Woman Asked to Shake Out Her Bra During Traffic Stop by Police Officer

Woman Asked to Shake Out Her Bra During Traffic Stop by Police Officer

Lakeland Police are facing some hard questions after a video leaked of Officer Dustin Fetz asking a young woman twice to lift her shirt and shake out her bra during a traffic stop on West Beacon Road in Lakeland, Florida.

Zoe Brugger was stopped for driving with a broken headlight. Officer Dustin Fetz apparently suspected that she was carrying drugs. It is unreal that a law abiding citizen could be subjected to demeaning treatment by police on the grounds of simply not having their vehicle in perfect order and use the ever so popular “I suspected she was transporting drugs” excuse.

It reminded me of this video of a fare dodger being overwhelmed by dozens of policemen – no wonder actual criminals are committing heinous crimes unhindered and our streets are not becoming safer if policemen are caught up finding a way to bust non dangerous individuals for petty reasons.

Officer Dustin Fetz was placed on administrative leave with pay pending further investigation. Apparently, searches involving bra shaking are not uncommon in Lakeland and possibly also in many other towns and cities. US constitution guarantees protection from unreasonable searches but as police continue to utilize lies to justify mistreatment of civilians, constitution is fast becoming a joke.

Props to Best Gore member xxXmisfitsXxx for the video:

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101 thoughts on “Woman Asked to Shake Out Her Bra During Traffic Stop by Police Officer”

    1. where is the reason for her to be embarressed i have ben choosen out from crowds and have to pull out my boxers so officers can look down to my cock .. he aint even near her nor touching her ive ben grabbed on my nuts and all that shit by officers …

      1. I am with you bro. I wish all these homosexuals would stop sucking my dick! It’s embarrassing sometimes. Like your Gay Cops these homos also pick me out of a crowd, pull my pants down, and suck my cock. Talk about an awkward moment!

  1. The American cops are getting just as bad as the British cops, soon you will be getting stopped and fined for doing 3mph over the speed limit too.

    Mind you, to be as bad as the British cops your police service would have to employ only politically correct demographics, they would have to sue the public every time they tripped over a curb and they would have to spend all their working hours harassing and fining the motorist whilst letting the criminals roam free.

    You should be grateful that your cops only want to see tits.

    1. @Assassinisher,

      The Japanese police are saints compared to the British, I used to live there, they at least do not fine you half a weeks wages just for going at 45mph in a 40 zone.

      @ d.i.y,

      It truly is sick isn’t it, the police are scum and nothing more, if they can’t even do the job they are paid for they are absolutely fucking worthless and now they are costing us money with their insanity, fucking asshole plebs the lot of them.

  2. wow, really? Cops are ass holes.

    I once got pulled over by a cop in this rich stuck up town north of Jackson, anyway, he asked me what I was doing out this time of night? I had just gotten off of work at a local restaurant and told him I was on my way home. The pig pulls out his cell phone to call a buddy of his to ask what time the restaurant closes on Friday. Then he’s all like, alright ma’am stay out of trouble.

    So I get pulled over on a dark narrow road at almost 1 in the morning after being on my feet for 10 hours and interigated by this dick only because I was driving late at night. PIG

    I feel for the girl, she looks scared and confused.

    1. lol her light was out she got stopped for that ontop of that she looks like a druggie he dont touch her or nothing she has nothing to complain over almost every1 will have a runin with the cops you have nothing to hide then dont complain do what they ask you too and your on your way again

      1. She does not look like a druggie. You let a cop ask a white woman to shake her bra out in Mississippi and see what happens. She would call her mom and dad up so quick, mom and dad would have called the cops mom and dad, then cops parents would be making him hand write an apology letter.

        If the cop can only say he suspected her of possessing drugs that is completely worthless. Where is the proof, where were the signs, any comments on her behavior? any notice of bags or pipes? No, he was just turning a mole hill into a mountain.

      2. ?The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses,
        papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be
        violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause.?

        I’m a resident of a major county in Florida and I can vouch that the majority of cops in Florida are 100% scum.

        It’s individuals like yourself which do nothing but sit back and take it in the ass while big government continues to trample on our “rights” a little more each day. It’s people like you that are doing NOTHING right now while the NSA and other government agencies continue their attack on the American people and in fact the people of the world. So that’s fine keep “lol’ing” on your back like a bitch. The day your “rights” are officially taken from you then you won’t be laughing.

        In closing sir you’re an idiot plain and simple. And just because you infuriate me so much I’m gonna call you a dumbass as well. Dumbass.

      1. And yes… it was Madison. I have never gotten pulled over by any other cops except Madison city ones. I complain, but its that very exact situation I experienced that keeps the Jackson thugs out of that area.

        Madison cops can smell negro scoundrels like sharks smell blood.

        1. I haven’t cared for cops all that much since the age of 15. I witnessed a cop car purposely hit a motorcycle that attempted to flee. Sparks flew like water shot up by a speed boat. The black man on the motorcycle actually got up and ran behind the building (the historic Cains ballroom in Tulsa oklahoma) where I was standing. By this time half a dozen cops were chasing him on foot. I followed them and found them beating him with billy clubs. I was young and idealistic and couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I yelled at the cops “you just almost killed that guy and now you are beating him!?” The cop standing closest to me turned around pointed his gun in my face and told me to fuck off. Which I certainly did. They drove him away slumped over in the front seat of a cop car. We found out later he had only been driving without a license. That was good ol boy justice. It made Rodney kings beating look like tiddly winks. Now days there are so many cases of police brutality being exposed (no telling how many cases there are that we never hear about). Crazy world.

    1. How bout speculums and stirrups, oh wait those are some of my tools. I perform free pap exams out of my storage unit. I realize times are tough for the underpriviliged, I’m just trying to do my part and give back. Spread the word juicy I’m in CA 😀

    1. In 1984 I was in NYC walking to a friends house. We took a short cut along some train tracks. We were walking along a trail that was obviously used often. There were no signs regarding no trespassing to be seen. Two transit police stopped us. After not finding any drugs they took us in for trespassing. The male cops made lewd gestures at me when I was in the holding cell (tongue licking gestures). I was barely 18. We were pissed and wouldn’t give them our names so they decided a little psychological terrorism might get us to talk. They took me into a room to do a cavity search. A big assed big boobed (her body was going in two directions LOL) black female cop came into the room with me and put a pair of latex gloves on and was about to have me spread so she could insert her fingers inside me, so I just thrusted my pelvis at her and in a sleazy tone I said: “OH BABY OH YEAH, I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ALL DAY!” She couldn’t get out of that room fast enough! You see, they don’t know how to react when you don’t act ashamed in such a situation. I had the same thing happen twenty years later! I was threatened with a cavity search because I wasn’t behaving as they wanted in yet another bullshit situation. I did the same thing and got the same reaction. They didn’t get to finger me because I refused to be ashamed which was exactly what they expected and wanted! They didn’t realize they were dealing with a real human being who happens to be SHAMELESS. Those nasty bitches!!

      1. I have to share one more story. When I was 19 and in a punk rock band back in the 80’s we all lived together in a party house. We were always broke and never had drugs and only managed to get our hands on beer now and then. We were weird looking but weren’t criminals. One night we went for a walk. When we came back we found two police officers standing outside one of our windows peeking inside! I snuck up behind them (crazy I know) and said loudly and suddenly “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!” And they jumped knowing they were caught red handed. Oh they right away started in with shining their flashlights in my face asking for my I.D. I told them THEY were breaking the law and that my mommy and daddy knew where I was. It gave me great satisfaction to watch them scurry along with their guilty tails between their legs. Sure, it could’ve ended badly. The things we do when we are young!

    1. I dated a cop years ago. I am a Dominatrix but refer to my dating him as my ‘kinky stage’ if that makes any sense, lol. He was into infantilism. In case you don’t know what that is, in his case he liked to act like a toddler and have me be his ‘mommy’. It was a turn OFF for me, no offense to anyone with such a fetish, and I never would engage him in that capacity. He told me that cops always judge people by their cars. If you have a nice new car that is an indication that you are a productive citizen. If you are driving an older model or a car that has issues it is an indication that you are probably a bad citizen with issues a cop would be interested in. I happened to drive an old ford falcon at the time and he suggested that I get myself a better vehicle. He would put on his uniform and say “I’m gonna get me some vermin tonight!”. Needless to say our relationship didn’t last and we were always arguing over various issues. I look back and wonder if my motives for dating him were based in researching whether or not cops were actually human beings capable of reasonable behaviors. Oh well. The fact that he was super cop while on duty and acted like a toddler wanting to be diapered in private makes quite a statement don’t ya think? I know another Domme who had a police officer client who wanted her to kick him in the balls over and over and over. He told her it made him feel better. I bet.

  3. Don’t talk to the police. Give them your I.D. and then invoke your right to remain silent. You owe them nothing.
    It’s absurd to think that you have to remove clothing or shake around and do a little dance for a cop.
    Just stand there and don’t say anything.

    1. Right, dont make any statements, but one should cooperate with the requests unless they force you to suck some cock or suchlike. They have no right to search your car without a solid suspicion unless you have a dangerous animal or a weapon in it (the wife doesnt count). Relax, stay calm and fart your way trough the interview.
      That´d work in a perfect world, but in our police state you have the right to remain obedient.

      1. Nothing that you say to a cop can help you, but anything that you say can be used against you. Cops are not your friends, even if they pretend to be. Exercising your right to remain silent and requesting to see a lawyer should the cop remain adamant is the only way to avoid getting oneself deep into a hole.

        1. Especially if you meet a psycho, you should record the happening.
          Filming the police during the interview is protected by the first amendment. Its allowed in 38 states, if you dont interfere with the work of the cops. 12 remaining states require a consent by all parties to be filmed. It has to happen openly in all states. Only in Massachusetts and Illinois its not allowed to film police on duty. They might arrest you, but you will not be charged for that.
          I´d film secretely though, the advantage is just too helpful.

          1. ” I´d film secretely though, the advantage is just too helpful ”

            That’s it……. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and good luck.

            I can’t stress enough the value of video.

          2. Its simultaneously useless though, because you cant use it as an evidence in court yet. Reserved for blatant police transgressions which exceed the “crime” of videotaping. Gosh, power to the people my ass.

  4. That’s pretty fucked up. Poor girl, if she would’ve told him that she wouldn’t lift up her shirt… She would’ve gotten arrested. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Not all cops are corrupted fucks but most of them are fucking bastards.
    People can stand up to these thugs in uniform no matter how fucked up they are…. It’s a fucking shame! I hope these fucks lose their job!!!!

  5. This is standard procedure when a female officer is not available. What warranted the search can only be speculated but I’m surprised people are losing their minds over what looks to me like a regularity.

    1. this is absolutely standard procedure for male officers to search females suspected of carrying drugs or weapons etc. as a former female officer, when i was on duty, i was called to check by w/officers that needed a female detainee/prisoner searched for transport etc. as a female, i could physically put my hands on the detainee/prisoner for a complete search, whereas a male officer could not touch the females on sensitive areas ie breasts, vaginal area because of claims and law suits of male officers raping them in custody. in the municipality i worked for, male officers could search a female on the breast area w/ the back of there hand and in front of dash cam, w/audio.

      1. I completely agree. there wasn’t any contact with her breast. I was expecting the officer to tell her to lift up her shirt. Don’t get me wrong the officer was probably on a power trip, wasting time as someone else was in a situation that could have used a police officer.

    2. You think it’s okie dokie for a cop or anyone for that matter to have this kind of access and power? During a traffic stop over a headlight no doubt? Baaa baaa baaa. You should understand what I just stated. The powers that shouldn’t be have managed to normalize this kind of bullshit and have brainwashed people to the degree that they enthusiastically hand over their personal sovereignty. It’s infuriating to me. Even if drugs had been found on her this is unacceptable. You call it regularity I call it normalized tyranny. Whoopee!!!

  6. Just like Ice T said!!!! FUCK THA POLICE….He suspected she had drugs, I suspect that only guilty citizens are behind bars…sooo fuckin´ mistaken…When people hate their public enforcements eventually they will attack (and destroy) their institutions, just like Run DMC said: It´s like that!!!!, but the final swing is not a thrill, it´s how many people i can kill…it ain´t loockin´good at all

    1. Yep, nothing to be concerned with here. Cops should be allowed to search people like this because cops are the protectors of the people and would never think to step out of line. It’s just you and me and every day people who can’t make good decisions. We need this kind of authority where officers have access to our bodies when we are caught driving with a headlight out. As long as no boobs are shown its all a-ok! You should be aware in some states cops can catheter you against your will if you refuse a sobriety test! They’ve done this to men and women who were perfectly sober. Damn those citizens for not wanting their bodies being probed by strangers! Who in this hell do they think they are!? It makes the world a safer place when people bow down to authority. They must not care about safety! Oh…and baaaaa baaaaa baaaaa!!!!

    1. @silenced, about 10 yrs. ago i was in a situation where there was a crack in the lens of my tail light. Never had a trouble with this slight crack before, but this time I got felt up by the investigating officer. Interestingly enough, my passenger who has Cerebral Palsy, and who at times drools a little, went unmolested. Crazy, in my opinion. Btw, the officer didn’t do just a pat down either…he quite lingered over the crotch and never asked if I was carrying drugs or had any weapons on me that could poke him. In fact, he never looked in my pockets. Also, he never asked if he could inspect my car or where I was going or doing out that afternoon.

  7. To bad maybe the officer didn’t know it was gonna be a slow news day. Hey I’m shocked this wasn’t turned into a post about how feminism promoted it to be an issue for the male officer to not touch her while searching her just because she showed her stomach. I’m sure she shows more in a swimsuit.

  8. Ugh I live in Lakeland and I can’t stand the cops here! All cops in this county will treat you like shit if you just look funny.

    Anyways, it’s kinda cool to see a story about my hometown on here. Nothing’s really exciting happens in Lakeland.

  9. The news station is worse than the officer that made her do it. “Oh she was humiliated and embarrassed by this illegal search? Well shit Maynard we better make sure everyone in the freaking world has the opportunity to watch. She thinks she was embarrassed by the passing traffic… just wait until we broadcast this on the 6 o’clock news heh heh heh.”

    1. PS. This applies to U.S. citizens and is meant for people who may not know. My lawyer A.K.A mom, taught me that under the 4th amendment to the Constitution you do not have to submit to searches without probable cause (Fourth amendment states as follows: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.) If you’re ever pulled over you should be cooperative up until they ask to search your vehicle ( Or start asking questions that may incriminate you or anyone else, you have the right to remain silent before and especially after arrest.) Ask if you are under arrest. If they don’t have probable cause to search your car or your body (though if you’ve got a gun they can see or you smell like the doobie king etc. you’re screwed) then simply say ” I do not submit to searches” If you’re not under arrest they also do not have the right to detain you for longer than it takes to issue you a citation for whatever violation they pulled you over for, though they may involve you in stall tactics. Yes, if you refuse to allow them to search, it will make them suspicious, but that in and of itself is not probable cause.

  10. see this is bullshit…very wide practice…i was reminiscing i n my old neighborhood and my friend and i pulled into my grade school parking lot cause i dropped my phone…two cop cars pulled up and i was bent in towards the car looking for my phone, i stood up and fixed my bra(my tits were popping out :p) and the twat knot pig had me pull my tits out….fucking pigs……i have nothing against POLICE OFFICERS…my uncle is one….its the fucking dirty, pig, cops that i hate…

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