Girl Acting Possessed on Train Platform Stabs Herself in Crotch

Girl Acting Possessed on Train Platform Stabs Herself in Crotch

Girl Acting Possessed on Train Platform Stabs Herself in Crotch

I don’t have any background information about this video, and don’t even know if it’s real. There are parts that make it look very realistic, but then there are things that make think “fugazi”. I’m gonna have to leave to Best Gore detectives to determine if it’s real or not. Needless to say, that excludes keyboard warriors who arbitrarily declare everything that’s on teh interweb to be fake.

The video depicts a young, leggy girl rolling around on the ground of a train platform, and acting overall possessed. Presumably, she’s high on drugs, which as we’ve recently seen, can make people act way out of line.

Girl in this video appears to stab herself repeatedly in the crotch. Perhaps she got tired of having ugly vulva with underdeveloped labia?

Props to Best Gore member @tg78 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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108 thoughts on “Girl Acting Possessed on Train Platform Stabs Herself in Crotch”

    1. Dude, W.T.F! She is in serious need of medical assistance and you wanna fuck her? She’s literally high off drugs, bleeding everywhere from self harm, screaming as though she’s possessed, and you would rather fuck her than help her? I know you couldn’t help her anyways because it’s a video but that’s not sexual at all, it’s sad actually from my perspective…

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  1. Cheer team Number 1 rule: Never do shit for the victim, just film.

    I mean come on guys, why didn’t you at least call 911 or got someone from security? I mean, sure she’s really agitated and have a knife, but I doubt that she’d be able to take out 3 to 6 guys alone, specially If one of them is from security.

    Meh, If this were real, I’d say that she’s probably on drugs and If I had to choose a drug to describe her behaviour, I’d say bath salts.

  2. I feel like this one is fake. There is more to this video that you can see on youtube. In the beginning it shows two guys just walking and BSing with each other and then they just look around the corner and see her there. There isn’t any sounds of her “freak out” until a few steps before the see her. I just find it hard to believe that she doesn’t start any screaming, moaning, etc until they are right up on her. It seems like there is some echo/sound amplification because of the location and yet you don’t hear anything coming from her until they are right about to see her.

  3. Holy shit, she looks like she’s on that FLAKA . Supposedly the drug makes their temp. go sky high and they feel like they are burning inside. They also see horrific terrors demons, devils and are extremely paranoid. Like if they are possessed. Her biscuit is so tore up!!

  4. Ahahah!! 😆 Reminds me a guy i knew pretending to be a zombie running after people just like that… I havent laughed so hard in a long time when i saw them running away from her. Maybe next time they should bring an exorcist along with them.

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  5. Im gonna go on a limb and say it is fake. At the beginning the people are arms length from her, usually whenever somone is demonstrating hallucinations like that people try to stay the fuck away. Also whenever she was stabbing herself I failed to see the viciousness of someone actually harming themself. I think they were playing a trick on the person and the camerman was in on it. But who knows nowadays

  6. When I was a practicing Satanist, I begged to be possessed and it never happened. All I got was a headache from the frankincense (maybe I shouldn’t have smoked it). I say its a public promotion. because the Rocky horror picture show will be on Fox soon so no, its fake.
    Goth chicks rock

  7. imagine her reaction when shes getting fucked in her ass. or those guys should have asked her to ride them while she is in that frenzied state, a screaming crazy random bitch riding your dick on a grotty subway would be one to cross off the ‘to do list’.

  8. I wouldn’t wanna tease my brains much and get in to more of the nitty gritty side as to how her labia majora or the minora bled or for that matter how her clit got hurt or she was simply squirting while she was at it …as this one comes about as fake as they say from its very start .
    And while she did all that drama for which she got her dimes ofcourse she was clearly mindful of keeping her distance from the tracks and also from the trains on the run ……….she was neither high nor much dry in those areas where atleast an eight inches dick would have atleast made it look if not for a real gore but for a great quality porn video atleast with just a little mouthful of gob

    1. Naivety. Many actresses are in fact possessed. They are not acting they are under mind control. The psyche has been abused to the point that it has scattered into fragments and they’ve developed multiple personality disorder. The more they struggle to resist the more they fall into the grasp of these malicious entities. People in all areas of life. Politics, Entertainment, Technology, Sports etc. No limitations or boundaries for these parasites. Only though meditation and calmness of spirit can they redeem themselves from their dark nature.

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