The Caption This Photo Contest #72

Penis in Hand Powered Meat Grinder

Penis in Hand Powered Meat Grinder

Best Caption

Dick was bad so he got grounded. – Brokeback


After the recent horse meat scandal in the UK, David was taking no chances with the kids burgers this week – Yorak Hunt

May contain traces of nuts. – Roamer

Roberto was determined to have his new girlfriend suck his dick. Even if it meant through a straw. – chemist

Honorable Mention

Dear sir/madame,

Today I recieved my handjob 5000. Although I found the manual concise and easy to understand, I think I may have found a design flaw. I have included a photo to help you identify the said flaw.

Under the sales act I am entitled to a full refund, and I will send you back the goods.

Yours faithfully,

Jim no jane doe – argybob

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225 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #72”

  1. Saying “Fresh ground sausage” just seems too easy on this one…
    I wonder what he’ll do if you ask for some truffle shavings…. break out the cheese grater and have a go at the sack eh?

  2. Oh ,shit, I can’t think of nuthin’ on this one, but how’s this? 3 kids, in school yard in third grade 1 irish, 1 italian, 1 black. They say lets play a game, the game, who’s got the biggest weenie, irish kid whips it out, then the italian whips it out and says i have an inch on you, black kid whips it out , and his is longer and thicker than both of theirs, black kid goes home and says mom we played a new game today called who’s got the biggest weenie and i won! they said it was because i was black, is that true? mom says, no leroy, it’s because your 18. If I wasn’t drinkin I coulda said it better guys, and bitches.

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