Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya – Documentary

Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya - Documentary

Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya - Documentary

To expand on the recently posted documentary about Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt, here’s a documentary about the same practise in the birthplace of the US president – Kenya.

It’s an excerpt from a documentary titled The Cut and focuses on a community called Pokot in Kenya. In the community, female genital mutilation is a thousands of years old tradition – a type of ritual Rite of Passage ceremony after which the girls enter the womanhood. Although it is performed on girls ranging from 10 to 15 years of age, after the cutting they are considered ready for marriage.

My favorite part of the documentary takes place when a girl says that if you don’t get your clitoris cut, it will grow so long it would sweep against the ground as you walk. I’d love to meet a woman who’s this well endowed. In this day and age, the degeneration of female genitalia resulted in many women having underdeveloped labia and even more underdeveloped clits. Finding a woman with properly developed clitoris is a major challenge these days.

The intact (there is no such thing as “uncircumcised” so I won’t use this term) girl who speaks at the end of the documentary wisely says that there are no benefits to circumcision, only problems. This applies to both men and women, although doctors who financially benefit from the barbaric practise as well as certain religious group that want to avoid public condemnation of the practise would have you believe otherwise.

Caption at the end says that every day, 6,000 girls endure the pain of genital mutilation. Some die of shock or excess bleeding, although most survive and suffer for the rest of their lives. Somehow this caption leaves out an even greater number of boys that likewise endure the pain of genital mutilation every day. There are many documented cases of boys dying as a result of circumcision. Such blanketed statement sounds more as an opinion, rather than a fact. Unless the makers of the documentary interviewed every circumcised girl in the world, they can’t know for sure if they suffer or not.

One more thing – as is apparent from the documentary, it is forbidden for men to participate in rituals performed by women, such as the ceremonial genital cutting. Sucks… mutilating vaginas sounds like fun job to have. I’d be the cheapest female circumciser on the continent.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya – Documentary”

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    1. @Killajamal, I know obviously if you had been given the choice you would not have chose to be circumcised, but how do you mean that your cock has been ruined?.

      Do you mean in the sense of personal aesthetics?, did you lose any normal function?, it seems to me from my own personal experience that American woman and those from countries with circumcision that intact cocks are frowned upon.

      Myself being from England, my cock is intact, however I have viewed enough porn in my time so that circumcised cocks appear normal to me now as well.

      Obviously circumcision should not be practiced other than for medical reasons however setting the notion of moralistic principles aside, does being circumcised make any difference to your everyday life.

          1. @empty soul
            I have two problems with it. First, I was born with that shit. Its natural. Probably there for a reason. Secondly, I have a theory that because my penis weighs less than that of an uncircumcised pole, it rises more easily in awkward situations. Like at the bank for example when the cute teller is giving me my money, I can’t keep that bastard down.
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            Therefore you should thank your lucky stars that you can get aroused so easily after all it could be worse, you could be me.

      1. Evolution doesn’t wast time on bits that arent required. The knob is a very sensitive part of the prick, my theory is that the foreskin protects this sensitivity so that when the knob pops out to go for a dive it has a maximum stimulus factor. Knobs that are not protected possibly lose this sensitivity, I still have mine and the thought of my exposed knob flopping around in thy jocks all day doesn’t excite me. I gues the only way to prove this would be to get an adult male whose had a sex life with foreskin to get circumsized and compare, not likely.

        1. @frogsplat

          There’s a lot of guys that get cut later on in life. Some voluntary, others forcefully. I knew a guy that got his 13 year old son cut. I didn’t say anything because the guy was my friend, but it was wrong. I’ve been told that a lot of guys that have had the pleasure of being intact and cut later on in life undergo a procedure called foreskin restoration. Yeah, you can regrow your foreskin and get back some sensitivity.

        2. @frogsplat, I was circumcised because of a medical condition aged 28, and your theory is dead right.
          Once the foreskin is lost,sensitivity is hugely reduced and sex is never as enjoyable as it once was.

  1. In Kenya girls as young as 7 years old are sexually active. Circumcised girls aren’t allowed to engage in sexual activity with anyone besides their husband. As a result, the men fulfil their sexual desires by raping children and in many cases impregnating them with 9 or 10 year olds being forced to abort in horrible and painful ways. Young children aren’t allowed to reject a man who wants to have sex with her. FGM is outlawed in Kenya yet it keeps happening because a circumcised girl receives a larger dowry which of course only benefits the men.

    It’s part of their culture, but it pisses me off how the men treat little girls who are brain washed into thinking that their actions are the norm.

    Even though I’m way in Alaska and no where near Africa if I ever went there and saw some pedophile motherfucker raping a little girl I’d cut his nuts off and shove them down his throat and duct tape his mouth shut.

    1. ‘Way in Alaska’..?

      You do realize your Country imports people like this into your Country, right?

      You no longer need to be in Africa to be rubbing shoulders (Or other places, as the case maybe for White females) with these people anymore.

      1. The city I live in is very small so I haven’t seen that many immigrants from Africa although I did meet one from the ivory coast recently … the thing that got me all riled up was the brainwashing and raping/impregnating of little girls … this applies to all races and all cultures world wide, not just Kenya.

        Also: were you saying that I am a white person? I’m actually half spanish and a bunch of other stuff … just trying to understand that comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Why is it everytime we have a post about female circumcision, all the men just start moaning about the tragedies of thier own dicks. We’ve had posts about male circumcision, it’s not about you lot. And for the final time please do not compare having your fourie cut of with having a clitoris cut off. Having a females clitoril ‘hood’ cut off but leaving the clitoris intact would perhaps be a comparison. I would imagine the pain of having your clitoris cut off would compare with the pain of having a red hot poker pushed down your japs eye. So please guys, for once it’s not all about the dick!

    1. @wicked mama, because men in general are obsessed with their cocks, us men could win the lottery, buy a mansion and live like a king and we would still be saying “life would be great if only my cock could be perfect” perfection of course being an impossible target and a waste of time as a motivation.

      Therefore by default any story that is about female genitals will always become a battle ground of cocks with pitiful laments regarding those cocks.

    2. I get your point, but honestly female genital mutilation in Africa get a lot of attention in the west. It’s a popular topic of discourse in some college classes dealing with humane rights (some African countries go as far as sewing the vagina shut). But why is it that female genital mutilation in the west gets no attention? Women deliberately get labiaplasty done so to look “more attractive.”

      In Africa these things happen because African countries lack proper leadership, and when a good leader does come along they get assassinated by some power hungry warlord.

      So, what’s our excuse? African culture is fucked up because of corruption, and is controlled by fear of death. Western culture is fucked up because it’s just fucked up, and is controlled by the media and fashion magazines that instill imaginary fears in our subconscious making us victims of our own vices. And thus, since we voluntarily do it to ourselves, it is not considered worthy of discourse and attention as the forced tribal intrusion on the rights of those whom are not coherently aware of their humane rights, or are unable to express their disapproval of the intrusion of their humane rights do to fear of death.

  4. Stupid ridiculous religions and cultures..Christ, why doesnt some organisation stop these morons? Or…well..i guess i know why; because it can only be stopped by themselves. I just hope someday those scumbags realise what they are doing

  5. Hypocrites, they don’t even show it ๐Ÿ™
    I have a video called ”shocking Africa” and it shows how both boys and girls are mutilated (the blood, the screaming, it is unbelievable cruel), now th?t’s a real Gore vid.

  6. I remember some retards protesting this beautiful ritual. I mean,really leave those people alone.it`s performed for hygienic reasons .btw, there is male circumcision and nobody makes a fuss about that.so why make a fuss about this? It`s all good . circumcise the living clit out of them. fun to watch anyway.

  7. I dont give a fuck what my family or the rest of the people thought of me! There is no way in hell I would let someone cut of my clit!!! I happen to like my clit just the way it is…..

  8. @flaming hair… They don’t cut to “stop sexual feelings.” Female “circumcision” is all about MEN in a male-dominated society in which women are considered essentially useless except as something to fuck, someone to be a mother to their children, and to cook and clean and “take care of” the man.

    It’s a practice so firmly ingrained in many African and other Arab cultures that when more modern governments tried to banish it, the biggest outcry was from WOMEN, not men. They could not see beyond their current circumstance to a day when there were NO “circumcised” females and therefore it no longer had any impact on a young girl/woman’s marriage prospects. Sadly, it was THE MOTHERS who insisted this practice continue, mothers who had undergone the same barbaric practice as children, themselves.

    While male circumcision has some real benefits as far as keeping a penis clean and disease-free, so-called “female circumcision” is just the opposite. In addition to cutting off the girl’s clitoris (this is often done between the ages of 8-10, certainly by the time they begin menstruating), her outer labia are all sliced off AND what’s left is SEWED SHUT with only a small hole remaining for urine and menstrual fluids to pass through. Traditionally there’s been an old woman (female version of a village elder) who would do this — often with a dull, rusty razor, piece of metal, knife, sharp piece of glass or whatever else was available…

    Once the labia are sewed shut long enough they GROW TOGETHER, so when the woman/girl is married, the first thing her new husband has to do on their wedding night is take a scabbard (curved knife) and CUT HER LABIA APART to make room for him to fuck her!

    The REASON the MOTHERS insisted this continue was that many men in that culture consider only a girl who’s been cut and sewed up like that to be a guaranteed virgin on her wedding night. As for the removal of the clitoris, their culture — especially the MEN in it — just DON’T CARE about any pleasure the WOMAN may or may not have in sex. It’s all about what THE MAN gets out of it!

    This is SO ANATHEMA to me it boils my blood! I can’t even really get turned on with a woman UNLESS I can make her cum and hear her soft sighs and moans of pleasure. My preference is to give her at least ONE orgasm before we even “worry about” me, and I think there are a lot of guys who feel this way — especially since women can cum multiple times, but most guys are good for one or two at the most, and need a break between.

    It’s telling that the same culture that continues to enforce this brutal treatment on young girls is also the same culture that cuts off the heads of people for sometimes minor offenses (in the case of ISIS, just if you’re not THEIR brand of Sunni Islam). It’s a shame many of those countries sit atop a natural resource (petroleum) that became SO VITAL to commerce in the developed world over the past 100 years, as the best thing I think many of us could do would be to simply avoid those cultures entirely until they’re ready to become more civilized and recognize the rights of all their citizens. The way we’re going about it by fighting groups like ISIS (while even many who claim to detest them secretly agree with much of what they stand for) is likely leading to a Third World War which may dwarf both the previous two.

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