The Caption This Photo Contest #48

Woman Fucking Cactus

Different type of Caption Photo Contest. Try this one if you can. Thanks a lot Lilith for the pic.

This pic got so many absolutely precious captions, I had to expand both Best Caption and Runners-up sections and still had to leave many gems out. Brilliant job you guys.

Best Caption


Is she trying to de-flower that cactus? – Whitechapel

Poison Ivy’s Prom Night – gx5555



She calls it her Cocktus – BIG JOHNSON

My version of watering the plants. – Angry Chicken

Gotta be a better way to get rid of crabs!! – sickdaddy

Those Greenpeace chicks fucking love plants… Oh sorry, love fucking plants. – muzza

Coming this Summer: Roger Moore as Ian Fleming-s James Bond 007 in CACTOPUSSY – Pyromaniac

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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