Brazilian Man Dies Bungee Jumping Due to Cord Being Too Long

Brazilian Man Dies Bungee Jumping Due to Cord Being Too Long

Brazilian Man Dies Bungee Jumping Due to Cord Being Too Long

In Mairinque, a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, a bungee jumping man plunged to his death from a railroad bridge due to the cord being too long.

36 year old Fábio Ezequiel de Moraes was aiming for the landing cushion 40 meters below, but missed because the cord never assisted in keeping him within the zone.

According to local reports, the victim’s wife and son were present for the jump. The child intended to tandem jump with his dead, but chickened out when he saw how high the bridge was, so dad took the leap alone.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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157 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Dies Bungee Jumping Due to Cord Being Too Long”

      1. Brazil also can’t count how many feet of chord they need or where to place the air bag to possibly land on. I wonder if dude was an A.hole? If not he has crappie friends. Not a single person sounded like they gave a crap about dude smacking into the ground head 1st. That cold sounding woman was probably married to dude and had huge life insurance policy for him and for it to pay double if he died in some freak accident. For some reason this video should have had that I think R.Kelly Song playing “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!” I believe I can touch the ground! I mean sky!

        1. “Not a single person sounded like they gave a crap” that’s because you don’t know what is being said, don’t make assumptions before knowing the facts. The people were like “oh shit” and “I knew this shit could happen” and the woman asked “oh no what happened, people?” sounding like she was not watching the fall.

        2. Omg you’re not kidding. No one really sounds like they give S fuck. MATTER of fact I think they plotted this. Two hundred yard cord for a 100 yard leap. After watching it a couple times I’m screaming. Don’t do it!!! I am def more of a friend then any of those heartless zilians

        1. I actually get episodes of vertigo when I’m standing for 7 , 8 hour periods working without a break. Have you ever watched those guys that climb the worlds tallest structures without equipment. My hands start sweating, my legs get weak, and I get light headed just from the videos, now imagine the real thing.

        2. That’s what vertigo is? This whole time I thought it was just me being afraid of heights.
          Tho I never puke and have no problem going on rides, after awhile I just can’t go on them anymore tho..takes too much out of me. Ladders and high roofs tho..nope, start shaking and shit…

          1. No puking for me just totally not trusting myself its as if u feel like you shaking n shit and u freeze up and make the situation 1000 times worse. Hey glad its not just me anyway.

          2. Fear of heights – or more accurately, the fear of falling – is actually called acrophobia: vertigo is simply the dizzy, sickening sensation you may feel when looking over the edge of something tall (but not solely confined to that)

            I’ve had acrophobia almost all my life caused by an incident of childhood bullying – I’m now 49 – and can’t even climb short ladders yet have no problem with going in an aeroplane or on rollercoasters… quite simply because, barring disaster, I can’t fall out or off them of my own accord.

      1. @l1zardk1ng I have not done solo sky diving. And I would suggest you do it solo and not attached to an instructor. You’ll regret spending the money and not going solo. As far as bungee jumping, yes. I’ve never seen anyone dive into it like this guy. That could not have helped him with the impact below. I’ve always fallen backwards – just fall. If freefall gives you a huge rush, you’d love it. I think of it like if you like the downhill after the slow climb on a roller coaster more than the upside down part, you’ll like bungee jumping or other freefall activities.

        1. Yes. But the air bottom looks like was exactly UNDER the bridge, so if he jump -> 2m forward BUMP he’s in the floor ( professionals ).

          And, well, I watched it again and the guy above is right, it was a 40m jump with a 100m cord! ROFLMAO looks like there is a lot of more cord even when he hits the ground. LOL.

          No reaction from his friends when he smashed the head in the floor.. maybe this was a murder or they are just completly stupid. I’m confused. 😀

  1. So like this is in Brazil,… we all KNOW how you might as well add GORE to Brazil’s damn name: who’s to say this was “an accident”??? They saw the cameras rollin’… they might have merely saw a “gore-den” opportunity!!! 😉 Especially to shake things up a little from their typical gory bloody of a mess, flip flop filled scene…

    1. So where are you from, I wanna know how much better your country is, or people (ethnicity) is, just to make sure, to begin with, that you’re not the worse talking about the bad. Just to make things clear there is no Brazilian race to begin with, so a Mongoloid, Negro, Mediterranean, Semitic or Nordic, and all sorts of mixes between them, can be Brazilian. I hope you’re not from one of our neighbours, as only Argentina and Uruguay have morals to talk about us, the rest is shittier than us.

        1. At least we in Brazil can say the Portuguese conquered the women in a struggle with the strongest winning, in a couple of decades what may be the majority of nigglets in Swedenstan will be saying they were the product of cuckolding, you now, the sturdy Vikings are long gone.

          1. at least those white folk in russia can say. thank christ the swedish vikings moved over here and got the fuck out of homoville. long live the vikings.

    1. Exactly, and sometimes you don’t even have to jump and unfortunately you end up being one of the unlucky ones. I most definitely wouldn’t want to go out via plane crash. Eery enough, I’m scheduled to fly this afternoon…

  2. Mark has provided again. Got my nice soothing dosage of brazilian gore just before going to sleep.

    Love to see my brazilian gore before going night night!

    So long, fair well, I need to say good night. I do, I do, to you n you n youu, LOL!!!

  3. In Mairinque, a municipality in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, a bungee jumping man plunged to his death from a railroad bridge due to the cord being too long. It seems that the man may have smashed his face into the local rocks. I’d like to think that was some sort of accident.

      1. So you know to take a detour when you see jumpers (either kind) instead of driving under the bridge and risking a ker-splat and jacked up insurance premiums. Duh! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

        Actually, I think the driver’s ed comment was a reference to the overall content of the site and a thank you for showing us the reality that we aren’t shown elsewhere… even in settings where it would make sense to show it, like car accidents in driver’s ed.

  4. Amazes me how quiet the few people standing on the bridge are after he hit the ground. I hope that wasn’t his wife who ran to him. I can’t imagine anticipating the jump, then seeing him hit the ground right in front of me.

    I wonder if the landing mat would’ve made any difference if he hit there instead. Sounds stupid, but I know nothing about bungee jumping. The mat looks inflated so I would think a free fall from 40m could be survivable if he landed there instead.

    1. I don’t think the spectators realized the severity of the accident – from our POV it appears he slows enough and just taps the ground with his head.
      I’m pretty sure if he had hit the air bag he would have gotten out relatively unscathed.

  5. this is something else i am not going to try now thanks to BG. i am extra vigilant around spinning machines, same with lifts, id never go to thailand or meh-hee-co, extra wary around busy traffic. i could go on. this site has probably saved thousand of lives.

  6. This shit stain of a country is still alive, and I don’t know how and why. Tons of people die everyday. Like literally everyday when I come here Brazil this, Brazil that. Fuck that country.

    They don’t even care if he’s alive or not! Totally calm lol. What a cunt of a country.

  7. 80% of the content in bestgore is about Brazil what about my Mexico is there not enough gore going on here, does nobody care just a bit to take their phones out of their fucking pocket to take pics and video?

  8. Outbreak of Terminal Darwinism strikes Brazil. It was exactly like watching the collision between the solid ground of Mother Earth and the no-brain of a twenty stone blumpkin checking to see if gravity still worked when you jump head-first off a bridge.
    His wife and kid were watching so it is likely that he has passed the defective genes onto his son.
    They used to make some great coffee in Brazil too.

    I think I need to go and masturbate now, but this kind of video can really sap my will to crank one out of the spinnaker and squirt the nad juice.

  9. these people are basically clueless; in their own words:
    male voices: the ground, holy mary
    female voice: hey guys I can’t believe it, what just happened?
    another male voice: take it up the ass fucker
    same female voice: what just happened?

    1. WTF? Did someone in the video actually say “take it up the ass fucker”? The hell did that come from lol. Maybe in Brazil it’s likewise to “holy shit” or “Jesus Christ”. I don’t know. Can’t make much sense outta that crazy line haha. Or maybe the sarcasm went straight over my head. :/

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