Falling Chunk of Ice Knocks Ice Climber Mark Roberts Off Cliff

Falling Chunk of Ice Knocks Ice Climber Mark Roberts Off Cliff

Ice climber Mark Roberts experienced a terrifying moment while ice climbing in Wales – a chunk of ice came out of nowhere and knocked him off the cliff. Despite plummeting more than 100 feet down passage flanked with rocky outcrops on both sides, the climber was not seriously hurt. His helmet cam caught both the falling ice and his fall down the mountain side. It reminded me somewhat of this snowboarder who took a similar tumble down a mountain side.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Falling Chunk of Ice Knocks Ice Climber Mark Roberts Off Cliff”

  1. From our point of view the ice chunk seemed small. I guess that if he didn’t cover his face with his hand and instead kept holding the ground he wouldn’t fall! But then we wouldn’t have this terrific video!
    Thank you Mark Roberts

  2. probably a white dude, ever notice how white people do dangerous stuff for free….when’s the last time you’ve seen another race do skydiving, bunjee, etc…I didn’t say it was good or bad, just an observation

  3. this reminds me of that old video where a guy is bunji jumping and like rides the side of this dam all the way down with a helmet cam attached. When he lands you hear him gurgle what sounds lke blood. classic and havent seen it in years.

  4. it was an uncharted territory and there is were the Yeti lives but the Yeti didn’t want to be discovered, the Yeti picked up an huge snowball and chucked it at him so that he couldn’t make it to the top. true story

  5. Me cousin in Ireland used to be into some serious climbing.He talks of The Troll in Belgium which is 4 times the height of the Eiffel Tower :he told me it takes 3 days to get to the top.Rather flummoxed i asked him” when do you rest ?” he said” you just take a couple of clips out and hammer a sleeping bag into the Rockface , climb in and go to sleep !”…………fuck that ……

  6. That hurt ME! Lol. I don’t fuck around with snow or mountains. I’ll just wait until they’ve uploaded their experience, watch the shit and call it a day! The piece of ice looked tiny to me, but i guess it all depends on how far it fell from. The fall was pretty awesome though. He really was lucky!

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