Drunk Baltimore Ravens Fan Breaks His Back Showing Off with Pull Ups

Drunk Baltimore Ravens Fan Breaks His Back Showing Off with Pull Ups

Drunk Baltimore Ravens Fan Breaks His Back Showing Off with Pull Ups

I had to look up who the fuck Baltimore Ravens were and by the looks of it, it’s a football team. Who would have thought American football had fans. But then again, there are people out there stupid enough to buy an Iphone. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Since the dumbasses were out in full force, I’m assuming Baltimore Ravens won something. Backstreet butt-fucking league perhaps? Fuck if I know…

This drunk winner climbed a light post and showed off with pull ups. But on the way down he slipped and landed square on the street sign with his spine. Great way to break one’s back. Like a team of butt fucking football clowns was worth it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “Drunk Baltimore Ravens Fan Breaks His Back Showing Off with Pull Ups”

      1. He was on Charles & Cross. Hardly the hood. Try looking up “the Bmore zombie shuffle”,then you’ll see the true shit us Baltimorons have to put up with,& a drunk idiot is hardly news. The west side is a bloodbath because of the niggers. Too bad no one shows the true brutal side of Bmore & sends in crime scene photos. I love/hate this state =\

  1. Do we know the idiot broke its back? Is it confirmed, I hope? Once again, sometimes being stupid is painful. I don?t understand why football fans (egg-ball and Euro-ball) go so apeshit over the sport as spectators. When the day is over they are still going back to their shitty apartments while the players go back to their mansions, sports car collections and hot chics with cocaine up their asses.

  2. I’d rather screw allllllll day long than watch football. I don’t understand the damn sport, nor do i care to. I only watched the superbowl to drool over Beyonce. Other than that, I’ve got better things to do, like spend money, sit on Facebook or clean toilets. I like soccer and hockey but dudes in tight pants just don’t do it for me. I like girls in tight pants though. Idk. I guess I’m just another sad excuse for an American girl… Shoot me.

      1. I wear flip flops the majority of the time, and I’ve never been in any major accidents, or even had a single broken bone. Maybe I’m just lucky, though, and so are you, and Life is saving something “special” for us… Heh heh heh… But… When you live in a humid state like Florida, it’s usually the best way for your feet to go! I’ll take my chances…

  3. There are two kinds of sufferers in life. Those that suffer from a lack of life and those that suffer from an abundance of life. And it just so happens the same fools blasting this guy, wishing him more pain and calling him stupid names are nothing but hypocrites quarreling and leaving needless hateful comments over a game of football. Be grateful you didn’t die today or had any of your fucking limbs torn off!

  4. Hahahahaha! Well, well well! This is my City rejoicing over the victory of the 49ers in the Superbowl! The Baltimore Ravens oddly enough bring whites/blacks/Asians all together here in Baltimore and( for the most part!), if you’re wearing purple, you’re cool. A couple of bad things happened that night however, and at the parade someone was shot and killed. Also on any other occasion/ day in Baltimore it’s actually pretty bad crime wise, like the 3rd worst in the United States. I’ve lived down here for awhile and my area isn’t that bad, and being around the inner harbor is pretty cool but just about all surrounding areas of the city are bad spots for whites to walk at night, I know this for a fact unfortunately. I’ve been put at gun point, Knife point, jumped, all that bullshit. Most of the time it’s not worth it to try and fight some fucking punk( always black) and possibly get shot or stabbed for the 20 bucks I have in my wallet. And there’s been a few times where the jackasses weren’t armed and I fought back even; headbutts are very effective on people who don’t think you have the balls to do it.( Let the record show I only headbutted one guy, but he went down… I also hit him wrong so I split my head, lots of blood and it was cool) What can I say, it’s a love hate relationship. And sorry I went off topic kind of.

  5. I can understand why foreigners don’t understand American football..hell there’s alot of things they don’t understand about America that has their little panty’s in a wad. But just like they don’t understand football the same goes for ice hockey which most Americans view as figure skating with sticks.personally I couldn’t take anything serious that involves ice skating. If your playing a sport where you have to wear skates on a field or “ring” that is shared with figure skaters then that’s not a sport..not a real one anyway. As for all the “violence” in ice hockey that’s just the ice skaters trying their hardest to make their sport a bit more manly. I’m sure ice skaters know their sport is lacking and feel they have to over compensate. The truth is without all that fake fighting hockey fans would be bored to death. Now football isnt my favorite sport but I can see why people love it do much. Football itself is a religion in some places especially in the south and especially here in Texas. Talking about the wrong team would get your ass kicked around here…talking about the sport it self wouldn’t probably render the same consequences but it would make people think your either gay or a foreigner which is about the same in some areas and worse than an ass kicking too. Either way football is something that is played by every straight male of every race growing up in America, the fact it has become a sport dominated by blacks doesn’t seem to be a real issue here in America. I think that just has to do with people excepting the fact that blacks are better at it in most areas than any other race. Looking at it from a clueless foreigners prespective it can look like football is a very black bias sport but anyone who follows high school football knows that an all black high school football team will almost always out perform an all white high school football team and its been proven again and again at state and national championships…I wish that wasn’t the case but it is. Of course whites do dominate as quarter backs and head coaches, and there hasn’t really been anything in the past 20 years stopping blacks from getting into those postions. In the past they were stopped from trying to become QBs because they weren’t thought to be smart enough for that postion. But so far nothing has been stopping them, so if that says whites are superior intellectually and that blacks are better athletically then why fuck would a white American male view football as something racist against them? Football is basically a couple white men telling a bunch of black men what to do, and if that’s not American I don’t know what is. Truths are truths and those who refuse to see that will bullshit themselves into believing what they see fit. This compromise where blacks play the field and whites command it not only represent a mutal agreement on the professional level between both races to play their field and stay in their lane but its also what keeps hypocrites who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about from bitching about race…of course a foreigner wearing ice skates with a hockey stick shoved up his ass wouldn’t know these things, so I can understand why someone would say such silly things…almost as silly as someone saying that asians like ice hockey.

    1. “Football itself is a religion in some places especially in the south and especially here in Texas. Talking about the wrong team would get your ass kicked around here?”

      I may live in Florida, but I’m so close to Alabama that I practically live in Crimson Tide country. I’m a Notre Dame fan. I’ll just put it like this: I only wear my Notre Dame t-shirt to open area events like picnics…that don’t involve drinking. And I would never wear it to a bar. That’d just be suicidal. So, I totally get what you’re talking about there. I feel like an American spy living in Communist Russia sometimes! Hahaha.

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