Gymnast Liang Dongfem Dies from Cerebral Trauma

Gymnast Liang Dongfem Dies from Cerebral Trauma

Gymnast Liang Dongfem Dies from Cerebral Trauma

Young female gymnast by the name of Liang Dongfem fell on her head during the 1996 performance, resulting in cerebral trauma. The complications were severe enough for the girl to die later in a hospital. I don’t know anything more about it, but it’s a very sad video.

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Turns out the girl is Hwang Bo Sil from North Korea. The accident happened in 1989 but after 3 years of recovery, the gymnast was able to compete again.

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105 thoughts on “Gymnast Liang Dongfem Dies from Cerebral Trauma”

    1. why is it when people go to look for vids the put the most stupid shit like dead hot girl or dead tranny baby or something dumb that dont have much to do with whats goin on in the vid

  1. her ambitions/goals in life lead to her own death… Living metaphor.
    Imagine the pain going through her parent’s heart as they watch their daughter collapse like so..
    *jacks off*

    1. Don’t think this girl is from mainland China, also the spelling of the name (if this is a correct name) does not agree with communist-invented romanization of a Chinese name. She might be from other parts of Asia with possibly an ethic Chinese background.

  2. If human beings were meant to do shit like this, we’d have springs on our feet and hands. Well… At least she died doing what she lov… Hahaha! Just kidding. I won’t say that silliness. :)

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    1. I know. I had a story of Aspartame included in the post explaining who the sheep are, because people like Donald Rumsfeld have financial interest in it, which is why every lab paid to test that it’s safe to use does in fact come to conclusion that it’s safe to use, but I decided to leave it out.

      To the sheep, Aspartame would be like the Holocaust – scientists are telling us that it’s safe to use so it must be safe to use. Everybody who knows people who developed brain cancer drinking diet beverages is just a conspiracy theorist. Surely all the scientists and university professors who concluded that it’s safe would never take millions of dollars in bribes, would they?

      I’d never touch diet coke myself, but seeing how BG is getting infiltrated with the sheep, I sometimes write for them. Non sheep would know better.

      1. The uk has different food safety administrations, The European commitee and the Foods standards agency. In fact most countries have thier own agencies who decided their own policies based on the scientific evidence available. Yes there has always been a shadow over sweeteners, mainly because of some results in lab rats decades ago. It just takes a bit of common sense to know it’s not a good idea to stuff yourself full of artificialy sweetened food and drinks. We know that processed red meats can cause bowel cancer yet we still eat them. Common sense will tell you to limit the amount you eat. We all know that smoking can cause lung cancer amongst a plethora of vile diseases yet people still smoke, drink to excess take harmful drugs etc. I see many times people refuse to take one single teaspoon of sweetener and then light up a cigarette or knock back half a bottle of vodka.

  4. So sad that this young girl, being a typical teenager, thought she was invincible, so she tried to get up and continue on with her routine and kept falling and falling. Her parents must have been devastated.

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  6. It’s funny how she flaps like a fish out of water when she lands on her head and tries to follow through the flip even afterwards. She developed dain bramage and died, excuse me while I touch myself to the CCP anthem in memory of Liang.

  7. It is possible to die from this heights.. Falling like from the height of the girl Then there should be a video somewhere of people during in judo. They intentionally cause each other to fall from this height,

  8. This ia a hoax . Theres no record of any Liang Dongfem dying accidentally on any gymnastic performance in 1996 . The girl in the video survived the fall . She became a little of a fucktard after the fall , beside that she is healthy .

    1. for real , Luke . The actual girl is ok . This video you can find it in at least under 3 different names . She is just knocked out by the normal shaking of the brain after hitting something hard with the head .

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