Base Jumper Has Near Fatal Accident Falling Down the Dam Wall

Base Jumper Has Near Fatal Accident Falling Down the Dam Wall

This is one cool helmet cam of a failed BASE jump involving falling down the dam wall and heavy landing followed by painful howls. The jumper got the wind knocked out of him, no question about it, but the fact that the fall didn’t kill him is astounding. This had all potential to be a fatal accident, it’s a miracle that the dare devil survived.

By the looks of it, everything started off fine – the freefall went well but the jumper made a bit of a scream of horror just before the 10 second mark. Some shit hit the fan for him – I think his chute got either tangled up or caught in the dam wall. At the 12 second mark he gets slammed against the wall, which alone had the potential to make this a fatal fall, but didn’t. And then there was the final drop with the landing on the rocky ground. Screams of agony during the next minute say it all loudly and clearly.

Props to Best Gore member ComeAtMeBro for the tip:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Looking at that blurred camera vision and the crawling and groaning, it reminded me of a Friday night out I had a few months back when the bar man refused to serve me anymore because I couldn’t walk straight without holding on to the bar and I had to crawl and stumble all the way to another bar to continue the fun.

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