African Woman with Shaven Slit and No Underwear Sexually Assaulted by Multiple Men

African Woman with Shaven Slit and No Underwear Sexually Assaulted by Multiple Men

African Woman with Shaven Slit and No Underwear Sexually Assaulted by Multiple Men

This video is from a small town of Kafue, located about 210 miles (338 km) from the famous Victoria Falls in the southern region of Zambia. It depicts the abuse of a woman who was beaten unconscious, after which a group of men take turns to sexually abuse her by touching her private parts and inserting objects into her shaven slit. This incidence occurred on 26th of June, 2016.

Best Gore member @african-angel provides an insight:

After doing research on this with an aid from a Malawian counterpart who understands the chewa/nyanja language spoken throughout the video and helped me with translations, this is what I came up with:

The victim was identified as Nagaad Saad (her name sounds strange in this region of Africa though). She’s in her early thirties. She was beaten by her 24 year old boyfriend who is a Disc Jockey. His name is Chishimba Chibemba, but he goes by DJ Chichi.

According to the information we gathered, DJ Chichi was informed by an associate who observed his girlfriend whoring herself out, that she’s flirting with other guys.

I concede that the woman is a whore, judging by her not wearing any under pants under her miniskirt.

In the beginning of the video, you can hear the woman and other spectators pleading “osamumenya” (do not beat her) with the attacker.

Later you hear a guy shouting: “inunkila elo ichosa na manzi“, which means the pussy smells sexy and it’s dripping water.

After the video in which he was seen assaulting her lover went viral on social media, DJ Chichi went into hiding. He was apprehended in January 2017, and appeared in court where he pleaded guilty to the charge of assaulting and stripping his girlfriend.

He was sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour, despite pleadings from the victim not to prosecute him.

The other five retards who sexually assaulted her have been already arrested and identified with the help of incarcerated DJ. They have been charged with rape, sexual and indecent assaults, which carry a minimum sentence of 18 years with hard labour and no parole.

Moral of the story is: when there are no white women to rape, black women will do, I guess? Thank you for the video and the insight, @african-angel:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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277 thoughts on “African Woman with Shaven Slit and No Underwear Sexually Assaulted by Multiple Men”

  1. I would hate to see something like what I saw in this video in real life.
    No woman deserves to be treated like this no-undies dark female…
    Thats humiliation at full throttle. but it seems that
    1) Victim doesn’t mind it or
    2) She goes through same abuse quite regularly and she’s used to or
    3) She is just being a Niger*ian or
    4) She developed some type of
    Stockholm Syndrome

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should real negroes be let out of africa.
    They can’t be normal, civilized, polite, productive members of society, educated, morally inclined.
    This world is in serious need of a
    “Negrolokaust” and badly.

  2. What a soulless brainless empty world. A world of monsters, wild animals run amuk. Here is a woman who is treated like a piece of worthless garbage laying in the street possibly dying while these ignorant sub-humans laugh and make fun. And even people here sympathizing with them. Be glad that i am not your judge. You would pray for death.

  3. How didgusting and fu%***G vile of these black people to kick her in the f#**k**G face she cudnt breathe she ws in shock n they kicked her again … they shuda just raped her let her go savages

  4. I have a question to the girls (and pro-feminists) who will never be smart enough to prevent these situations, and these questions only go to the ones who are wise enough to acknowledge the natural volitional differences between male and female mammals.

    1. Putting yourself in a male mob (referring to the many incidences in Tahir Square) guarantees you gender equality?

    2. Would you rather your daughter be SAFE or FREE?

    The mere existence of the female human is in itself temptation to the males who set eyes on her. The book of wisdom (religious text and so on) describe a woman’s body as a sanctuary / temple depicting something that should be treasured and keep away from harm; which is why not too long ago in human existence (when morality mattered more than political correctness), girls were breed away from public life. They were only presented to find a suitor, tie the knots and get back to a very private life with their spouse. Girls themselves were well aware of this, when they reached puberty, they noticed their breasts getting bigger, they were shy about it, they kept it away from view, they were fully aware of how certain female goodies of their body (including their voice) was likely to turn males on so they were extremely mindful. In this way, “rape” was never an issue and societies never needed rape laws.

    Today, females have been told they should refuse to stay away from public view (against their own best judgment), far from it, they show more of themselves than necessary. They want to go everywhere doing everything along with the men; which has brought women a long way from being those moral, submissive humans who were once pure and mindful of society TO some total masculine dorks in female bodies while politicians coin words terribly to their favor, including “rape”. The truth is: everyone (not only women) constantly have to choose between freedom and safety. I’m male but I wouldn’t want to be in chaotic situations like Tahir Square. Even as a journalist I would refuse such an assignment because I know the area is not safe. If I had a daughter who wanted to join the Tahir Square protest, I would chain her to her room and get blamed for that rather than do nothing and worry about the 100 things that could go wrong while she’s there.

    Safety and Freedom are opportunity costs. As a girl, when you choose to be at that party smoke and drink that stuff, join those guys to get high, wear that sexy dress, travel alone, etc; you have chosen more freedom over safety so don’t be surprised when something sexual happens to you, it is a natural order. Instead of teaching girls not to be stupid, people today rather advocate “teaching the males not to ‘rape’” (in other words, outlawing heterosexuality). This I believe is the reason why most rapes these days end up with the girl herself being murdered so that she doesn’t go whining about it.

  5. the woman is either clever or in serious medical danger

    She is pretending to take a seizure. the whole eyes open, shaking whilst peeing herself is a good act. She would have been about to be gang raped otherwise. This was the next step with a mob mentality having taken over
    She is actually taking a seizure and about to fall into a coma

  6. I get it. The woman was dressed like a slut and her behavior was as bad or worse. But, wow, it takes a big man to slap a woman around, kick her in the head…uh huh. And the friends reminded me of a bunch of animals surrounding wounded prey, waiting until she was extremely vulnerable and unable to put up the slightest physical defense. No one, man or woman, has a right to do this kind of crap. I would have the same opinion if it was a woman doing this to a man.

  7. I spent five yrs in the joint for dealing weed yep fucking five yrs for grass, anyhoo on my holiday my first cellmate was a vicious rapist who used to abduct women off the streets and he would cut holes in their stomachs and then proceed to fuck the hole he had just made for himself. in the end, he was found necked in the showers. nothing like a little fear to see a paper man crumble, I stole that from IT.

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