Double Backflip Gone Wrong

Double Backflip Gone Wrong

These retards definitely spend a lot of their most productive waking hours surfing video sites like YouTube. So bearing this in mind, they must have known that participating in jackass antics like attempting a double back-flip off a six foot wall, whilst filming it for the rest of the world to see, would end in disaster.
And disaster indeed.

Instead of a perfectly executed, Olympic style example of elegant gymnastics, we are left with the crunching thud of some half-witted dude falling onto his head from a substantial height, and after only one and a half airborne revolutions. Very disappointing.

I’m sure they guy is fine. His legs are moving and he’s making a noise. Probably not that much ears between his to damage anyway. Honestly, what did they expect?

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      1. finally!!!! 4 tries at posting a comment and not showing up, before realizing that the site doesn’t like the word “cccuuunnttt”. seriously? the multitude of gore pics and vids isn’t offensive, but this one word is?

  1. I know that nobody cares about my stupid opinions and I’m not even a supporter of this site, but… I don’t like these non-gore posts and I think they don’t belong here… that’s all. I had to write it

      1. Perhaps I wrongly expressed myself (I don’t speak English very well;)) – I am a fan of BG but I have not donated to this site a single dollar so far, so I don’t feel like somebody who can complain about something. In spite of this, I had to write what I wrote;)

          1. It’s in fact always “fresh in my mind”, I really like this site, but I haven’t had enough money for it… I study at college and I’m always pretty short of money, you can believe me;) In addition I’m from eastern europe.. I think this speeks for itself:D

          1. @Obliterator, Thank you! I try to be. Hey, I was gonna ask you, the avatar you had up where you’re smiling and holding a knife… is that the one you were talking about finally getting an edge on, that you liked? It looks wicked!

          2. oh, the one that was in my avatar was my Buck 119 hunting knife. the knife youre asking about was a black tanto folding knife that i carry on me for self-defense. i never take my gun outside the house unless i’m on my weekly trip to the range. i’m working on a nice little collcetion of knives but the black tanto is my primary defensive/work knife, altho i have my eye on a number of SOG’S and Kershaws.

          3. @Obi, I’m a big fan of knives myself, I have quite a collection of schrade old timer, case, victorinox, and wenger pocket knives…my grandfather and father actually started collecting them for me when I was young. Although I haven’t really added to the collection since I was a teen a couple years back I bought my first Ka-bar Marine combat knife and since then I’ve really been wanting to start a collection of just military combat knives and trench knives especially ones from WW1 and WW2, then work my way up to modern combat knives I’m even thinking of collecting bayonets as well since I already own a couple of them that came with some guns I purchased. There are alot of different military trench knives/combat knives out there just waiting to be collected and best of all they’re cool as fuck and aren’t very expensive.

        1. Awww be nice to Broke. I don’t think anyone likes that type of thing. As a female I think if you gag then you aren’t very good at your job and you definitely need to work on it, if possible. But if you vomit on someone…well, maybe you shouldn’t deep throat it. I’m pretty sure no man wants that outcome. Pretty nasty!

  2. I thought this guy actually had a bit of talent! The flip was impressive. The wall however looked taller than him, which brings me to this conclusion- you’re either graced with talent or common sense. Most people never acquire both. Since there’s people that are easily offended by gore and tragedies (myself NOT being one of them) they can’t watch this kinda stuff- I, on the other hand, truly appreciate dumb fucks with talent and no common sense! If this class of idiots didn’t exist, I’d never be able to crack a smile!

    1. Stephen King once said that talent is cheaper than table salt…and he’s correct. Unfortunately, the jackass (no pun intended, lol) in this vid isn’t all that talented. I could probably flip off that wall and make it look pretty spectacular while I was up in the air, but I’d fuck up the landing just as bad.

      On the other hand, I guess the landing isn’t quite as important in jackasstics as it is in gymnastics, so perhaps he’s quite talented after all.

  3. It’s not that difficult to jump of a high wall and do a couple of backward sommersaults landing on your head. It’s the fear factor that stops most of us doing it. Without that with a bit of practice we could all be doing crazy acrobatics landing on our heads. The difficult part of course is landing on your feet.

      1. His problem is that he performed the first flip perfectly, but while extending the rotation of the body, he did not continue enough. Straightening his legs caused him a slow down, that’s why he could not rotate. Obviously if he had done it from higher wall it would have been nice and “easy” performance. He may have wanted to make it much more difficult, but the smaller the wall is, the less space for mistakes there is. I’ve been doing that shit all my life, although I never attempted to perform double backflip. Single one is enough for me, this guy deserves some credit for it.

        1. @trevorak,
          If I’m wrong then feel free to correct me, but it looked to me that he over rotated. He was on his way to a triple back somersault. But surely thats the hardest thing, having spacial awareness, knowing where you are while your spinning around.

          1. @wicked mama

            When You see in slow motion, You can easily count an attempt of 2 back flips; first one went correct, as if he never needed a higher wall. You can see he spins fast enough to land on feet, as if he’s able for sure to do it on the ground. Then, while going to the second flip, he “lost his legs” as we call it, which means he did not hold them close to the body for long enough to be able to land on feet. He did like 1 and 3/4, the major impact was on knees and shoulders. If I might take this time to explain it, backflips are much easier to be performed than front flips, simply because human’s body has an “S” structure, so rotating through the back is somehow “natural”, the key is your head, that needs to be spinned, because it holds a lot of power to push the rest of your body phisically after it. In opposition, if your head does not rotate, like if you didn’t want to “look back”, then you’re screwed totally, no matter what you do… that comes to fear. This is a 1/10 of 1 second of time that you need to trust yourself to jump back without seeing the the ground. After this time, You see it when you’re upside down. Frontflip is different, because you do not see anything throught the jump untill you land, whether it’s your ass or legs or back. This is not natural position so it takes a lot speed, usually from few steps. Back flip can be easily performed from standing in the same place without your feet movement.

  4. I actually kinda ike these no-gore posts, so long as there’s not too much of them… And they’re only here as introduction videos to all the new writers anyway. As we improve and learn, these kinda posts will fade away and be forgotten about.

    1. @Roamer, I kind of like them too. Provides a little humor amongst all the carnage and sadness. I want to tell you and the other members who helped out what a great job y’all did and how much we all appreciate it!!

      1. Totally agreed, @It was me, BG proves to us how sad and shocking a place the world is, nothing wrong with having a giggle sometimes to survive it.
        And also you and everyone else thanking us guys: Youre welcome! 😀

        1. I agree with you @Roamer, I have only done one post myself and it wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to find info on considering there was none just multiple copies of it. i figure once all the new writers get more experience we will be able to take a massive load off Marks shoulders

          And, these none gore videos do brighten up my day for sure and if people don’t like them they can just not look at them

          1. @Hardy_XD, Thank you! I’m very appreciative of everyone that stepped up to help Mark, the site and your fellow SOB’s!! (Students Of Best Gore) Agree with your comment!

  5. “Instead of a perfectly executed, Olympic style example of elegant gymnastics, we are left with the crunching thud of some half-witted dude falling onto his head from a substantial height”

    I would say it was well executed for a gymnast in the Special Olympics.

    1. I am going to say, because most websites don’t last 5 years. Let alone grainy gore videos. So, original hosts…are bye bye. Also pretty sure Mark is already busy enough, single handed, mantaining Bestgore, to go through hundreds of old posts to make sure they are all tidy. And Obliberator is right, although other sites have our friend Lukie’s video, the FEDs targeted Bestgore.

      1. @wicked mama, After chatting with her in the days before, it was implied that sex was gonna happen…but after meeting her I realized right away that she was not only very attractive but she was smart, funny and compassionate and I began to feel something for her that I have’nt felt for a woman in years…respect. After having dinner with her at a nice restaurant and getting to know her better my plans of tattooing her forehead with my headboard were gone. We did end up back at my place where I realized two things…1-a man and a woman don’t need to have sex in order to enjoy each other’s company…2-it’s a good idea to buy condoms at least a day before a date so you don’t forget.
        Fuck Me!

          1. @Mama, just wanted to say (as I am sure you have heard this before) love your lips! Very full and pretty! Love the coloring! By the way I am strictly dickly, not tryin’ to hit on you. 😉

          1. I’m so happy to hear you had a good time @Broke. With all the bad shit you’ve had in the past it’s nice to know things have come full circle.
            And I truly believe in the old saying that “good things come to those that wait”.
            In the long run you’ll be showing how much more she means to you, then just a one night stand.

          2. @Sagemoon, thank you for the kind words. Dating and relationships become even more complex as you get older.
            The good ones are usually taken and those that are’nt require much more alcohol to tollerate.

  6. Just before he jumped, I couldn’t help but think “Don’t do it. Don’t do it, man!” Even though I knew the outcome. I have never been one to do stunts like that. I’m just fine & dandy with my two feet firmly planted on the ground where they belong.

  7. Cannot estimate the damage to his C-spine or the possibility of any hemorrhages of/contusion to his brain, the limb movement can be reflexes so soon after injury. At least he does not look decerebrated to me 🙂 Any follow-ups???

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