Bloody Combat Zone Wrestling Match Between Masada and DJ Hyde

Bloody Combat Zone Wrestling Match Between Masada and DJ Hyde

Bloody Combat Zone Wrestling Match Between Masada and DJ Hyde

This brief video is a recapitulation of the best moment from the Combat Zone Wrestling match between Masada and DJ Hyde. American wrestler Brigham Paul Doane aka Masada came out victorious, earning himself the title of CZW World Heavyweight Champion. Masada is also currently holding the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship which he was awarded after the win against Danny Havoc.

The fight was pretty bloody, involving scalp impalements with multiple cooking skewers. I hope the fighters get thoroughly checked for sexually transmitted infections because these fights involve a lot of direct exchange of blood between the fighters.

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Props to Best Gore member tasosb for this video. It could do without butchery special effects, but it is what it is:

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21 thoughts on “Bloody Combat Zone Wrestling Match Between Masada and DJ Hyde”

    1. and the oscar for best overacting in an amateur wrestling match at a piece of shit venue goes to………… these fucking clowns. oh, what the fuck, might as well give them the oscar for best gay costume design.

    1. I hear ya @bb, I’ve sliced my head open with a razor blade and can tell you it doesn’t hurt ( and as most of us know!?) bleeds like a bitch. So these guys cut their heads, wrestle around (gay lookin’), and so many people like this fake shit.

  1. If think this is crazy I dare anyone to watch Jun Kasai matches from Big Japan Pro-wrestling. He invented the Razor Board deathmatches. I think it’s only been done 5 times in about a decade. MASADA was in one of those & got a razorblade stuck in his kneecap. Got a pair of pliers, got it out, & wrestled another 10 mins.

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