The Caption This Photo Contest #52

Wooden Stick Up Naked Ass

Wooden Stick Up Naked Ass

Caption this photo if you can.

Best Caption:

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, pull the pin on that stink bomb. – Swine


She’s a real stick in the mud. – THUNDERLOAF

Fudgecicle! Get Your Fudgecicles here! – Graugeist

the start of a beaver dam… – Mr.Ragoo

Honey, your new fiber diet sucks. It’s either you shit bark from constipation or you splat sawdusts from diarrhea. – √açЌ ΜξhΘƒƒ ™

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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256 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #52”

      1. In “Hungry Cat Maximus” is that Your mom?
        I do beleive that you have talked about her briefly a few times, and if it is, tell her that Your friend Rotten Stench says What’s Up

        Cool cats by the way, and who the hell is “Arnold?”

        1. yes thats mom making me a sammich on 5 feb 2012 during the super bowl. arnold is just the name i picked for the channel after arnold schwarzenegger whom i admire cause he’s such a character and easy to remember. 84500 was assigned by you tube when i made the account. cool. another way for us to communicate if anyone else has a channel. my real name is Dave.

        2. how did i know that you @stench would be the first to check out the channel! thx bro. the cat’s are named maximus and sophie. they are 4yrs old and were both strays i found in the street. very loving and good companions. much better friends than i’ve ever found with the fleshy virus.

          1. @Mouse I just had a look at your cat vids, I had to laugh at you arguing with people on the comment section though! (gee that’s unusual) but 1 person said you shaved Maximus into a ‘tiger’? More like a LION! They are the ‘maned’ cats, the idiot.

          1. LOL yeah sorry, that last pic is a year old. I was really iffy with showing my face on here so I used an older one to sorta still hide it lol if that makes any sense at all. In other words, I’d still be able to walk by you now and you wouldn’t recognize me. But this pic here I took today. I should have written bidity on myself. Oh well.

        1. i saved that linked picture to my hard drive bidity.thx. sweet of you to post that link. don’t worry, i won’t be doing anything perverted with it. you’re so pretty. whats wrong with dudes someone hasn’t married you yet? anyhow maximus is a great cat. he was about 2 months old when i found him. i put a harness on him and take him to the park when the weathers nice. he’s real clean and never given me a problem. 2x a yr i shave him down and give him a lion cut. it’s good to get rid of the dead fur you know. thats a strange looking dog you have. do you have a u tube channel?

          1. Sure sure mouse lol. I used to have a YouTube account but I found there was too many rejects hovering around that site so I ditchedit. You take good care of your cat, that’s awesome 🙂

          2. i shaved the cat on 5 dec 2011. the hungry cat maximus was filmed 29 jan 2012 so you can still see the bob in his tail about 1 1/2 months after the initial shave. soo i’ll have to do it again cuz it grows back fast. dr. cocco left me a message on the channel. he’s a sneaky one and always lurking in the shadows. those cross eyes of his creep me out.

        1. actually the rent is not cheap as i pay half of it and some other bills. mom is a widow and i don’t want her living alone. not that she or i could afford to anyway. unfullfilled dreams? yes, there are a lot of those at age 48 but you’ll find out in due time wiseass.

          1. the ironic part is that i am in my late 20’s and live w/mom. self deprecating humor is right up my alley, so i might as well have been talking about myself. oh and financially – i all i do is split some bills with her, so i’m less help than you.

            i wrongfully took a shot at the mouse and was shut down. nice of you to help your mother in her old age.

            and the unfulfilled dreams bit.. i set my goals really low so i can always achieve them. i’m going to graduate college by 28 and move out of moms by 30!!

    1. i was off bestgore for 2 days and i missed you luna 🙁 oh and biddity, i would say little sicko aswell but that fucking faggot cybertranny, LOL CYBERTRANNY. its like robocop…
      trannys are so beautiful… why do they have to have cocks? 🙁
      o.k thats all, peace ya’ll

  1. *these are my multiple attempts at humor*

    Brazilian Wood Chipper

    Brazilian Pencil Sharpener

    “And I thought My barking dog was an asshole”

    Butthole Coffin Birth

    “FREEZE! This is a stick up!!”

    Pinocchio’s failed attempted at ass-fucking

    1. I think Mark needs to check up on bidity cause I have doubts about her age suitability for the site.

      I really miss the old days, before a bunch of immature retards decided to bring facebook bullshit unto BG. No wonder gore old schoolers are disappearing.

      1. majority of them left after the forum drama that happened. then is was done away with all together. I miss it cause members could build relationships there as well as comment on gore. BuAnd some instances bring their own personal collection. But now we resort to using the comment system to build relationships too. I see nothing wrong with friendly banter on this site I just wish it was easier to separate

        1. @magic…..ive said the same thing in another thread…i think it was in the gnomes one…..people become friends when using the same site for a long period of time….its impossible to spend a lot of time commenting back and forth with the same people and NOT make casual chit chat with them….i love the gore but i also really like interacting with the other people who come here too……a private message function would be awesome to talk to eacj other but im betting the normal talk would still continue in the posts here….personally i dont see the harm in telling someone their new picture is pretty or wishing someone a happy birthday……

        1. Wow. Mark can you please inconvenience yourself by removing the 2 posts of my dog photos in “Finger Impaled in Nail Gun Accident” and my fansign pic here in this post?

          And I’ve already changed my avatar back to what it was originally. Is that better you whiny little bitches? Go pull the tampons out of your ass.

          1. See, how quickly she proved my point? This is exactly the level of immaturity I was talking about. Turning all sulky like a 5 year old who was told she couldn’t have an icecream. Why are these immature kids fucking up this great site?

          2. @slicer, lol you’re the one who’s whining over BG not being the way it used to be. All I did was attempt to reverse the “FB” image I was apparently helping to create. You can continue calling me a kid all you want. I really don’t care. *shrug*

          1. It is a strange contradiction, the images of the most RECENT brutal gore on the planet, and in the same thread, commenting on how awesome it would be to chew on some poor assholes outward intestines, and then, 10 posts down, compliments on somebody’s choice on hair color…….it is what it is, but then again, some of us most likely are more civil here to one another than we can muster to most anybody else when the computer’s turned off.

          2. @slicer idk the forum went down so quick I was around for like three or four months. Then in like two days I didn’t check it and everything had gone to shit. Anywho.Accus me of what you will. and as for the “children” comment age plays no factor when someone has something intelligent to say. So lets not get me started on that one again *winks at mouse* I come to look at what mark posts. I enjoy the comment section. I mean if you don’t like the comments don’t read them. Just view the posts. Shit, half the time that’s what I do

        2. Correct, all you could find on the forum were these kids telling one another how amazing they were. Like, uhh, you’re so awesome and a response would be, no uhh, you’re awesome and it just went on and on. After this stupidity was terminated, the site started to kick serious ass and grew from what – 300k users to 2 million in 6 months? That was the golden age of Best Gore. And now the new generation of kids is back once again turning this great site into a facebook type of bouncing compliments back and forth at one another. Somebody save us! Real commenters stop commenting because they are pushed away by the same immaturity that killed forums.

          1. wasnt it racist trolling. Then old members got banned so everyone else who put out generally good posts quit. So really all senior members were gone and there was nobody left to contribute to the forum. the only reason I joined the forum in the first place was because you couldn’t view pictures people posted without being a member

          2. You must have been one of those who got kicked out of forum cause you’re pushing completely wrong line of events. As is happening here now, forum was also invaded by a bunch of kids who did nothing but circle jerk one another and ganged up on anyone who disagreed with them. You can see a carbon copy of exactly the same scenario here. Kids circle jerking one another, sticking their noses deep inside one another’s asses and gang up on anyone who speaks against doing it, because it turns BG into a kiddy pool on facebook.

            BG started to flourish after circle jerkers were kicked out because it was able to return to being a gore site, not a kiddy pool for immature morons. Looks like history is repeating itself and I’m sure once their circle jerking starts dragging BG down like forum kids once did, they will be taken care of. I’ve seen it happen before. You can gang up on me all you want, these are history proven facts.

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