This Had Great Potential – Part VII

Bench Press Fail

Bench Press Fail

It’s the screams of desperation that make this video. Calling out for his mom and his dad as he’s stuck on that bench with weight bar keeping him locked in by the neck – awesome. A true champion of “gore potential”. Maybe he should build some muscle with toothpicks before trying a bench press.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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109 thoughts on “This Had Great Potential – Part VII”

    1. Exactly. When he lifted and reracked it the bar bounced on the rack. Anything over 200, maybe even less, i dunno, would plop like what it’s supposed to be… Dead Weight. Those are probably sand-filled ten-pounders with fives on the outside. Warm Up 100, but for little Jeremy with no spotter it may as well be a Volkswagon.

    1. I use the bench press all the time when I bench press at my gym. It was very seriously for me to see that guy choking on his bench, I felt like rushing over to lift that weight off his chest.
      Everyone at my gym, whether they are black, mexican, asian, or white, are all very courteous. They all hold open the door, respect your rights to the equipment, and would help you spot a bench, etc. I really felt sorry for that boy stuck under his own ego.

      1. Exactly. Typical error of the new guys at the gym. Like yourself, I also felt sorry for this kid. Luckily this has never happened to me, but I’ve seen a number of people who had that happened to them. Pretty sure they got hurt after a few seconds of trying to lift that weight. What a relief to finally get that weight off of him, although I’m sure he’ll be using less from now on…

      2. Interesting…. I would’ve never guessed gym rats would be so courteous. Now I don’t have the apprehension I used to. I’ve been meaning to start a regimen of resistance/light weight training. Having read your comment, I’m actually looking forward to it now.

      3. Awwww…. Poor kid. The look on his face tugged all my maternal heart strings. Were i there–I woulda rushed over, helped him out, checked his throat, and rubbed his back till he could get his bearings. Eesh, I must be getting old because I looked at that guy and instantly regarded him as a kid (hey, age is subjective). The first response in my mind was similar to tending a sick child in my previous work in child care.

        I was a competitive swimmer when I was (what looks to be) age, and that entailed weight lifting. I over-estimated myself one day and nearly wound up in the same situation. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone, but there was a moment I thought I’d be crushed for sure.

        (Correct me if I’m wrong (physics is not my primary area of study), but I’m guessing below:)
        If this happens to anyone in the future, I advise drawing your legs up the moment you feel yourself slipping, get your knees under the bar, and push against it while simultaneously pointing your toes and tucking your feet under as much as possible, creating a slope for the weight to tumble down away from vital organs *without*–hopefully–crushing your feet in the process. While both are unfortunate, Injured shins are not nearly as dangerous as injured organs and/or the bones around them.

        If you are past the point of employing that tactic, when you are lifting, don’t let your feet go up in the air like his did. It destabilizes the body and compromises strength. Planting them firmly down and pushing against the bench-seat offsets the upper body, inclining an upward kinetic energy–a degree of leverage.

  1. I think most young american males who have free weights at home have gone thru this. Most will usually roll the bar towards the legs. The worst part is squashing your dick and balls. Once you get to your thighs it’s not that bad. Sometimes your lousy friends are standing around laughing at you.

  2. Haha that shit was too fucking funny…and what kinda weirdo creep video tapes himself working out that’s just strange makes me wonder if he did this on purpose I doubt it tho those screams for help sounded pretty genuine…the guys a dumbass tho he didn’t even warm up before he attempted to lift all that weight that’s just fucking stupid of him.

    1. @Piece of shit
      What the fuck is your problem? Why are you even here? Get the fuck out dude. Why come and insult any member let alone a regular. You clearly have insecurities about your own weight and decided to take it out on 1girl.

  3. finally made an account on here. thought id share that. gotta say that this kid is a fucking idiot, why would you be lifting any sort of weight on the bench without a spotter? he shouldve caught the bar with his neck, but alas we didnt get that lucky. im sure some other fuck head will eat shit doing this and then we can all laugh 🙂 cheers

  4. Ah, youth. It’s wasted on the young. This explains why so many crimes go unheard by neighbors, etc. In our house, you simply can’t hear from one end to the other. It’s scary. He is just young and dumb and had to learn the hard way. Luckily he didn’t die from the incident like that Russian bench press fellow who dropped the weight on his chest and died a couple of hours later.

  5. Back in high school i tried to do this in the gym and was like fuck no i can’t lift i just walked away of course there was the whole classroom in there but still i wouldn’t go all the way lol

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