says she enjoys her work and would never stop because the money is too good. All I wanna know is why are good UEFA being wasted on soldiers with people like her around…

      1. This bitch in particular *grrr* I would love to see a vid on BG of her being sodomized with an electric cattle prod….and that’s just for starters >.< That woman (and I use the term loosely) has got to be the most heinous female I have ever seen – wanna make a bet that she ain't cut?!

  6. A typical broadcast from the BBC’s flagship news programme “Newsnight”, or to give it a more fitting title “Jewsnight”, presented by Gavin Esler.
    At least the person who typed ‘Best cunt pictures’ in ‘What People Searched For To Land Here’ found what they were looking for.

  7. Not all feminists are die hard idiots. Most simply want equality but believe that an emphasis should be put on improving the conditions of women first. I csnt stand single mom feminists though, a lot of elitest cunts with to much spare time on their hands.

  8. Absolutely appalling when the fat midwife aka demon pig says she enjoys her work and would never stop because the money is too good. All I wanna know is why are good UEFA being wasted on soldiers with people like her around…

  9. Mark, you’re being very sexiest… not all Feminist think that way. There are a lot, but not all… genital mutilation is wrong, doesn’t matter if its done to a boy or girl. I would never ever have a baby boy circumcised, nor would I want a man to be. My boyfriend isn’t and I’m thankful for that. My daughter is going to be taught that it’s wrong, also.

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