Australian Tourist Falls to His Death While Parasailing in Phuket, Thailand

Australian Tourist Falls to His Death While Parasailing in Phuket, Thailand

A 71 year old Australian man named Roger John Hussey fell to his death while parasailing on Kata beach on the island of Phuket in Thailand.

The video shows a member of the parasailing company strapping Mr. Hussey into safety harness. However he fails to fasten the straps that should have gone between Mr. Hussey’s legs. Without these straps, he slipped out of the harness and fell to his death.

To your regular sheeple, this should seem like your regular accident, but there is a kicker that only the readers of Best Gore would understand – the video was filmed by Mr. Hussey’s wife whose name is Budsabong Thongsangka. And Mr. Hussey was a successful businessman and a very wealthy man, who was on the board of numerous companies including Landgate WA, WA Neuroscience Research Institute and the nonprofit Bali Eye Foundation.

So what we have here is a Thai gold digger who entraps a very high net worth western prey. We’ve heard of hundreds of cases of Thai women maintaining a relationship with a tricked man and pretending to love him long time until he’s pleased with how devoted and loyal his Thai wife is, only to end up falling to his death under dubious circumstances shortly after changing his will to assign everything, or most of what he owned to her. She doesn’t work alone – the police, thugs, Thai businesses and whoever else is necessary to secure the score work together to put on the show, and then they split the loot. Thai police declare his death an accident or a suicide, and the girl is off to another unaware westerner.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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190 thoughts on “Australian Tourist Falls to His Death While Parasailing in Phuket, Thailand”

      1. I strolled through the majority of these comments and every armchair comedian got their hands on the Phuket angle. No mention of Budsabong Thongsanka. Open mic night at the Calcutta chuckle hut and you get an alley oop like this…

    1. guy in green was in on it.
      notice all the over acting,he was doing while fastining and checking the connections,while the straps below dangled conspiciously?
      have the aussies relatives send a hit man to kill green shirt,and the thai bitch IN thailand!
      chuck them both out a highrise window

    1. When they took off, a few sec later the tilandies guy scooped over his legs on top the rope he was holding onto with his hands…the rest I could picture what he’s doin in my head. He is unbuckling the belts openly in front of the Australian carelessly, knowing he is far from witnesses

    2. @despy
      Hi despy. Did your asshole ever close up? (<<joke)

      You did.

      I was going to write something here, but fuck it. U.b.u.

      To be honest, dude, who cares how he died? He was rich and he was old. He was looking for thrills; he found them. His relatives surely didn’t care how he died. All they cared about at THIS point was how much he was going to leave for them in his will; that’s sad, but true for all of us. Once you get to a certain age, you’re no longer cute and charming, you’re a liability, a nuisance, and an obligation.

    1. They’re hot, supposedly submissive and provide lots of sex, that’s enough to make many a man fall for them, I mean if you had all of this as a wife wouldn’t you be satisfied, I would. It seems that it may be just false propaganda, though, gotta be careful of it’s too good to be true…

          1. My point is if you choose a mate based on shallow traits, you should at least consider there are deeper, perhaps darker, traits as well. It’s smart to look beyond your baser instincts when getting involved in a serious relationship.

          2. I looked into this. His wife wasn’t young. They’ve been married a long time and have grown children. I wonder if everybody assuming this is murder knows that. I think everybody is imagining some young woman who was only married until she could get in the will. No, this woman had been around a long time with this guy and had 3 kids with him. Maybe this has nothing to do with her.

          3. @isplaster It was great that you to looked it up. I understood that Mark was taking a guess, let’s say, of what happened, that’s why I used the word ‘if’ in a comment down bellow in the section. But ya, maybe it was just an accident due to negligence.
            And, ya, it’s important to consider the character of a potential partners and go beyond based instincts, I agree with that.

      1. they don’t want a white man they want children, then when their kids come out all asian looking they realize their husbando isn’t some alpha douche so they bail for another one… white women are like that too tho they pull this victim card bullshit and literally everyone around them will say it’s not their fault. Eastern culture worships money, western culture worships popularity.

        1. it’s interesting to me to ponder and otherwise self reflect as to how/why people are as they are because I have zero desire to be flying into air like that or flung from a cliff yet many people do it many times a day and pay big money for it as well

    1. Are you kidding? They are dangling right there on his thighs. They were obviously left undone on purpose, this is a murder no doubt about it. The “ride along” was done to assure he was shaken loose. No other reason for the guy to ‘tag along’.

      1. Fuckin A! Check it out, the ride along guy lifts his legs and slips them over the guy’s shoulders in order to force him down. It really happens and you can even see it in this video! The Australian government and the officers in this guy’s corp. should press charges. That is unless they are involved too.

        Let me know if you guys see this too.

        1. While buckling the guy up, the last strap the killer fools with is a strap that is supposed to go across the guy’s chest but the murderer just wraps it around a strap on the guy’s left. This leaves the guy totally open to fall.

          Amazing! This is murder, no doubt about it. I will never go to Thailand. What a garbage country!

          1. Yeah I see the bottoms not fashioned and the other straggler put his own legs on the guys shoulders about 25-30 feet up!!!

            Well at least we now know the gig if we go do this ourselves…lol

          2. There’s some better pictures out there if you look up this news story.. I don’t know how to post a link here but you can see in the pics the leg straps are fastened and it was just the slack that was hanging down. Same way with the chest strap.

    2. …Exactly what I thought…the wife’s hitman rode up with him to unfasten him conveniently while still above shallow water so as to have him hit the rock hard sand 100 feet below…. all while filming as to make it appear as an accident…. clever girl…clever girl

  1. dunno if it’s just me but when they took off the man who went up with him pulled his legs up over the mans neck, looked unusual to me. obvs it would be an attempt to hold him, but when he went up he looked pretty stable to me.

        1. That’s pretty gross… Lol wtf. I tend to avoid those walking streets because they’re heavily populated with tourists and it’s annoying to have people constantly trying to sell me stuff, not to mention tuk tuk drivers trying to overcharge you and taxi drivers refusing to use their meters.

          If you’re going to tour those areas my best suggestion to you is that you negotiate a price with the tuk tuk beforehand. As for taxi drivers, make sure you walk a block or so away from your location before hailing a cab… also ALWAYS make sure your driver uses his meter. If he won’t turn it on, just get out and find another taxi. Luckily this has only happened to me one time and I just glared and him and got the fuck out.

          Safe travels to all!

  2. Godamn!! It’s as if the fucker doing the preparation wanted him to fucking die. But come on!! You’ve got two loose unattached straps between your legs. How did he not realize something was wrong? I would have said something about the leg straps. Would’ve saved his life. But he trusted the fucks with his life. I have a hard time getting on an American Airlines flight knowing how inept humans can be. Trust some dude in phuket? HELLLLLLL NO.

    1. I tend to agree with you, these sort of stunts seem beyond reckless without having your wife try and off you. bungee jumping? no thanks. anything involving anyone else securing straps or packing parachute , nope!

  3. I went to Phuket for a month.On the 2nd day,I strolled down to the beach and said “cool,I’m at the beach” I turned around and went back to Bangla rd and drank a few beers.I’m going to Bangkok for New Years.I don’t really like the beach that much.

          1. Hey Lou!You and Haydolf are acting like a couple of niggers trying to gang up on me.The owner of this site went to Thailand but you won’t say shit to him will you.Chicken shit you both are.

          2. Totally unrelated, forgive me guys, I hate to interupt your argument.

            But @guitano65 , I notice you are that guy I’ve heard about with -1 friends. How the hell do you achieve such a thing? Im genuinely interested.

            I believe I have seen @loosythepoosy searching around for an answer in the past as well.

  4. I also went parasailing while vacationing in Nuevo-Vallarta Mexico, in 1996. It was a blast, and it went smoothly, and without a hitch. Taking off from the Beach, and landing back on the Beach, 20 minutes later, doing a complete circle on the waters off the Bay Of Banderras. What A Rush, it was! 🙂 For those of you who do not know,,, Nuevo-Vallarta, is a Coastal Tourist Destination about a 20 minute drive north of Puerto-Vallarta Mexico on the Pacific Coast, and south of California.. The Resort was Brand-New at the time, and was called ” Club Oasis Marival” and it was used to lodge the Many Actors in the Hollywood Produced Movie ” Night Of The Iguana”. The actual filming location was 10 minutes south of Puerto-Vallarta Mexico, and some of the Movie Locations remain untouched to this very day, as seen below!
    And that is my little History Lesson for today, Boys, & Girls, lol. 🙂

    1. twenty minutes seems like incredibly long time to be swirling around in the air! and Night of the Iguana screams “bill kennedy at the movies” doesn’t it detroit. ‘yes despy it does’

  5. What the Actual Fuck????? Why was that retard riding along with him, as this was way too much weight for the parachute, and line to support both for an extended period of time. A definite set-up as described by Mark, is 100% the case here. As i, and most “Normal People” would find it quite strange that,,,
    #1 His Wife would be filming it, as this Parasailing Stuff is nothing special for her being that she grew-up there, and has seen it hundreds of times before.
    #2 That the Guy that does this for a living, would forget to attach the most crucial of all straps, but
    that he made sure that he was well harnessed, in order to live, and enjoy the fruits of his labor, with the Whore, lol.
    #3 I bet that the local Police never checked on his life insurance policy, and when it was upgraded, or the beneficiary was changed, into her name only!
    #4 They FUCK-YOU, (Long Time Alright), “Right to your Grave”. But i have to give her credit for her choice of assassination. Cause instead of using your typical 30 Story High-Rise Fall, she decided to get creative, and use Parasailing Instead! Either by a High-rise free-fall, or this method, the results remain the same. Even though he was stupid & fell for this Cold, Heartless, and Evil-Cunt, i cannot help but feel Bad, and Sorry for this Man, cause he worked hard all his life in order to secure, and enjoy his life in the future, only to have if torn from him by Evil Cocksuckers! Shameful this is! 🙁

    1. truly is awful. filming all that knowing all the while it’s his last moments. perhaps shes caught up in idea rather than reality but then it really happens and after brief camera pan she’s right back at it, silent.
      fucking cold

  6. The stupid fatherfucker (word of the week) who was supposed to harness Roger correctly, was most likely absolutely shitting himself when he saw Roger fall like a stone from over 20 metres high.
    The whole thing has been captured on film, so he knows he will be done for manslaughter, or at least gross negligence.

    As for Roger. Ok I know he’s 71 and all, and being a rich bastard, he will have done this shit at least once before. I have, in a beach in Goa. And even when I was strapped up securely (Goans are at least more competent), I still did not trust it, I made sure I was holding onto something tightly. And that’s what Roger should have done.

  7. The leg straps are done up you blind fuckwits, that’s just the excess you can see hanging through that would normally get used up by fat fucks. Also all the other straps including the chest strap are also done up. More than likely something broke due to the fact they don’t check and inspect their shit properly and it was well past it’s use by date due to the fact they’re tight arsed cunts with money. They probably made 20k in sales with that harness and were hoping to get 20 more. Remember, countries like Thailand don’t have work health and safety inspectors and when I was there there were kids no older than 14 operating $40k boats and equipment making a motza for the owners but they didn’t have the knowledge and experience like operators of similar equipment in regulated countries do.

    1. @Lewd Fellow
      (that is amusing nick by the way!)

      Yes, I was thinking it might have been a genuine cock-up. Sometimes people forget to do basic things like the harness under the crotch, when you’ve done the job so many times before and are bored. Next time I’m up there, I’ll make sure my crotch strap is secured! Thanks Best Gore!!!

    1. Yes, I see the native using his feet to release the buckles connecting the black chute harness to the tan harness. The leg harnesses are not a factor. The victim falls away with the tan harness and yellow safety vest intact. Victim tried to hold on to the chute harness but could not. Native would have kicked him off anyway.

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