Torn Cervix Photo

Torn Cervix Photo

Cervix is that part of female body you as a male bump into with your dick when you have vaginal intercourse with her. You can also feel it with your fingers when you do a handjob on your mistress – it’s that roundish thing with tiny depression in the middle that doesn’t allow you to feel any deeper into her. I’d tell you more about it, but I don’t get any damn pussy and this is all I could find on teh interweb ๐Ÿ˜€

The cervix in our picture belongs to a 26 year old female who gave birth to a 9 1/2 pound baby 14 months prior – I know, it’s fucking gross to even imagine that somebody’s sperm load landed on that thing and stained it so much a kid came spitting out of there. Damn…

The 26 year old didn’t resume ovulation (aka period) until 14 months after birth of her daughter, which is when she stopped brestfeeding her. She noticed that her cervix was very tender after sex with her husband and had it checked by a gynaecologist who confirmed that her cervix was torn. She didn’t know what exactly could cause a tear so the actual reason is unknown. It is however unusual for a cervix to tear during labor.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Torn Cervix Photo”

  1. finally found some time to browse here again. First of, this cervix isn’t torn, its perfectly normal. Women who have yet to give birth have a small circular hole as a cervical opening, when you do give birth it becomes more similar to a fishmouth. This woman has given birth before, the reddish part shown is the endocervix, its supposed to look like that, vesicular and slightly reddish.

    Here’s the catch, the cervix almost always tears during childbirth (unless its a cesarean delivery of course).

      1. WillRus from what I have found in studying female ejaculation is that it is a mixture of bodily fluids being squirted(or ejaculated) out of a small hole between the urethra and the vaginal opening. While it was originally believed that it was urine, it was shown in a study of this fluid that while it has traces of urine it is not completely urine. Evidently as everything else I could be wrong. This is just what I have found in researching the matter.

        1. Ok, secret info. Ima squirter. Usually masturbation or oral makes for a good geyser. You feel a deep tingling, clit engorges, then warm clear liquid sprays out. Although it didn’t smell like piss, I convinced myself it was. So I figured, safer in the shower. Realized then it felt nothing like urination. And came from neither hole. Came from somewhere under my urethra and above my canal. Either way, its some wicked shit!

          1. Yes. I have a question on the reason why women taste the excreations. I as a hetro alpha male do not wonder the taste of my spirit. Thank you and have a pleasent day. -951-

        1. Mouse, I understand your point. If I were a guy i’d stick to the same sentiment. Ima woman though, and my pussy doesn’t smell like any fish at all. On the other hand, thank you summers eve! I’ve had some stinky pussy though. And DICK is what usually makes it stink. I have similar thoughts about dick. When you suck a mans dick, thats putting the same hole he pisses from, along with every asshole, pussy and tire he’s ever penetrated. Dick is NOT cleaner than Pussy. But….I love suckin ’em both….long as they don’t smell foul. Good to see you again Mouse.

  2. I guess, “I don’t know,” is the answer a lot of E.R. Docs hear when they see these things.
    Fact remains that something had to cause it, if not an ulcer, cancer, to other natural problem it leaves just one thing. Some type of rough sex.
    Either the man in her life or the toy of choice, but one of them did it.

    1. @Graugeist you are the 2nd one to say “it’s from sex!” Our resident Dr. a few comments above has explained what he thinks about this particular cervix. The way @Trauma puts it, it’s hard NOT to believe him.

      1. I di dnot know that there was a Licensed Physician on the site… That means we should all keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves and wait for him to make a statement then consider it to be law. Like the Doctors that said blood letting was good, or relax and have a cigarette, or perhaps Milk will help your stomach ulcer.
        OH WAIT ! They were all WRONG !
        That is right, “PHYSICIANS” that were terribly wrong! And that list goes on and on.

  3. Cervical penetration is fascinating and sexy.. Doesn’t get much play in this twisted society, though. This bitch is blown out like the rest of the whores I see, but more apt to showing physical symptoms. Blah..

  4. this bitch probably fucked a black dude with gigantic 10 inch penis … and she is probably white… just look at her
    pink skin color. This bitch deserved it anyway… probably was sick and tired of her white male small penis lol. … her cervix looks like a hidden penis dick head actually hahahah

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